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tophat Flazh_510
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Hi ive been searching for a good probiotics. Anything i search online seems to be a paid review.

if you tried a probiotic let me know and how it work for you.


tophat lowmORALfiber
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I usually hit up the refrigerated part of the health sections in Whole Foods or Sprouts. Grab whatever their most expensive probiotic is and pocket dat shit.

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tophat pvsanjose
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There are several foods considered pro biotic. Sauerkraut, kimchi, kombucha, natto.

this is in addition to all the little bottles you see refrigerated at health food stores. You might look up probiotics in general and see which ones might fit with you.

a food based product might be more economical like above 

tophat Val_Killmore
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I love probiotics. they are essential to good gut health. like others have stated stick to the cold refrigerated ones.

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rose OriginalCyn
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My coach has me taking digestive enzymes with meal 1 and meal 5. They are probiotics. 

tophat peckerotis
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Korean barbeque restaurants serve complimentary appetizers with your meal that are loaded with probiotics.

tophat romanticlover
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I keep a bottle of Now Foods Probiotic-10 in my fridge and take them twice a week, for everyday maintenance I eat Dannon Oikos yogurt.

I read a medical study that said taking probiotics with milk or oats helps them survive stomach acid, a bowl of Cheerios would be perfect.

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tophat Flazh_510
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Thanks everyone for your input. I went to whole foods the other day ill check what they have in stock/ also might swing by my local vitamin shoppe if they have anything.

thanks again 

tophat Milagro
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VSL 3. My daughter is a registered/licensed dietician who loves to research supplements because there are so many bad ones. She takes theses and sent them too me,