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tophat scarfner
Since: Jul '15
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Hey everyone! 
What are your top 10 tracks (or less, or more?) that REALLY get you going during a workout? 
The kind that you just have to stop and close your eyes for a second because you can feel your body tensing up and getting ready to LIFT BIG TO GET BIG! 

Mine are:

Audioslave - Cochise
Audioslave - Exploder
Audioslave - Show Me How to Live
Blue Stahli - ULTRAnumb
Disturbed - Voices
KoRN - Twisted Transistor
Rush - Driven (Live in Rio)
Slipknot - Wait and Bleed 
Symphony X - Domination
Velvet Revolver - Slither

Special honors to the song that, for some reason, always shows up to every gym I've been to:
Taylor Swift - Trouble! 

I was originally going to post my entire Playlist, but all of them have at least 70+ songs, and that'd be nuts. And format unfriendly. =P
Might make a cardio one, too, because the two playlists are so different. 

tophat Ghosthandlrider
Since: Sep '15
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Try this one on for size ! 


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rose chicag0.babie21
Since: Jul '15
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Most def top 4
Tinashe-cold sweat
Kendrick Lamar-The jug is up
Logic-Under Pressure

tophat escape
Since: Aug '14
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Back in my boxing days this band was on my playlist when I did a lift/cardio/bag workout...

These days I just listen to a Pandora shuffle.

tophat sweetnutsforyou916
Since: Oct '15
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I am more of an R&B/rap/hip-hop kind of guy but for the life me there is no way I can ever seem to get motivated to lift listening to R&B/rap/hip-hop.  Below is a list of groups I've complied for my lifting playlist based on recommendations and sampling different styles:

Amon Amarth
Children of Bodom
Dimmu Borgir
Cannibal Corpse

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rose Brook Banks15
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My iTunes is kind of a hot mess of songs I love and a whole lot of "please don't judge me". I have a few hundred songs and I don't have a set play list, but I tend to go for a beat. That helps motivate me, or at least keeps me moving
"Yes, I've been known to get in the zone, forget where I'm at... and shake my butt a little":)))
Ab time, I tend to go with a slower grove.

rose MilaSweets
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Nice! I did kickboxing for years, but my jab and cross are way meaner than my kicks ;-)
We listened to a lot of metal at the gym. It helped pump everyone up!

tophat soundwave12
Since: Sep '14
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Before bench presses:

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rose sashaminxxx
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Fela Kuti
The Roots
J. Cole
Missy Elliott

Sasha Minxxx

tophat stevew94580
Since: Apr '16
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When I got out of the military and was still power lifting i had these bands playing at all times on my CD player and mp3 player
Obituary- Slowly we Rot
Slayer- War Ensable
​Cannible Corpse- Addicted to Vaginal Skin
Sepultura- Dead Embronic Cells
Danzig- She Rides
Danzig- Am I Evil
Metallica- Creeping Death
Megadeth- Sweating Bullits
Sepultura- Orgasmatron
Motorhead- The Ace of Spades
Slayer- Dead Skin Mask
Anthrax- Cought in A Mosh
​Anthrax- Indians
NWA- Straight out of Compton
Too $hort- Dont Fight the Feeling
and many many more.... but those songs ALWAYS got me into "Kill Mode" at the gym and they still do!!!!

tophat madmtbiker62
Since: Aug '15
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AC/DC. Tnt

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tophat Heisenberg69
Since: Oct '14
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tophat Elvis P
Since: Jan '16
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Anything Rock, and more on the harder/heavier side. Black music, whether old school, or this current Rap/Hip Hop stuff, isn't aggressive or energetic enough. Danceability doesn't apply in a hardcore gym environment, IMO.

tophat Plum
Since: Apr '16
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I prefer "To Alpha Sector" by Michael Angelo Batio for some rhythmic fucking music. 

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tophat mrcali209
Since: Feb '16
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my gym play their music too loud

rose Amara
Since: Jun '16
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If you're into rock music, try Skillet,Buckcherry, ACDC, or The pretty reckless. Her sty;e varies and can get you in the mood for any workout. :)

tophat Jettn
Since: Jul '14
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I hit the iron and treadmill almost daily.......and when I do wink

tophat Raymond
Since: Jan '16
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I am going to be that guy. I used to listen to music until I really got into Olympic lifts (snatch and clean and jerk) which require a lot of timing and balance. Having headphones in really distracted from my breathing and technique. No joke, with headphones Max clean was 215 without 245... With that said, when I ised to warm up before pitching in college I would listen to music that made me angry, I mean teeth grinding, psycho eyes angry. 

Till i collapse - eminem
toxicity- system of a down

shit like that.


tophat Perseus
Since: Jan '17
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It definitely varies from session to session. But since I love Eminem, I have to go with his hard hitting songs like: Forget about Dre, Infinite, Square Dance, Old Time Sake, Rabbit Run, Say What You Say, Soldier and of course Till I Collapse. Honestly, I can just list his entire discography. Like I said before, it depends on the day. Some day I lift to classical piano music. Moonlight Sonata to start it off. 

tophat Elvis P
Since: Jan '16
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Olympic lifting requires 100% concentration, due to the amount of technique involved in the lifts. Same thing with powerlifting, but to a slightly lesser degree. Music doesn't seem to bother bodybuilders, because poundage, leverage, and 1 rep max isn't their primary concern.

tophat 50sXfittr
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I'm normally a classic rock guy, but for my Crossfit and running workouts I like to listen to mostly Hip-Hop and rock.  Some favorites:

Flo Rida - Low
Quad City DJs - C"Mon N Ride It
Pink - Get The Party Started
Nelly - E.I.
The Offspring - Pretty Fly
B52s - Love Shack
Usher - Yeah
Heavy D & The Boys - Now That We Found Love
Sir Mix A Lot - Baby Got Back
C+C Music Factory - Gonna Make You Sweat

tophat escape
Since: Aug '14
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FFDP is the shit....

tophat Wonderblond66
Since: Dec '16
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When I'm lifting I don't even notice the music unless it's classic rock.  Music/no music, it makes no difference in my workout.  I do like music in my cross fit(ish) class, classic rock works best for me but whatever the instructor is using is fine. I never wore headphones, I started lifting before they became popular and I don't like them on my head when I work out. I don't even like to wear lifting gloves when I work out, for that matter I wear as little clothing as possible. I'm kind of a minimalist when it comes to fitness except for the volume and intensity of the workouts themselves. 

tophat Lonelyoneironaut
Since: Jul '15
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I don't use headphones when I lift but for cardio I love to music to get in my zone and push myself.

tophat Believeyoume559
Since: Dec '16
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Killswitch Engage


Breaking Benjamin