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tophat Edwardrichards71
Since: Apr '17
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Anyone have any info on gfe providers that do a quality massage in the Monterey Area. 

tophat axplaya
Since: Sep '16
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Ed,  now that is the holy grail I always seek myself.  Usually, it's an Asian your going to find and that is from a veteran monger-er.

tophat Golferdude
Since: Apr '15
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You wont get it in SC.  I just got it in a MP near Travis AFB in Fairfield last week, on a random hit. (North Texas Ave - not south Texas ave)  BP ad.  It was less overt than the ads I saw near there that I would expect to be FS GFE.  Beautiful Korean girl.  A real pro working the MP scene.  Surprisingly good massage.

When there is a small window and a doorbell, its FS available, right?  Its the GFE thats a variable.  So. when I see the side mirror on the wall and a table in the room with no face hole or cushion, I never hesitate to be pretty up front about what I want.  Just smile and flirt a lot, then negotiate.  Agree on the FS price, then "up bid".... But don't expect to pay any less than what you would pay on a non MP GFE.  That price range really talks in the strip mall MP scene.    Admittedly, it usually takes more than one visit and you have to call and ask for so n so on your second visit...but dont stay away too long...they all seem to have a short shelf life.

Of course, It helps to be handsome   LOL.... (ok, throw the tomatoes... )

tophat zipper99
Since: Sep '14
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You might have better luck finding a CMT FBSM provider with plus offerings.

tophat Edwardrichards71
Since: Apr '17
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Thanks I am familiar with the aamp scene I'm a member of rubmaps although I can find the fs here in monterey it's the gfe that's hard to find 

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rose Hot stone
Since: Feb '18
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I don’t travel much ,but love Verified clients from the Bay Area and I’m trying to get moved out there. And establish a client base ( or 1 special man) first so if you’re interested in setting up an appointment for me to come visit please message me and I’ll try to get y’all cleared.

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