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tophat Atmss7
Since: Aug-2017
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Heading to Manila in a few weeks on business. Any advice or suggestions while I am there? Will be there a short me ( a fewndays), and staying at the Bellevue. Any massage places that someone cloud recommend? Also, any protocols that I need to be aware of so I do not piss off the locals?

tophat Elvis P
Since: Jan-2016
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If you smoke pot, I wouldn't do it there. I heard the penalty is pretty harsh for stuff like that.

tophat Atmss7
Since: Aug-2017
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Good to know....yes, I hear they have some strike laws over there

tophat faust_joe
Since: Sep-2014
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I went to the Philippines almost ten years ago, around the corner from the airport there was a whole strip mall full of go go bars

tophat shadowworlds
Since: Jan-2015
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You will enjoy it there endless hot women to have fun with. Go out and explore what is out there. It's all good

tophat 420Dude1234
Since: Mar-2017
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Most hotels have in house masseuses...with pick your happy ending offered right inside your room.

tophat badger87
Since: Apr-2016
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When in doubt, ask a taxi driver.   They know everything 

tophat lqqkn4ahummer
Since: Oct-2014
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Never actually mongered in Manila proper as I always came in from another area and brought a girl with me.  Just do a little research before you go.  There are a number of areas with clubs such as Makati that you can get girls or even go to some of the mall type areas like Greenbelt in the evening.  Those places are loaded with locals looking for foreign guys.  It'll be pretty obvious when you sit down at the outdoor restaurants/bars there. You'll easily find someone who will hang out and play with you the whole time you're in town. Oh, and if you like legit massages, go get on every day, they're dirt cheap.  Btw, if you need the little blue pill to keep up, they sell the generic OTC at Manila pharmacies.  Just walk in and ask the pharmacist at the back for Sildenafil.  Don't buy any of that stuff from street vendors. Have a great time!!