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tophat Wien828
Since: Mar '17
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So I was in Europe last week and while in Zurich stumbled upon an FBSM studio. Since most of Europe allows prostitution there was no hiding of the studio or what services it provide ( purely fbsm) link here :

It was truly a unique experience I had an entire modern suite to myself with drinks and time to unwind before signaling by call button to my masseuse that I was ready.  The massage was performed on a floor mat and for the first time I experienced a massage with powder. She used lots of body to body contact and the powder provided smooth yet exciting friction at time. The girls were all super model quality and the entire experience was like something out of movie. I was wondering if anyone else had experienced a powder massage before. 

Afterwards she moved to warm oil and repeated the entire session. If you ever find yourself in Switzerland , give it a try. 

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tophat Papipunani
Since: Jan '17
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Those ladies are all screaming hot.  Who did you see?  Angelina would be my pick.

tophat Wien828
Since: Mar '17
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I saw Collette and she was hitter in person. Yes they were all insanely hot. 

tophat Raininlake
Since: Aug '16
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sigh why can't we get this in America..

tophat Wien828
Since: Mar '17
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I know ... I wrote the post because it was such an amazing experience. Literally a modern hotel room to myself with an emaculate shower , couch , and mini bar. It was insane. 

Bill and monica
tophat Maxoff
Since: Jul '14
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What were the prices in US dollars?  Regular fbsm or +/extras ?

tophat Wien828
Since: Mar '17
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I paid $390 for a 90 min session. Extras were available but I did not partake. Zurich is an expense city in general so I think the price is on the high end but not unbelievable. Plenty of providers here charge 350+ for 90 ( the really good ones atleast ) 

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tophat invisibleyogi
Since: Jan '17
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fololow the link

prioces are there

then google for the exchange rate

90 minute B2B

370 Swiss Franc equals
373.89 US Dollar

tophat doublenuts
Since: Jan '15
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What an impressive site and business!

I think I would have chosen Collette as well....looks darling.  The prices are quoted in CHF (Swiss Franc), and that currency is about equivalent to the USD at this used to be closer to 1.25 per USD in the not-so-distant past.  Thus, they "start" at 160, quite a bargain certainly, especially since everything else in Zurich is always so expensive!  But I would imagine an extra 100 CHF is expected, no?

If they came over here and created that business somewhere in the Bay area, they would be incredibly busy!  And probably draw some attention from LE as well....

tophat Genki
Since: Mar '17
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Brother Wien,

Thank you for sharing your experience.

It sounds like a refreshing change of scenery.


tophat NovaProspekt
Since: Oct '16
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Geneva is the same. The girls look like something out of Playboy. When I came back after 6 months the girls/prices here make me laugh (or cry). 

tophat spider
Since: Sep '15
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Wowza! That’s amazingly hot ladies. 

I concur that Europe is more open when it comes to such services. I had a similar lifetime experience in Germany. All girls were model quality 10/10

We we need this badly in the US. Don’t know why US is so uptight