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rose JENAE
Since: Jun '17
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I recently visited salinas at the laurel inn & it turns out that they are not PF , as I am not on the DNR list. 

 Anyone recommend any hotels that are okay to stay at in salinas ? 

 Thanks 😘

tophat Jay831
Since: Apr '17
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I would recommend THE GOOD NITE INN on Work st

or my second choice would be THE STAR MOTEL (aKa The Drive Thru)

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rose MissLizzy
Since: Nov '16 Vip  
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Stay away from any Motel 6. They have camera and LE patrol all

rose JENAE
Since: Jun '17
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lol I'm just re reading this and I meant 

" - as I am NOW on the DNR LIST" 

 I'd never stay at a motel 6 though lol, 

 and okay thank you 

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rose Ms. Bella
Since: Jul '16
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I stay at Lauren inn often and they DNT me too . I stayed at both bestwesturns and super 8 on Kern also kicked me out. Monterey is your best bet

rose JENAE
Since: Jun '17
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Man I wish hotels were friendly like 😂😂 it's crazy but thank you girl 

rose gemma
Since: Apr '16
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Salinas and safe don't go together in a sentence. Both the Marriott's are okay if you want safety. There are Sheriff's hanging out there just don't give them a reason.

Just go to the Hyatt Regency and Spa in Monterey and you'll be home.

Use Priceline express deals.

But Salinas is um, tricky one if safety is the goal in mind. 

I love the laurel inn but they're not for the cause, I'm on their shit list also and they don't even know my name.

Their loss. Fk em, lol. The quality inn on Kern is okay just be low key think its run by one guy...

Stay vigilant always in Salinas. Gangsters everywhere. Including myself. Aha. Right.

Be careful.