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rose Emily B
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I often hear and read in my reviews about men saying they feel like a King around me, and I’ve seen some other goddess have the same messages and response.  But how I treat you isn’t just my service; it’s who I am.  I’m here to be me, a friendly, provider, and a Goddess. 

My response to what you read about my service is:

In Tantra everyone is a God or Goddess, which refers to treating yourself and others like a divine being.  Being a God or Goddess refers to your energy.  Every woman to me is a goddess.  That means she is the embodiment of all that is feminine to be honored and worshiped.  Goddesses are healers, lovers, seductress,and a nurturing mother, as well as a hunter, and a wild woman.

Every man is a God, embodiment of a hunter, provider, protector, and a symbol of divine power, as well as being nurturing and healing, and surrendering.  I like to imagine I am a part of something here in this community that helps embrace this in my nature and see it in others. 

My Tantra teacher told me before I began my certification for Tantra Holistic Wellness Healer, “you must pay it forward” So, since becoming certified, and because it is the season of giving, I want to offer this pay it forward by giving a free one hour session to someone who feels most in need.  I only ask (if it is an out call) for time,travel and bridge if it is outside my area. However, I will be having my first In call in the bay area So.SF Dec 11th, 12th 

What you’ll need to do, write how you feel most deserving of a massage or why I should choose you, make your own list, charmers come out and play. I suppose I am Santa’s little helper checking on your naughty or nice lists and will select a winner based on this. 

We all deserve more love not less.  Hugs, from my heart to yours.  Happy holidays everyone. 


tophat Uncle Junior
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What an offer. I would like to take you up on it, but since I am not in need, I feel it would be very bad karma.

Uncle Junior

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Great idea Emily!  You're somebody who really walks their talk.  And props to you Uncle Junior for having integrity and keeping your karma clean.  

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what a wonderful idea! This must have been what you were writing earlier today! 

Here is my thought. I am not in need of a free massage per se, however I want to follow your idea, and I am suggesting that I pay you for the session that you are going to give away to someone... and then you schedule a free session for me... 

then if if someone wants to pay for my session... we will see if the chain continues or is broken.... 


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Emily, what a kind and thoughtful thing for you to do. I truly wish for all this good energy and positivity to come back around to you.

Emily has inspired me and after talking to her I came up with another idea in the spirit of giving. Ladies, if I have seen you before and you are in need of a good massage I would like to cover a 1 hour massage from miss Emily for you. Unfortunately I have not had the pleasure of meeting Emily yet so I can only do this for a lady I have seen before that I feel comfortable vouching for (i.e. not flaking, being late) unless maybe you already know her. If you are interested please message me and the 1st serious lady to do so will get the massage. 

Thanks again for your kind spirit Emily, I hope it continues to spread =)

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Like others have said, I don't think I'm "in need" enough for a free massage, but I hope to see you when you are in the area!

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Wow! Emily, what great Karma you bring to the hobby.  

Sacramento is just too far for me, otherwise I'd certainly put my hat in the ring.  The past two and a half months for me have been quite a rollercoaster. 

I've basically had to go cold turkey on my FBSM due to a huge family financial burden that was placed in my lap.  

I've actually avoided going on NS much during this time because it just is too tempting to schedule an indulgence when I really *really* need to be saving every penny right now. 

In any case, I just wanted to give you awesome props for your pay-it-forward offer.  Its little (or big!) things like this that make this community great. 

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That is very sweet you have a divine soul.

I an not in need however, would indeed be bad karma to apply. Would love to meet you. Someday ....

I am curious about the number of folks that apply.

Happy Holidays. You will indeed make someone's holidays quite happy.

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Wow. What a kind and generous offer.  I can't claim to need a free session, but it looks like you are a very classy provider whom I want to meet.  I have marked you as a favorite and will contact you.

Perhaps I will see you in a Sacramento yoga class.  I am the balding, pudgy, old white guy struggling to do the easy postures, frequently taking rest in child's pose.


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I'm the guy next to you doing Savasana for half of the class. 

Thanks for the laugh! 

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Hello Emily, my name is Justin  and I am reaching out to you because I saw a recent post of yours letting hobbyists know that a lucky person may receive a free session with you. I was instantly turned by this because one, what a great thing for a provider to do and share by giving back to the community of NS. Second you sound like a very sweet and kind person who wants to share her skills in what she does really well at to help others experience nothing that they have ever felt before through her teachings; and make them feel as if they are a Goddess. I have never experienced Tantra before and am really curious, excited at the same time. You sound like a very humble and educated person who loves to give and share. You seem authentic in everything you write and I believe it is rare to find a provider who shares a passion for what she does and not a person just in it for the money. I'm always in need of a great massage and haven't really found a good one yet. I may have now just found you. Now I do not know if I will be the lucky one to experience your free session when you visit SSF but I really appreciate what you are doing. You are truly an angel with this giving and I hope you do pick a lucky and right guy for your session. You are the type of person that makes my day in what you say kindly and although we have never actually met, I truly believe there  are really good people like you out there who loves to care and share her teachings. Anyways I hope to meet you soon one day Emily. Keep up the good work and good things will come your way. Happy Holidays

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rose Emily B
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Wow wonderful good vibes from all of you, men and women super loves!

I have been reading these, and my PMs and am SO sorry but my computer is having more black out screen stuff and I haven't been able to respond. 

I am keeping my notes and reading everyone's thoughts and comments and will announce the chosen one hour massage on the 10th.  

Love you all for all you do to contribute to the community.  

Hugs and back rubs from your Emily 

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tophat Regularguy
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Wow, Emily!  You sound amazing. Clearly you're one of those rare souls who is beautiful on both the outside and inside. 

I won't be applying for your free session, as there are others far more deserving of it. While 2017 has been a rough year for me, I'm doing fine financially (thanks to really good medical insurance). But thank you for restoring my faith in human kindness and reminding me that this hobby can occasionally be spiritually fulfilling, in addition to fulfilling some of our "other" needs. ;)

I wish I could come see you in Sac next weekend, but unfortunately all my references have retired (and I'm too shy to go find new ones). Wish you all the best and happy holidays, Emily. :)

Regular Guy

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rose Emily B
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  Uncle Junior: What a blessing to have the

abundance to not be of need.  Also, keeping
your integrity to yourself with honesty is the highest honor, keeping it to others
is a blessing you give forward.
  Thank you
for your honesty.


Zenman: thanks love for your support, see
you soon. Xox


Hotelcalif2013: Good energy is everywhere, thank
you for the kind wishes.
  I feel Creating a
chain is somewhat like a chain letter in my mind, in the end you're like what just happened lol, I rather not create any IOU’s and just keep
it simple and offer one-one hour free session, on me, on you? on me haha you
get my point.
  But you are due for a
session with me!


Drogon: We have spoke, and I am so open for
the ladies, if you are still interested, poke me a message.


Wellwell17: hope to see you too! Xox


I7j: As I wrote you in or PM. I was just visiting Sac at
the time, I have added you in the list, while I’m here in Berkeley now, my post
says this session is for my in call in So.SF
 we will talk more love.  Xox


Vibesup: would love to meet you too.  Xox


Amirtalover: LMAO Namaste, you gave me happy Buddha
smiles cutie, it would be an honor to meet the most authentic yogi of Sacramento.
  I’ll be back in Sac the 15th-18th
for comiccon cosplay and all lol “Wubba Lubba Dub Dub” – Rick and Morty.
  Namaste. xox


Thecoolguy: You all are lucky to me, you all
can see me anytime, I am only choosing one person for this but I’m not excluding
  But you have been added to the
list love.
  Thank you so much for sharing
your personal self.
 I was WAY shy posting
this, so I appreciate you’re sharing, it can feel vulnerable.
 I look forward to meeting you as well!   I’d be
honored to meet you.


Regularguy: You can send me a PM if you’re too
shy, we can work something out.
  And thank
you for responding to my post.
holidays to you too! Xox


I will post tomorrow the winner - love you all.  Happy Holidays to each of your hearts.  



tophat Marin4life
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Sorry for being late to the discussion, but after seeing you're generous offer I had to write.

Like many others I am doing well enough to see you without assistance, even though it has been a difficult year for me personally.

Maybe if I see you I can finish the year on a positive note with a truly generous woman.

I too believe in positive karma too, so I would like to offer paying + tipping towards you're cause.

PM me if you're interested.


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rose Summer77
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What a wonderful idea, Sweetheart; I love it! XoxoS77 

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rose Emily B
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OMG Today's the announcement!  The stories I got so much more sent to my PM were just as heartfelt wow!! thank you all for opening up to me, and for your self. I will be reaching back out to some of you for some continue chat on what you shared.

Now, yes I chose someone, but first I want to say to everyone who wrote here and in my PM thank you for giving me your time. I am blessed to have met some newbies, and continued support from hobbists I've seen and adore,  and soon I hope to meet each one of you. Including the few female providers that reached out, I love my ladies, thanks loves!!

OK HERE IT IS. the person I chose in need was from a PM by Cyder. (He gave me permission to share his handle and some info after I asked before posting, everyone else your stories are in my mental vault, not to be shared if you PM'ed me) Cyder is an active member of his community by volunteering to grade school boys his time each week. He won me over a bit more with his manners (I'm a sucker for good manners!) mentioning he's not a groper. He expressed he has lots of love already filled in his life, but where I was moved again by Cyder was his appreciation and gratitude from his overall message about life and getting a long overdue massage is something he would appreciate.   Cyder thank you for all you do to give to this community and yours. As you said, Your massage is overdue.
Please contact me to set our date and time in a text.

Again, I will be getting back to some of you who shared so much, and some of you I'll see in my trip to Sac for comic con (got my costume ready eeeeeee excited!) and some I'll see I believe while I'm in So.SF too.  

Thank you, thank you, thank you, everyone for good vibes, big hugs from me to you!

Emily B.

tophat Genki
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"We all deserve more love not less.  Hugs, from my heart to yours.  Happy holidays everyone. "

Same to you Ms. Emily - and more of it!

Be well!


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tophat PresidentTedCruz
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Someone forgot the true meaning of the Golden Rule...

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rose Taylor Made
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Hi Emily I recently came back into the life as a means  to an end. I had forgotten how much fun it could be.I had forgotten how good it can feel. I have to say that I cannot compete in the current playing field (its awesomely overwhelming) but I can contribute for a little longer. Back in my day in San Francisco they called me the "whore with a Heart" I would like to pass my title to you if you will accept it. No matter how hard they try to take it  from you never lose your heart baby.