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This is a continuation of the topic here:

- The smoke dropdown shouldn't be required.  We'll make the change in the next release.

-  The topic of 5 star vs 10 point scale has been discussed multiple times.  The reason we moved over to the 5 star system, and the reason why most review sites use a 5 star system, is because it reduces the weight of one particular review over the average. In the previous system we saw a high aggregate of 8,9, and 10s, which is expected.  However, if one reviewer had a negative experience and gave a 1 star, that review would dramatically reduce a provider's rating because of the range between 1-10.  The reverse is true.  If a provider has a bunch of 1,2, and 3 and they get a false 10 review, their score would suddenly jump up much higher.  By having the range from 1-5 star, it fairly balances the weight of everyone's review and by showing a two digit precision, it still provides the level of detail we want.

- We still do not agree that breaking out looks and service adds any value.  We have seen too many hobbyists rate a provider a very low looks score because they received bad service.  Humans are emotional and are too easily swayed to lump either looks or service with one another.  Not only that, looks is inherently subjective. The scoring does not hold true value and we believe it's less confusing and better serve the community by giving everyone ONE number to focus on.  The details of a particular experience can be stated in the details section.

-  Please stay on topic.  If you want a hobbyist review system, please make that request in the Feature Request forum.

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Maybe the system could make it clearer the stars are about service only by restoring the standards for each level of star rating. eg, 4.5 stars, "I thought I was dreaming;" .5 stars, "My inflatable woman is more enthusiastic;" etc.

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The numerical ratings of Face, Body, and Service were very, very useful to me. By giving those outlier examples as the reason to rid of the numerical ratings on THREE categories into one just lacks persuasion.  Too many provider face and body photos on NS are misrepresenting or heavily photoshopped. Without the ratings for Looks, how can hobbyists get a sense of them by looking at just the 5-star system? To me, having the info on looks and body are extremely important. To some, maybe not the case, but why deprive those of us who value physical attributes of the right to know?

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"We still do not agree that breaking out looks and service adds any value.

I find it rather peculiar that after 3 threads and the very many users who expressed their desire to see the L/F/S numerical ratings back, it is still not convincing enough to Admin. 
I eventually would cancel my VIP subscription at the end of this term as I now consider the reviews no longer useful.  

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I do think there could be a legitimate debate on the issue of Provider looks if it was possible to actually get real data. 

Ive had many providers personally ask me to give them a 10 for Looks BECAUSE they provided decent service. 

Ive also had providers take it VERY personally that I didn’t think they were a 10 in Looks.

But putting those issues aside, could we get away from the issue of whether Looks is valuable and to the issue of how NS should force users to give real ratings on looks?

Ive read the post about looking at numbers in the aggregate but while NS could train every user to understand how to adjust their mentality from a 9 being a supermodel to a 9.6 being an average girl and a 9.9 being a pretty one, there is a cost to this in guys already stating how they feel misled about looks.

Ive spoken to a few providers who are really happy that NS has made this change and until someone here can address all the downsides of which there are half a dozen and then give a solution to getting to real numbers without creating anger and pain in the providers we all care about, well, I’m real happy that things have changed.

That doesn’t mean that I respect the guys who want this data any less... I get it and if it was possible I’d probably be all for it.

Personally I know that guys feel that they have to give an inflated number so my solution has always been to just message the guys behind the reviews for a provider who doesn’t show her face and ask them, “I saw that you gave a 9 to this provider, I’m just curious what she really looks like in real numbers”.

Maybe for those few times when a provider doesn’t show her face we should focus on

1) Asking the Provider for a pic

2) Looking at the review details 

3) Giving her a shot anyway if she has great reviews (There is beauty in everyone)

And by the way, the reason more providers aren’t participating in this thread is that this is a very hard thing for a lot of them as it goes to the very core of issues of self-worth so please understand that its not like there isn’t a great cost to the community to subjectively rate someone on looks.

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I would absolutely ask the site to stay with numerical based ratings, and probably on a ten point scale.

With the large amount of data on some girls, numerical ratings are useful despite grade inflation. I am fully certain that if you had three ladies, each had more than 30 reviews and their performance scores were 9.0, 9.4 and 9.7 your chances of an amazing time would follow directly in that order.  These small differences are very meaningful.

I understand that mostly the scores given are 8-10 so a 1 can be very damaging... it pulls so far away from the average. For that reason, I could see going to 1-5 scoring system. But whatever the scale, number that can display precise averages are better than stars, which can't.

What I really think we need is a fix to the culture to so people don't inflate their scores. One way to do it might be giving flair (special badge ect) to guys with the largest number of Useful votes and/or highest percentage of useful votes. That way, while there will still be an incentive score high to please a date, reviewers will also have an incentive to score realistically to earn Useful points that in turn become a very visible badge of honor.

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Hi Mr. Justin,

Our 5 star system still has the numerical detail you're looking for.  A 4.96 is better than a 4.72 star etc.

One of our main goals in making these changes to our review system is to increase the accuracy of our reviews.  This is why we are still confused why the community is asking for the looks rating to be reinstated.  They are subjective to the reviewer and the rating is usually influenced by a provider's service anyway.

We do like the idea of adding a rating to rate picture accuracy and if a provider doesn't have a photo, maybe then we can ask for a looks rating?

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Now that the looks rating is gone, I do prefer it. Looks are very subjective. The stars took getting used to, but the number is there to two decimal places, plenty accurate.

You may get different service from different ladies based on their menu and other factors, but good service is still good service no matter what is being served.

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 Yes… Please return the looks rating. I agree that it is subjective but there’s no reason that over larger sampling you can’t get a reasonable idea what to expect. 

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If you have to explain the math.... then it’s not user friendly.  Not everyone here has the time or knowledge to apply your math logic and breakdowns. While you may say it’s helped us providers? There are many here who don’t post that don’t like the 5 Star system.

I’m in agreement with the others that we need the ratings for and looks and service separate. They are two totally different beasts. Some men place more emphasis on looks and some on service. 

While I found your math on the numerical ratings very questionable. I did appreciate that the looks and service ratings were separate and what it should be “at a glance understandable”. 

Or a more novel idea:

Get rid of the ratings all together!

If you say that the summary is what’s important? 

Then just have the summary only.

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Hi All,

Thanks for chiming in on the forums and discussing your reasoning for wanting separate looks and service ratings with me in backchannels. 

After further deliberation, we have restored the looks face, looks body, and service ratings to the reviews. 


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Thank you Kimosabe 

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Breast size

breast implants?!?!

breast appearance !!


i could go on. These are all the kind of details I paid for VIP for. Without details, I’ll be keeping my money when renewal time comes around. 

For those complaining that the old system had too many questions, YOU DIDN’T HAVE TO ANSWER THEM! If you did, it was a “full” review. If not, you still got credit for a review and it was still posted. 

Why take away the ability to offer more info or review more available info? Totally ridiculous!

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I second everything you’ve mentioned in You post. 

I do want to shout out a BIG thank you to NS Admin for restoring the LBS ratings back!

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you can't please everyone ... I submitted 

another review yesterday and I was pleased 

with the changes ... I appreciate the opportunity 

to have input and most of all to have that input

result in a needed change ... well done NS

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Thanks for making changes, now I am back to review again, I had stopped for almost a year.

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You are reading my mind.)

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I personally think the stars should represent service and wether the pictures are accurate/ the real provider. I feel the rating on looks of face and body can be hurtful and yes, very subjective.  

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That's what everyone wants majority rule?i also think the Looks was one of the main things that bothered me. Keep your five stars but have other categories such as Looks etc for info to be more clear of what to expect?

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I agree with you, because of the looks rating. My overall rating drops every time I get I review even though my reviews are consently good without flockuation.   It seems like the looks rating weighs heavily in overall rating. You can have a girl with  8.4 service rating and 9.6 looks and she will be 4.90-5.00  overall rating but a girl with 8.4 look and a 9.6 service will be a 4.70 to 4.75 overall.

It is understandle that looks make someone more desirable, but not necessarily a better provider.