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rose Alexis.mcmillion
Since: Sep '15
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The hotels in Santa Cruz are so iffy they tend to get nosy after a while  it's only nine o clock and my hotel is harrassing me... Any suggestions on a room to stay out here for tomorrow

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rose jade.Kay
Since: Apr '17
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Ocean Gate Inn, pretty trappy but they know what’s going on. won’t have any problems with them bothering you, nosey, or LE. 

tophat johndoe000
Since: Jul '16
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Ramada limited on water street 

rose inn69vicky
Since: Dec '15
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Best western on ocean and the comfort n on riverside r koo.  

tophat zipper99
Since: Sep '14
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I've been waiting for someone to try Paradox, mostly because I want an excuse to see the inside.

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rose sensationalsasha
Since: Oct '17
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 I would have to agree with  inn69vicky . Best western and comfort are as close as it gets to a decent hotel that are "friendly".Both side by side. BTW I highly recommend you NEVER get a room at paradox. I've had a few outcalls there no prob... The GM takes it upon herself to do the most. It actually has taken a toll on her business. When they first started the Paradox was as much as dream inn. Any how, I know of her and her husband (DEA agent of Santa Cruz) through mutual friends! Hope this was helpful 

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rose Sexyfaith4you
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I'm also coming into Santa Cruz and Monterey Bay area today and tomorrow and all this info was very helpful by the way and also does anyone know the prices for them & there deposit amount. Plus I have a limit of amount of traffic that comes in my rooms all my traffic is very low and I tend to fit in as like MILF when I come into hotel to check in anyway like in yoga pants and tank tops lol

PS is it better to book them threw 3rd party sites or through the actual hotels? Thanks