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You read my mind cruz! I was wondering the same thing.

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tophat PnkPrlHntr
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Nope I tend to skip over ads that you have to read around all the imogies. I also stay away from bp now. It was always disappointment

tophat Curhound
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The Watsonville location always throws up huge flags for me.  Watsonville motels are pretty gross usually loaded with pimped gals.  After doing research and finding nothing I came to the conclusion that it was probably a bait and switch or pimped gal.  Two things I avoid.  

tophat cruzinguy
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Was still wonderjng if anyone has seen monica? Shes posing back in BP, haven't heard any reviews or anyone TOFTT.

tophat Samsnead
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I saw the one that calls herself Mercedes. I confirmed with her location and time. Drove to Watsonville. When I got there no answer to text. I tried for about 20 mins. Said I was leaving. Started to drive away, she texts that she was shopping at grocery outlet and to come back. I was only a few blocks away so turned around. Again did not respond to text. I said you're just playing games then she responded. Finally got into room. All I wanted was bbbj. She wanted donation up front. I told her she needed to get undressed first,  she got down to bra and undies. Never got naked. Bj was nothing special, when done she literally looked at watch she had on bedside table and said "perfect timing, you only had a minate left". I would not waste my time or money there. 

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Thanks for the intel. Decent looking young gals, a bit ghetto. Sounds like someone who knows the business, maybe a pimp, is teaching them the ropes. And not in the good way. About par for BP though.