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rose Bunni
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I'm debating on ordering a box of N95 respiratory mask to residences that lives there... figured the air quality must be horrible right now. I was just here the other week, and I'm still in shock that the place is gone...

I hope everyone are doing their parts even if its not a lot... but anything counts here! 

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rose Aven2015
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That is kind... 

We are fortunate that we are not displaced or

losing our homes/loved ones. 

I donate daily....check-out at Safeway for

example, prior to payment at register you

can donate monetarily in any amount. The

donation changes according to the most crucial 

emergency relief needed at any given time. 

A few few weeks ago, it was Harvey..Mexico..


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Yes I have donated money and cases of water! Tried to volunteer.

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rose sashaminxxx
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That is a great donation idea. I have been participating, & donating as much as I can. I am so grateful for community response & participation.

Sasha Minxxx

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rose Rachelsonoma1
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Yes, Bunni, 95-rated masks are needed. The air is thick with particulates. Residents are starting to seek medical treatment for asthma and other symptoms.

Thank you to all who responded to this thread. There is a store on Santa Rosa Ave. named Sports Basement. They have tables of supplies to donate to anyone in need. I walked in there trying to buy masks. They would not take my money. They gave me 20 95-rated masks. You can send the masks there if you wish.

FEMA has also set up a help center in downtown Santa Rosa. They have committed to 2 weeks, but hopefully they will stay longer.

Shelters need personal care items such as shaving cream, razors, nail clippers, q-tips, shampoo, liquid soap. People lost everything. They are devastated.

The Veteran's Building near the fairgrounds is packed with displaced people. I saw a truck delivering massive quantities of bottled water there. I walked in to donate tampons and sanitary napkins. They said they really, really needed that.

The Red Cross has been amazing. I'm sure that monetary contributions would help. Go to When you click on the donation page, it gives the option to direct your money to the California wildfires victims. 

Also The Salvation Army. To to