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tophat Val_Killmore
Since: Mar '17
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anyone have experience ordering food from this company?

tophat BScoutII
Since: Apr '15
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I did not like the texture of the meat.  It just felt odd. 

tophat mattwfoley
Since: Aug '14
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I have-can't recommend it. The items are small and very expensive. Last year I ordered some burgers and cookies-they were running a deal and included a couple of hot dogs and chicken breasts.

the hamburgers were smallish-Costco gives you more on the patty.

the hot dogs were thin and bland

the chicken breasts must have come from chicks not fully grown chickens

the cookies were "nibbler" size-and they give you very few to bake up.

for the price, you can get better and more at Costco or your local grocery store.

tophat peckerotis
Since: Jul '16
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Omaha Steaks suck. Ad looks great, steaks are small and over priced.

tophat AbeKanan
Since: Jun '15
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when my brother was still alive I ordered them for himfor certain holidays like xmas or so.

he lives in rural PA and it was easier to have them air mailed to his door.

Him and his wife said they ate them and liked them.

Like the other dude said, the set variety deals were good value.

I heard from other guys made use of this service when they vacationed in Hawaii.

they had it sent there and they BBQ'd steaks when they arrived.


tophat CigarMan_Sac
Since: Sep '14
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I have and I agree with all of the negative comments above.  I have NEVER received anything I enjoyed from them.

Tiger 06
tophat EmperorJNorton
Since: Apr '17
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anyone have experience ordering food from this company?


Yes.  The texture was off (like the meat had been through several freeze/thaw cycles).

If I'm buying meat online I like Lobels of NY and Snake River Farms (with SRF only going for the top tier stuff as I've found the prime at my local costco can be coaxed to the level of their lower tier offerings).

If you're bored, have the space and a modern refrigerator try getting a subprimal at CostCo, dry age it at home, portion it, vacu-suck it and call it a savings of several hundred dollars.