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tophat miker94115
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Ive had Thailand on my bucketlist for a while.  They say if you go for just a few days its amazing, but still it doesnt add up to me. 

I'm guessing that a trip with airfare, lodging, first class food, and accomodations is AT LEAST 2k. 

but thats like 10 amp trips here.  What I spend on the hobby, do t i make up for in airfare and lodging??? 

a few assumptions: i am very lucky with finding local talent.  i am not guessing there will be an appreciable difference there. 

i get to love my regular life and spread that out a bit vs. feeling the need to "make the most of the trip" and do 2-4 times a day to have equivalent # of encounters... 

also, i save like 2 days on a plane!  

At some point there are diminishing returns on the fun (i have experienced this locally without even doing 4x a day every single day) so do i ever get to the number of days where the scales tip?  am i point at it wrong thinking it is a value proposition?

i can only imagine the european math is worse. 

havent run the numbers on Latin Am but I havent gathered that TJ is much cheaper than local and 1000% the food isnt as good and I'll be forking iut a lot for decent accomodations.

please tell me how I'm wrong!

tophat Farthernature69
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I with you and have yet to figure out why so many people rush off to Thailand.  

First I am single and have no one looking at my phone other than me.  I suspect many who have SO look at Thailand, Tijuana as a place to go.  They use it as an excuse as it a Bro's trip and it's an excuse to get away with the Bro's and hobby.  

In Thailand their phone does not work so their phone cannot butt call their SO and their SO is able to here their conversation and negociations with providers.  

They go with their friends to the club's, have fun with the locals, there are no phone calls or texts messages, plus they get a discount.  

tophat BKKTSfan
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thailand is amazing.  you must take at least a week or two to sample all of the delights that the 'land of smiles' has to offer.  i like to sample both transexuals and girls.  Enjoy and have fun!  both of you guys should take a week off and take a grammar class by the way-jesus

tophat miker94115
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the grammar part is hilarious. I did not notice all the typos in my post... and thanks for your response but you didnt respond to how it is financially worthwhile. 

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rose NarissaCupcakes
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I'll be honest the only thing I've ever taken from the posts is how they stress the girls were 18 or young. I always assumed they were hinting that it's worth it because the girls are minors. 

20170126 105644
rose NarissaCupcakes
Since: Sep '14
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And I think some of them it's worth it because they have to be there for work. 

tophat BKKTSfan
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the money part for me is not a concern.  i

tophat BKKTSfan
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make sure you check ids of the girls.  you don't wanna be banging minors, that will put you in a  thai prison lickety split

ahhh i need to get back there-search for nana plaza on you tube and you will get a taste of thai mongering

tophat miker94115
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thanks for the tips.  i guess i was mistaken in thinking that people went for the value. 

tophat Donald_Drumpf
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In mid January, Virgin America/China Eastern flight from $500.  7 nights at $200 room and board is still under $2k, BUT Kayak search had 4* rooms from $27... Now that's not the Drumpf Tower, but it leaves a lot of scratch for you other itch... 

DO the math... could be a great time.

tophat EZZ
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Your logic is right on. From an economic point of view it is
not worth it. For me at 68 I can only pop once every 3 or 4 days at best. There
is an advantage of seeing a beautiful and unique foreign culture and travel for
travel sake. However, I would rather travel around the US than in a foreign land.
There is so much I would like to see in California that I have not gotten
around to – to say nothing about the rest of the states.


In addition Thai pussy is available here – not to mention
any other type of pussy I want. If I was going to do a foreign trip (from
California) TJ would seem the best choice. Spending 2 days on a plane sucks
(back and forth to Thailand) I would need 2 day to recover from a one day
flight. From the Bay area I can be in San Diego in 2 hours. I still hate the
plane ride – but I can tolerate 2 hours.


I am not saying I would not like Thailand, Philippines or
Vietnam, but long expensive vacations are not my preference. I don’t want to be
away from my dog, local walks, hobbies (other than pussy), friends and my
routine. I like my life here – is it really going to be better someplace else? Different
yes – better – I doubt it. If I want exotic food it is available in the Bay
area. I just had a beautiful provider come to my house in rural Northbay for
$250 and she fucked my brains out for 1.5 hours and swallowed my load.


Sure I could get a similar provider for $50 in Thailand, but
I would have to sit on a plane for 18 hours and spend $2000 to get the $200
discount. This equation does not make sense to me.



tophat wellwhynot
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Traveling to monger only may not be worth it except if it is legal.  Legalization makes a difference to me.  There's zero worries of being busted and having to pay a court system and divorce for those that are married.  There's a price for less risk.  Just adding an expense that you have mongering here.

tophat Cheapy
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Never been to Thailand or any Asian country but I've enjoyed good or even great services in Costa Rica, Columbia, Mexico, Canada, Ireland, Israel, Jordan, Kuwaitt and Russia.   None of those trips were for the services they were all jobs.   I'm not well off enough to travel for the services but when the jobs come up there I like to save up and enjoy the services.   

Ani040 00161
tophat GamerNerd
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From what I gathered was the hospitality from the SE Asian countries and abundance of petite ladies.  But SE Asian is on my bucket list since I hvae always had a crush on Asian girls. 

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tophat Ilike2pay4it
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I’ve had the pleasure of paying for pussy all over the world. I spent 20 years in the USAF. I could go on and on about mongering stories. In fact, I was in TJ a few days ago and banged this 19 YO hottie that was so tight that I only lasted five minutes. She was only $100USD. Worth every penny.

I’ve bought pussy all over ASIA. I like legal countries, it’s just more fun and relaxed.  Thailand is unique, I’d add it to my bucket list, but incorporate other activities as well. Go to Cambodia, Viet Nam, and the beaches in the south of Thailand. Relax, just going there to fuck is fun, but there’s more to it than that.

I don’t even bother with girls in the USA, too much drama, way too many flakes and the prices are not worth it. Too much GPS here in the USA. (Golden Pussy Syndrome). I proudly haven’t paid in the USA for a few years. I’d rather go to TJ a few times a month. (Much better value, even with the travel expense from Northern California.) I'm making good money, but 300.00 for a short time with an average girl in the USA isn't worth it to me.

I’ll be back to SEA in a few months, I call it a cultural experience.

tophat shadowworlds
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In most Asian country’s prostitution is against the law. That being said what happens between 2 people stays between 2 people there. Every one knows what’s going on but as long as no one is being hurt the tend to look the other way.