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tophat peckerotis
Since: Jul '16
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It's been rumored for some time that pineapple juice sweetens the taste of cum. Anybody have expereience with this? I sure know what asparagus does to my pee. We are what we eat. Any ideas about food imparting taste or odor to body excretions? We all know about garlic and cherry farts--

rose VeronicaTurbay
Since: Jun '17
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yup, pineapple it is very helpful! 

and pls.. drink lots of water after having some asparagus for dinner. 

tophat peckerotis
Since: Jul '16
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LMAO- Asparagus piss would gag a maggot. I'm drinking alot of pineapple juice these days. :-)

tophat philipfry
Since: May '16
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Also OD on zinc supplements so you can cum like Rodney Moore.

tophat AlexHawk
Since: Nov '15
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Zinc supplements ? Explain please! I'll google it but more context would be great 

tophat philipfry
Since: May '16
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Certain minerals are needed by your body for the production of semen and one of them is zinc.

If you want actual sciency articles:

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rose Sexypleasures609
Since: Nov '14
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'Sciency' it ! Lol 😜

tophat vr55
Since: Sep '14
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After learning what pineapple does for your body... let's just say it is my fav fruit now lol.

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tophat jayblank23
Since: Jul '14 Vip  
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I stopped eating "processed" foods a few years back, and now every meal consists of fresh meats, fresh produce, and some kind of starch. Shopping is frequent and a little more costly, but it makes me feel great. I work lonnnnnnnnnnng hours sometimes, so I'd hate to feel sluggish. I will say the ramification of the diet change is when I falter and get a burger or something - I feel like absolute shit.

Anyway, I buy fruits and chop them - ziploc and freeze. And every few weeks I'll get on some weird smoothie hype or I will just drink a greek yogurt smoothie. I've had a few providers tell me I taste pretty great. And most recently a gal told me I've tasted the best she has ever had. (Sales tactic to have me return? Maybe.)

I do go on a cranberry cleanse monthly, I don't drink anything but water, coffee, and an occasional glass of juice if I ever have time for breakfast. I don't even have soda in my house and I don't drink milk (not counting other dairy products). I don't gym, but I have a fairly active lifestyle so not sure if that helps me sweat out some toxins either lol.

tophat JBuzz
Since: Aug '17
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Here here jayblank23!

I have always tried to maintain healthy eating habits although I do enjoy a "session" with comfort food once in a while.  Funny thing about comfort food is it only makes you happy at the time you're digestion gets underway I too feel sluggish and 'blah'.  My daily intake consists of mostly fruits and veggies, lean meats/poultry a few times weekly (at the most), one cup of coffee with breakfast which usually a couple of hard boiled eggs or whole grain cereal, and lots of water throughout the day.  Soda and highly processed food are nearly non-existent in my home.  I also do the gym thing, usually 4 times a week.  Collectively, all of these help me feel good and stay energized during the day.  My body weight/shape has hardly changed over the years as well.

Take care of your body and it will take care of you

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tophat Drew40901
Since: Jun '16 Vip  
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So how much pineapple juice and for how long before it sweetens the cum?

tophat alivan0909
Since: Jan '16
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In addition to what the others have said, I also recommend loading up on mangos with your pineapple juice, and almonds (raw)...this seemingly gives your semen a sweet note.

Furthermore, if you load up on your zinc and soy lecithin (you can't really OD, it's basically soy beans) could have Peter North like moneyshots, if that's your thing. In my experience, when you cum, you feel it more...

Can be fun.

Happy hobbying. Prosperous providing!

rose SierraGreek
Since: Aug '17
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Soy Lecithin is terrible for your body. I would advise people not to "load up" on it. It is basically toxic. Look up what it can do to you. +1 on the Zinc seems to help guys shot large loads.

tophat alivan0909
Since: Jan '16
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Thanks Sierra...I will do more research on it. From the research I did do, there was nothing negative about it being toxic.  Alternatively, going to Zinc is probably a better option.

Always love to learn and be educated.

Thanks again.

tophat dannile
Since: Sep '16
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sunflower lecithin ftw.  No soy.

Also pygeum.

And l-citrulline.

And dhea.

And maca.

And a bunch of celery along with your pineapple juice.

I will get a Nobel Prize some day for my work in load enhancement.

tophat eatncake69
Since: Oct '16
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Costco has pinapple juce that is our pinapple juice and pulp very good 

tophat Buttlvr
Since: Jul '14
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Tried it once with a provider. Drank a bunch for two weeks then got her opinion. She gave the thumbs up

tophat mound hound
Since: Sep '16
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Welcome to California. You make a beautiful addition to our state.

tophat dannyio
Since: Jun '14
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Be careful of Zinc.  It made me very sick the last two times I took it.  Pineapple juice is great. I know women who swear by it.  

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rose reiki spa
Since: May '15
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 Become full of too much think you can be very dangerous also too much iron can too

Pineapple juice is also good for the hips and joints

 It contains Bioten

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rose SweetTammyGirl
Since: Jul '14 Vip  
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Pineapple is amazing, I love it! 

I have also been told Salmon the fish is sweet for the woman's cum as well.  

tophat babyballs69
Since: Dec '15
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May I ask do you buy the pineapple and make the juice or do you buy it already made? Thank you in advance!

tophat lowmORALfiber
Since: Oct '17
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I buy the 2 quart cartons from TJ's (not from concentrate, $3.99 I believe). I also snag their dried pineapple for snacking, and randomly pick up cold pressed juice blends that are primarily pineapple and cucumber juices. If I have yogurt or oatmeal for breakfast, I'll throw on some canned pineapple chunks.

It's mostly the cartons of juice though.

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rose AmyDivine
Since: Jul '17 Vip  
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Noooooooooo pineapple! Lol

Pineapple makes the cum have a bitter taste to me. Water drinkers have the best cum flavor ever!

tophat 50sXfittr
Since: Nov '15 Vip  
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I don't try to alter the taste of my cum, because frankly, I don't really care what it tastes like.

You know if you guys really want to know if it makes a difference, why not conduct your own taste test?