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tophat Bigant
Since: Apr '17
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Looking for beautiful lady's in Santa cruz that wanna hang out 

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rose Kissesbykandi
Since: Apr '16
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tophat coho831
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Can vouche for KissesbyKandi. great woman, mature, attentive, sexy, pretty and enjoys her time with you.. You won't go wrong with you if you are respectful and polite...

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rose PrettyChick247
Since: Mar '15
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Hi there. I'm in Santa Cruz (and am here quite often). Check out my listing and reviews and contact me if interested 

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rose SophiaJanae
Since: Apr '17
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I am in Santa Cruz and have time to hang out.

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rose leah_lin
Since: Jan '17
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I just arrived for a little beach time... here through SAturday evening... let me know!!

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Try listing 1980rebecca123 or just call or text her 8314281935