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Local law enforcement from the Bell County Sheriff's office in central Texas conducted a two-day prostitution sting operation netting the arrests of thirteen Fort Hood soldiers. The report cites a total of 20 arrests were made but the majority are military personnel from the U.S. Army base.

Military [dot] com - Fort Hood Soldiers Arrested in Prostitution Sting

The shocking aspect of this story is the sheriff's office released the names, ranks, and home cities of record of those arrested. They have only been charged at this point, not convicted. Needless to say, each one of those in the military arrested are likely to have their careers ended in disgrace.

Reading the comments below the article the general tone is overwhelmingly supportive of the soldiers, and makes cases for entrapment. A generation ago, this kind of activity would never been an issue - and may even have been "unofficially" encouraged.

It's sad and unfortunate when a local law enforcement entity targets military members for upping their own arrest statistics. Many of these people have served multiple deployments defending the very rights the sheriff and police claim to uphold. It sounds to me like it was an easy collection of busts for this Bell County outfit.


Prison Mike

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Yeah posting their names is wrong, they were just looking for some R&R. When I was in the service everyone did it and nobody was ever busted, providers have always been near military bases since Roman times.

What two adults do is their business, LE needs to go after the violent criminals instead.

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I'm a vet who sees a lot of soldiers and this news just sickens and saddens me. LE needs to leave those soldiers alone, take our tax dollars and go hunting for real criminals. I know a lot of LE clients who hate sting ops as much as we do. Freaking legalize it. The dark underbelly will have little support and there will be more safeguards for clients and sex workers alike. The fact that they published all their personal information smacks of a D.A. who wants to prance around like a peacock singing, "LOOK WHAT I CAN DO!" This sting op was like leading moths to a porchlight. Geez this is SO WRONG for so many reasons. My heart goes out to these soldiers. XoxoS77

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I don't know if you guys recently remember the secret service dudes that got caught hiring hookers in South America and it was Obama's detail that got caught. Hard to sweep that shit under the rug when you work for a high profile boss.

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I'm a vet myself and no matter where the military goes the girls follow. Doesn't matter which country your in. It's sad LE preys on the soldiers like that.

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The screwed up part of all this is that there haven't been convictions yet.  Where is "innocent until proven guilty"?  Where is due process?  Accusations are cheap.  How can that happen?

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Completely bogus op probably done with the cooperation of the post Provost Marshall.

There's two kinds of prostitution around military posts: First, indie girls who set up shop adjacent a theoretically infinite supply of customers with incredible referral potential. Second, the worst kind of traffickers. This was a BS decoy op--no pimps were harmed in the production of this boondoggle, and the notell motels outside the gate where all the really gnarly activity occurs in full view did crazy business over the Labor Day weekend (which was probably a 4-day because a national holiday coincided with payday).

Unfortunately, these guys are toast career-wise, even if they were the best gunners, medics or mechanics in their battalions. The DoD presumes that ALL sex workers are trafficked, EVERYONE involved is a sexual predator and drops the hammer of God without regard for their past contributions or future potential.

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Yikes a major, couple of warrant officers and seargents caught. Smh. A waste of police resources. 

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I don't know if you guys recently remember the secret service dudes that got caught hiring hookers in South America and it was Obama's detail that got caught. Hard to sweep that shit under the rug when you work for a high profile boss.


I got the whole low down on this incident when I was mongering in Costa Rica a some years ago not long after it happened.  My buddy and I were living it up having drinks with a group of working girls at one of the hotels and I started talking to this very hot Columbian girl.  We somehow ended up on the secret service subject and turns out her good friend was the girl that caused that whole ruckus.  The dumb ass SS agent took the girl back to the room then refused to pay her for some reason.  Since it's legal in Columbia, she called the cops and the rest is secret service history....