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Hello all,

While we would like to support our community in as many ways as we can, I unfortunately have to announce that on December 31st, 2017 we will no longer be offering chat as a service.  

If there is anyone that is interested in providing this service and would like to discuss a plan, please PM me directly.  


Taylor K.

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Sad to see it go, but if I can assist in any way ... I'm happy to facilitate any requirements.

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after all this time I finally figure it out and now this?  hoping someone can help NS webmasters

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I thought this said NS was shutting down entirely and I almost had a heart attack

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mod edit off-topic comment removed this forum is strictly on topic only

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We had a chat app?

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good. probably costs upkeep

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Hello, Beautiful! 😚Thank you for letting us know. Personally, I found the feature annoying when I'm trying to answer NS mail here and a CHAT window just pops up in the lower right hand corner. I won't miss it.  This vet says, Hooooorahhhh! xoxoS77 😚😚

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you could just make a discord server tbh

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I think 2harmonizeme has a great idea for chat. This makes me disappointed, without it I would have never met any new friends.

I would ask her she's very creative about chat.

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1 more day of chat...let's get pervy and make it fun while it lasts!

And someone find us a suitable replacement

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We really do this chat was great for networking and meeting new people. I hope Nightshift won't give up chat completely.

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Too bad. It was a great way to meet people i otherwise wouldnt have.

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It had the potential to become as dynamic and fascinating as MRB. There were times when I had interesting conversations on the NS chat. But NS never bothered to repair the technical glitches. It was time consuming and downright absurd to sign in. There was immense lagging.I was just one huge slow application that was neglected from the git go.