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That's old news. 

The difference here and the thing that tripped them up is those extraordinary dudes arranged to set up the sessions in such a way that they shared the cost of flying them out and setting up the incall. 


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This is the reason why smart organizers screen all client  guests requiring the solid reference  to attend community gatherings

Of course it is a bad publicity for our community but just for guys talking about women they had sex with in objective manner is not against the law. given that what arrangement they made kept private.

When session reviews are considered as the target, Maybe it is time site owners come up with other way to show certain woman is a good companion. Without going into any illegal details.  It seems to me,  the reviews are ineffective already beyond an assurance that the companion is legitimate, not crazy and a real human. neighborhood watch maybe more useful nowadays than any review site. Reviews are LE magnet and not really useful.  I also do not care if other men don't get to do what they want on their own. nor interested in helping providers marketing effort. Thats their work not mine.

I have not written reviews or relied on reviews to meet good companion since 2005. 

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The irony is that smart LE probably looks at review sites as a good intel source. Shutting the sites down might actually reduce their effectiveness, not increase it.