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rose Minxxy.Mia
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Not sure what they plan to do with all these high $$ hoes info...

At least ns will see an influx of high end hookers Unlike the b&s shit from the bp refugees... just trying to be positive here... I’m just glad i’ dont Own a hooker posting site!

tophat Serenity4711
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That’s surprising,

It seemed like the most legitimate site for providers to advertise, I️ never suspected any funny business or fake advertising associated with Eros!

I figured Backpage would be the #1 site taken down!

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rose Misskellyla
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Check the credibility of this story..looks like bogus fake internet source..Im an Eros provider and my account is up and running..if Eros was to get taken down..then umm what would happen on NS where theres way tooo much goin on?

tophat peckerotis
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Eros Guide has become pretty worthless as has Lovings

rose Amy's Lair
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It is, unfortunately, quite legitimate.  I know people still connected to the business from my days of working there, and it was indeed raided by Homeland security last night.  The did not arrest anyone, they just took all the data...servers and computers and files.  No arrests.


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rose Minxxy.Mia
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Did you check the facts. Their call center has been raided. I’d recommend pulling your ad dear. Even if it is already too late

tophat Harmonica_Gun
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Well.. Yes the The USA Office was raided, but the site still running active...I don't think that the HighEnd Escorts are willing to reduced themselves to NS...That's wishful thinking, the reputation of NS among the HighEnd was bad business....The reality of Eros Escorts, majority of them don't do it full time...They are Consummate Professionals and have other careers...And most have established pre-selected Verified Referrals from International and Domestic business and professional clientele. There will be a few that probably will test the waters here in NS, especially the college that still pursuing their diplomas, but other than that the well establish high priced escorts have other alternatives.....Like expanding their marketing to Social Media which 80% of them already using them for booking..I don't think DOJ will be able to shut it down, they are based in the Netherlands and they are protected by FREE SPEECH ...The Eros/SF   site still active as we speak, so I think just a bluff...or fake news...

The High End Alternative:

Red Paramour



P411 Verification site but you can advertise


BlueSecret Models


​SugarNights SF

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rose Minxxy.Mia
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Thank you harmonica gun! Very helpful!!

though i’ Put a lot of time and money into slixa and maybe received 3 inquiries in 6 months.  Not one of those hand out… With Eros I had even less success... 

wonder  what they are after.  Seems like an awful lot of work just to hand out a bunch of misdemeanors to providers...

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rose Katie_krush
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Welp looks like the feds now have all my personal info...and my parent's address is the one on my drivers licence, great🤤😨

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tophat MrRoboto
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This sucks, which site goes down next!

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rose NarissaCupcakes
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Depends on the area, in some areas it has great business. I believe it's very popular on the east coast. 

The girls will be fine, these are women who are very smart, have seo down, and could probably live nicely off just  their regulars. 

It would be great if they all came here to balance out the bp flood we got. 

rose ExoticAnjali
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Eros in SJ has accounted for at least 30% of my business since I got to CA. I've used it in at least 10 other states and when I do it usually accounts for 75% of my business. My friend texted me from TX last night telling me how lucky I am to still have NS and she is right. I'll have a hard time if they actually do get shut down but IF they do, it won't be soon. 

Do they have my DL? Yes. I can care less. They're not out to get the 10,000 hookers on file since 1998. No one has the resources for that. This is HOMELAND SECURITY. Not the FBI, not the IRS.

Up until about 2-3 years ago, Eros was US advertising only. Their international expansion was swift and I assume that's what got them in trouble. No one will ever charge them with aiding underage girls, they check all ID's. Or with pimping, like BP. They are advertising in countries where prostitution is indeed legal and their servers are in Cypress (or somewhere equally difficult to obtain records from).

I really think in the end they are going to find that girls were travelling between country borders to work without the proper authorization. And I just pray the Russian mob was never involved or we're fucked. But its a grey area when their 3 main advertising areas are Canada, US and UK. And 2 out of 3 of those countries allow prostitution legally and tax it. Honestly I don't think they get shut down. They are the smartest ad org around, they are operating almost so legitimately they may actually make the US government end up looking foolish.

tophat Fantomex
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Just found this article

The politics of beliefs are against the idea of sex-as-work, because sex work completely disrupts the traditional structures of intimacy. Although I believe it’s unlikely that any or much sex workers will be arrested, if you’ve ever posted on Eros you should panic, even just a little. They have all your legal documentation on file, ID’s, as well as credit card information. Right now just make sure you have a system of support prepared. Make sure you have a trusted source and give them a copy keys to your home, copies of your ID and information about any family they can be in touch with.

rose ExoticAnjali
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Don't scare people with this drivel. System of support prepared? Are you out of your mind?

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tophat Ck6619
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Please bear in mind the prostitution is not illegal under Federal law. It is solely the province of the state and local governments. (see the legal brothels of Nevada).  Working girls are arrested by local police, not the Department of Homeland Security. 

I don't know what the feds were looking for at Eros, but it wasn't the girls. 

tophat Asubtlesenior
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This was a data raid. DHS is responsible for cyber attacks and they may have felt that Eros may have some nuggets they can use. Follow the money and not the provider.

rose ExoticAnjali
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tophat davesteele
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Exactly right.  Look back on the RB bust.  It was all about tax issues.  Despite mountains of info on providers and hobbyist, no action was attempted against the users.  I will still mourn the passing of another forum where consenting adults can exercise their freedom of expression and freedom to associate, but I am not concerned any action will be taken against the users.



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rose LeahMay
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A woman has started her own escorting site after sleeps was raided check it out.

Third party websites not allowed to be promoted. Interested people can inbox for link

*Moderated on Nov 13, 2017

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rose luckynumbers415
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A few blogs on the topic


One of the benefits to using Lucky# is to protect all parties.  When calling the private unpublished number, you can rest assured that the chances of being caught up in  a surveillance sweep is less likely.  

In the current day of mass media collection, its has long been understood that under the guise of abating sextrafficking, the federal government has been collecting all the data on the phone numbers/emails listed on all adult advertising websites.  This means that all communications; text, calls and emails are being collected and added to the surveillance net.  This means that all the phone numbers/emails who contact those published numbers on all adult websites are also being swept up in these nets.  So that's why calling the lucky# is less of a risk for all.

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rose zoezane
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The Eros raid is about human trafficking.  The gov will track them down and keep Eros up.  I have a reliable source.  Human trafficking will never go away.  This is what legal aged sex workers must deal with.  So don't freak out.  Zoe