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tophat joeysurewood
Since: Oct '17
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Did the Santa Cruz Temple shut down? Their calendar shows no additional dates.

tophat alan4761
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looks like it's templeinthetrees  with a couple people  on backpage now and here

tophat Ashton_Smith
Since: Feb '15
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Shutting down for a month or so in the winter isn't uncommon there.

rose Temple Of Bliss
Since: Jan '18
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Hi there!

Yes, The TREE TEMPLE OF BLISS in Santa Cruz is now closed. The home belongs to a dear friend and he allowed us to work from there three days a week for the past 10 years. We have all decided to move on. 

We are recommending Santa Cruz/San Jose clients to go to the PENINSULA location, the HEART TEMPLE OF BLISS in Redwood City to see Sasha Nicole. In the coming months there will also be a few others passing though her space from Temple of Bliss Collective. 

To be clear, there is another small group of ladies (2-3), who now work from the old TREE TEMPLE location. They run ads and you can easily find them. They are not affiliated with us. 

Apologies if our website was not clear enough about the transition. 

Happy New Year 2018 Everyone!

~ Temple of Bliss