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rose Leelee
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I was contacted by a few people about this girl using my pictures in Reno. It was made clear that she is robbing people. I am presuming that the same gent that contacted me letting me know, made an ad on BP as well warning others about the pic thief and actual thief. I felt it was my duty to warn the community here as well.  

Her Ad:

The Warning Ad:

Stay safe friends !

tophat shadowworlds
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thank you for the heads up on this.


rose LovelyChristy
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Probably the bust they did over the weekend. Smh think the nasty bastereds get off on it. 

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rose Linda101
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tophat mrcali209
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Thats sad many ladies have to steal pics to be used to bait and switch hobbyists. SMH. Leelee you are so damn beautiful you can take it as a compliment by the them stealing your pics they must think you're hot. Good job on exposing them though. 

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rose Leelee
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Thanks for attaching the link! I already got on this one about using my photos and got her to take the ad down the other day but it looks like she's back at it again. Smh. 

I would find it flattering but it dampens my business whenever I try to post on other sites. People assume that MY pics are fakes , too since so many use them and are bait and switch. 

These girls need to get walked out on by every potential client for using fake pics in order for girls to stop stealing them. 

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tophat GetMyFix
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I always see your pics stolen on backpage compared to other providers for some reason.

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rose Leelee
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I guess they wanna be a big booty blonde as their alter ego 😂

tophat Milagro
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It's no joke to get a rep of being a rob. Especially when you didn't do it.

officer I did not him!

is this your picture? He says the lights were dim.

yes they're mine but they were stolen.

well miss, maybe watermark them next time. Come with me.

just messing around. Sorry. Not sorry.

take care of your brand!

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rose lovely.alicia
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I'm sorry this is happening to you..

i have also had my picture stolen a few times and had a few different gentlemen in states I have never been to tell me..😂😂😂😂

when i post my ads where ever I always give my review Id as well so they can tell it's me.. not to mention I always warter marker my photos to before posting.. 

i notice some chick was using using some of my photos on bp in sf.. hope they didn't get to far..😂😂😂most know it's not me when Im in SoCal mostly..

just keep flagging the ad and water mark ur photos..

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rose SexySashaLuv
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Sometimes I find out where the ad is then post a FAKE AD duplicate

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rose Leelee
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Thanks for the advice friends but I always watermark my photos. If you look at the pics again in the bp ads you will

see that the pics have half of my body cropped out where the original watermark I made was. The other pics are being stolen off of my NS ad and the NS watermark is being cropped out. Yet still girls insist on using my pics, even though they can't even use a whole

body pic of mine. Im not here venting or asking why it's happening, just merely warning that the ads that I do find with my pics are not my ads for those who aren't sure. Your words are all appreciated regardless!!

Stay safe friends 😘

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rose Vanilla_kisses415
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Sorry this is happening to you leelee.

Has happened to me as well

watermarking your photos is a great way to stop this.

its all about positioning the water mark in a way they cannot crop out. If you or any other ladies would like more info on how I created this watermark......please inbox me and I will send the info.

For example:

Img 5260

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rose SimplySummer
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She's so gorgeous!!!!! LeeLee makes me want to be a hobbyist for just one day!! 😉 

Sorry this is happening to you doll.. I can just imagine how frustrating it is!

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rose Sexypleasures609
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I remember never adding a watermark/# or name to my pics but then got told sum1 was using i added my name..which did nothing bcz they got stolen again and the batch called herself Bella so no qs were asked i just add my name and # in places they can't crop out without ruining the pic. It friggin sux to have to jump thru hoops but i guess it comes w the territory 😞

But man, if i hadda a bod like Leelee i would be pissed too! 😜