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Any hot spots? Not just hobbying but fun stuff as well. I am late 20s into sight seeing, food, bars, concerts etc. Also I'm AA will I any have trouble there?

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Been a while since I've been to either of those places but Berlin has brothels and a red light district.  Went to one smallish brothel near a Spanish restaurant with a buddy, had some dinner then went to the brothel.  Smallish selection of girls but got a very cute local girl that was actually from Berlin and had a nice time.  Went to a restaurant to meet some colleagues and it turned out to be near the red light area but I did not partake - Oranienburger Straße in the Mitte district.  Lots of bars and restaurants in that area too so be sure to go there.   I also liked the area around the Hilton near the Deutscher Dom on the east side, lots of bars and restaurants, a little more upscale area.  Skip checkpoint Charlie and be sure to go to the East Side Gallery, that is the last remaining standing part of the Berlin wall and is covered with some great artwork.

Malaysia is a Muslim country so Penang mongering was much more on the down low.  I happened to ask a taxi driver and he set me up with a little indonesian spinner that was quite fun.  That was my only mongering experience there.  There are some temples, markets, bars and such and a few things to see in Penang but kind of on the quite side.  Beaches are generally dirty, much better to hop up to neighboring Thailand for mongering and fun if you have time.


tophat Deemorrison619
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Thanks man much appreciated.

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For Berlin ... Artemis is the only place to go. I've been to smaller brothels and they were all disappointing/sad/gross.

It's 80 euro to get in and 60 euro per 30 min session:

The session used to include BBBJ + FS.

But with the new law in Germany, you might only get CBJ + FS. Never hurts to ask though if you really like BBBJ.

You want to avoid visiting on Wed (they might have changed the day so call ahead) because it's lingerie day.

Normally the women walk around naked -- which is much better imo.

I've been there three separate occasions and did not notice any black clients or providers .. mostly white europeans and a few asians.

But you're expected to sit down next to a girl and chit chat for a few minutes if you're interested. So you'll get a good idea of how much of an effort she'll put in.

Try to avoid the really pushy girls that walk right up to you and pressure you into sex. Their service is generally lacking.

Just smile, say "no thanks", and go about your business.

Turkish street food is everywhere in Berlin. Duck into one and try out a turkish pizza (lamacun).

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Good stuff. Thanks man.