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tophat Samwhite
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I know this forum is more then likely reserved for discussion about amazing lobster bisque. Maybe a new restaurant opening in San Francisco by a michelin star chef. I am sorry to dumb it down but I have to get this off my chest. I was out of my healthy good for you bread you know the kind with all the seeds and twigs baked into it. So there it was in the cupboard crappy ass wonderbread. I can't make a PB&J with this I am 46 yo what about my health. Let me just say best Freaking PB&J EVER! At least the peanut butter had some protein in it that's nutrition right? O hell who am I kidding I could have gotten the same nutritional value from a doughnut. Just thought I would share. What guilty food pleasures are ya all hiding out there?

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tophat 007davebond
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I ate a salad for dinner last night.

It was mostly tomatoes and croutons.

Pretty much one big crouton with tomato sauce. And cheese.

Ok, it was a pizza. I ate a pizza.

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rose adorabell
Since: Oct '14
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peanut butter and jelly as well as grilled cheese REQUIRES white bread for sure!!..

*this is sooo bad and it may be removed, maybe not, but i had to attach*

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tophat 50sXfittr
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I try to eat healthy most of the time, I just finished a salad, but man do I love me a peanut butter sandwich.  Used to eat it with Wonderbread many decades ago, but once i switched to Wheat, yes the kind with seeds, nuts and branches, i couldn't go back to white bread. Back then it had to be crunchy, but now only creamy.  Not a big fan of jelly though.

Yes pizza is a must have in my life.

And bread in general is my weakness.

A little bit of chocolate and the occasional bag of chips.

Don't do donuts, cake, cookies or ice cream.  Of course if you twisted my arm...

tophat philipfry
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Freaking awesome photo!

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tophat Samwhite
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I love sourdough bread for a grilled cheese it has that great crunch!

here is a link to an awesome song about PB&J enjoy!

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I like a good PBJ but I think I'd go for pretty much any other bread over wonder. That being said, try putting a little less jelly on the sandwich and then spread some butter on the outside top and bottom.  Then heat in pan till one side is gbd, flip and repeat.  Grilled PBJ on a cold day is awesome.  Just watch out for the jelly imitating napalm.

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rose soakingwetkitty
Since: Jul '14
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That sounds yum, I never thought of doing that to a PBnd J, I now must try it.

tophat Countrydavid305
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Well us young at heart guys have to live a little hell. Thats why we're hobbying, these ladies will probably make you croak over before pbandj  enjoy brother. We're all one provider away from the er 

tophat Countrydavid305
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You look better then a pb&j sandwhich.  Your stopping a old mans heart right now I tell you. Looking sweet pretty lady 

tophat 50sXfittr
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My fav PB & J song

tophat SkipTofu
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I like to cut a thick slice of real sourdough, little butter, pop it in the toaster oven. Spread of crunchy PB, smear of strawberry jam and have with a cup of Graffeo coffee in the morning. Terrific way to start the day.

tophat Elvis P
Since: Jan '16
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People on a powe training or bodybuilding program are recommend to consume PB-based foods as a high-protein/high calorie snack. 

tophat Thegentleman831
Since: Apr '17
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Count me in for an ol fashion PB&J with a tall glass of cold milk. 

tophat CharlieBrown1982
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Krispy cream donut, (strawberry filled), slice it across, use that as a bun, thickest beef patty you could find, a big scoop of crunchy thick PB, slices of banana with bacon. Thats my version of pb&j. Then, a little nap. 👍👌,,, sooo guilty.

tophat GoGetSum
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PB&J and bacon!

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rose LollyPoptart
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Ohhh when I was pregnant with my last baby I ate grilled pb&j all the time. My friends thought I'd lost my mind but it was soooooo good. 

I love pb&j on Artesano bread, so perfect. And peanut butter and honey. And peanut butter and thin-sliced dill pickle on sourdough is a childhood favorite. 

I have some peach-raspberry jam I bought on my way out of South Bay last weekend. I might need pb&j for lunch now!