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As MJ becomes legal in more states, and heavily taxed and regulated, LE will not be out of work, they will focus on black market (untaxed) weed which will remain a very lucrative and potentially risky business.

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MJ is already heavily taxed in Sonoma County. The voters recently approved a tax on growers that will be allowed to go as high as 10% of their gross. That's too high, IMO. The growers have expenses!

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@ RachelSonoma...

And let's not forget- we have to deal with 280E for paying Federal taxes- nominal tax rate can shoot as high as 70%. Growers have some ability to deduct at least some normal business expenses, retailers do not. I know like 280E (which covers "illegal" drug activity, the IRS has specific tax codes for everything from bribery to embellzement to money laundering. Anyone know if there is one for prostiution?

And yea- cops love the money. Having been through the alice in wonderland world of civil forfeiture before over cannabis...twice... it's fucked up shit.  Washington Post didn't an excellent series a year or so ago on the private networks police have set up so they can target drug money moving across the country. And quite clear they are letting drugs pass through to get the cash on the return trip...

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Asset forfeiture laws are crazy.  They assume you are guilty and you have to prove you are innocent. 

The following video is by a lawyer who explains why you shouldn't drive while in possession of cash.