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Hey folks I have a muscle pain between my shoulder and neck that I cant get rid of so I have need of a good CMT. Of course if I can combine that with some fun as well then its a great day. Anyone have anyone that they like in the Monterey area to work out the kinks and then spend a little time enjoying the relief? Preferably in the Monterey area. Thanks!

tophat montereygentleman
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Wow really no one has a good provider that is also a skilled CMT? I thought there would be floods of recommendations.

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 There used to be a few back in the RB days, but now they seem few and far between. I usually stick with a professional massage therapist. It's kind of

like finding a "Jack of all Trades" and Master of none. Lol...There are ads out there but I can't personally refer anyone....Sorry.....

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In Santa Cruz i have had the pleasure of both a Great CMT session and a FBSM session with Deva.  Amazing lady with incredible eyes to melt into.  she is super awesome in both fields