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The ex-wife told Richmond’s WTVR-TV that her former husband and Katie married in Maryland and then moved to North Carolina.

She believes her ex-husband brainwashed and manipulated Katie, the station reported.

“This is a pretty unique set of facts I would say,” the station’s legal analyst Todd Stone said.

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Does Steven Pladl have an NS handle?

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I was listening to Love Line back in the day and Dr. Drew was saying this happens a lot. Also happens between a brother and sister when they get separated early and reunite when they are grown. I also saw it on some talk show.

Yes, it's sick to me, but It's also very sad to me, because both parties involved can't see the problem with what they are doing or they can't sort their feelings and mistake them for sexual attraction. I hope they can get help.

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That is just fucking disgusting!    

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The 20 yo looks pretty good, maybe she will show up on NS to pay for court costs.

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she looks like a career cock sucking whore and cum bucket

Psychotherapist Robi Ludwig told USA TODAY in 2016 that the concept of normalizing incest, even in a “consensual” GSA case, can be dangerous, especially when it comes to an older parent and a younger person who may be too immature to understand, according to Ludwig.

Ludwig likened this power imbalance to a professional relationship, such as teacher-student or therapist-patient. “When you are the professional in the parental role, you have the power,” Ludwig said. “It is your role to set appropriate boundaries.”

Ludwig noted that that taboo of incest can discourage people from seeking help when feeling strange emotions.

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I am confused. I read the article and it sounds like the girl was grown when they had sex and that she consented. I don't understand why this is a legal issue (nor why you think he should be castrated.) I disagree with it but I also disagree with two men screwing each other in the rectum. But as gay people have told me "what two consenting adults choose to do is their own business." Why does that not apply here?

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"she looks like a career cock sucking whore and cum bucket"

Your posts are getting progressively more disgusting and offensive. Perhaps you should grow up and develop a little respect for the opposite sex. Ever had a meaningful relationship with a woman?