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Life is quiet and simple for Ben.  Ever since his divorce three years ago all the drama in his life seemed to just evaporate.  It’s as if he's traversing effortlessly through life’s events without anyone noticing his existence, almost like he’s a ghost unrecognizable to anyone.  But that's just fine with Ben, he welcomes the solace day in and day out.  His business colleagues have families with chaotic home schedules and often complain how much they admire Ben's rather quiet and uneventful like.  Some would call it boring, although that's all they see from a view on the surface.
Underneath it all, Ben has quite a secret.  He has quite the robust sexual appetite, one would not think that was the case just looking at Ben.  He uses his rather quiet and unbecoming outward self as a distraction from the inward sexual desires.  His bosses would be surprised about all of his unseen glances at his female colleagues, either looking up their skirts or down their blouses without them knowing, throughout the day.  It's amazing he gets any real work done at all.
Another day of work is ending and Ben is on his way home.  It's the end of the week and a busy one at that, so Ben decides to treat himself to a nice steak dinner.  It's not so much that he’s really treating himself to a nice dinner at Rafael's Steakhouse, as he frequents the establishment quite often, but more an excuse to not cook at home.  He enters the establishment later in the evening, the regular crowd has mostly gone leaving the restaurant sparkly populated.  As Ben walks toward the Maitre d' there is a young couple standing in front of him already being helped.
From behind they look like a regular, young and attractive couple holdings hands enjoying a special evening together.  However, that’s not what Ben sees.  The woman has a slight form fitting dress on, hugging her curves, but not too tightly, that ends just above her knee.  She has on spiked high heels on, a favorite of Ben’s, giving her legs that extra sexy shape with black stockings, another particular favorite of Ben’s.  He wonders if they’re thigh high stockings or pantyhose and then whether she is wearing any underwear.  Ben stands behind the couple subtly moving slightly from side to side trying to see if he can catch a glimpse of anything hidden underneath the woman’s dress; underwear perhaps, a sexy thong or G string. 
The Maitre d' finishes up with the couple and they move to a seat on a nearby bench to wait for a table.  Ben quickly looks away and then back to the Maitre d' so as to not draw any attention to his rather usual habits of staring at unsuspecting women.  The Maitre d' greets Ben and informs him there will be a short wait for a today, rather odd as the restaurant isn’t packed with customers.  Be that as it may, Ben isn’t in any hurry so he takes a seat on the bench across from the young couple previously helped.      
Immediately Ben notices the young couple sitting across from him as the woman is actually sitting down with her legs crossed and the man is standing in front of her with his back to Ben.  The woman’s dress has slightly hiked up further up her leg as she rubs the tips of her fingers on her knee looking up intently at the man smiling and laughing at whatever he’s saying.  This is Ben’s favorite little game to play as he finds different ways of subtly looking around to catch a glimpse of the woman’s legs and stockings and what could or could not be further up her dress.
But then something unexpected happens.  As Ben is catching glimpses of the woman’s stockings, the man standing in front of her steps to the side of her overlooking the restaurant, and as that happens Ben’s eyes move up to see the woman looking directly at him.  How long she’s been looking at him he doesn’t know.  Panic starts to set in.
Ben shifts his eyes to the floor and his heart begins to race, the temperature in is head is boiling.  He is clearly embarrassed at being caught staring, something that he’s been able to experience in some time.  He at a loss at what to do next, just hoping the situation would just go away.  He looks up back at the woman to see if the woman is looking away in disgust at him but she is not.  She is still staring at him.  And then, as if by design, she looks back up at the man to see if he is still looking out over the restaurant, and not looking back at her.  When it’s clear he’s preoccupied she slowly looks back at Ben and the left corner of her mouth slightly turns upward into a subtly wicked smile as she uncrosses and re-crosses her legs in front of him.  She’s not quick about it at all and slow enough to show Ben that there’s no colored material between her legs.  It’s all nylon as far as the eye can see.  She’s not wearing any underwear.    
Ben, clearly relieved and excited all at the same time, smiles back at the woman at his new found treasure.  Something like this has never happened to him before with a complete stranger, it was rather exhilarating.  Unfortunately his little intimate moment with the stranger was over as the Maitre d' called on the young couple as their table was ready for them to be seated.    
The couple walks off into the restaurant as Ben gives out a quiet sigh.  All that excitement even before dinner, what a chance moment.  The Maitre d' comes back after seating the couple and motions for Ben to follow them as his table is ready.  He is taken over to a rather quiet and intimate side of the restaurant, the lighting is dimly lit for the romantics in the room.  “Odd”, Ben thinks to himself, “I’m dining alone tonight and they put me in the romantic area, without any TV’s for the game to watch”.
He sits as a table for two, there’s not many people around him except, as he turns his head to the right, were he can see his couple across the room at a round booth.  They are sitting very close to each other having quite conversation amongst themselves.  Ben is far enough away from them not to hear what they’re saying but in right area for catching glimpses of her.  She is sitting closest to Ben with her male partner to her right and Ben has the prefect angle to see under the table at her crossed legs and her dress pushed up to her mid-thigh.  “How nice”, Ben thinks “Just like in the waiting area, except I can’t see when she uncrosses her legs”. 
Ben opens up his menu so as to give the impression he is looking intently over the menu.  He’s been to Rafael’s enough times to recite the menu by heart without looking at it.  He uses this “trick” as a diversion to his true intent, moving his eyes around the room.  He’s at the best angle to look over the menu and, without turning his head, also look over at his couple over at the booth.  The couple seem to be enjoying themselves as the man reaches under the table and begins to rub the woman’s thigh pushing up her dress just a little further up.  
As if Ben has struck gold twice in the evening he sees the woman uncrossing her legs under the table and spreads them slightly apart just enough for the man to slide is hand underneath her dress.  Ben’s hands begin to perspire at the sight, clearly excited, wishing he was that man sitting in the booth and fantasizing on the things he would be doing to the woman at dinner.
The couple are still closely staring at each other when things for the woman become too sexually charged.  Ben can see as she puts her hands flat on the table that she is excited at the man playing with her under the table.  She then holds up the menu, as if to hide behind it so no one notices her increased excitement.  It is apparently too much for her as she quickly puts her hand on her lap to stop the fun play.  The man stops and the couple kiss each other, the woman clearly more aggressive and passionately pushing into the man.  Ben can feel his erection pushing to get out of his pants.  If he were there he would try and push the woman’s head onto his lap to take in his cock in her mouth.
An odd feeling comes over Ben as he’s coming back into reality, realizing he’s in a restaurant sitting by himself.  “Someone is really going to catch me one of these days”, he thinks to himself, “I need to get home and to my porn to get this excitement out of me”.  However he can’t help but continue to glance over at the couple, looking at the woman and her stockings and shapely legs.  It’s as if he’s drawn to her. 
The rest of the evening with dinner at the restaurant went along uneventful. 
The couple finishes first and leave the restaurant just as Ben is getting up to leave.  The couple exit the restaurant and walk closely together and turn the corner around the restaurant.  Ben sees them turning the corner and for reasons he can’t explain follows the couple even though he parked his car in the opposite direction. 
As he turns the corner there is a long alley between the restaurant and the building next to it, Ben sees the couple just they are turning the corner at the end of the alleyway and stops for a moment.  He thinks to himself what he's doing here and ponders if whether or not he should continue on his unknown quest.
He shakes off the thought and continues down the alley and turns the corner only to find an empty alley.  “Damn it!” Ben kicks himself but continues down the alley until he comes to another street.  Out of instinct or luck he turns left on the street and then right down another alleyway.  It’s a long alley and he doesn’t realize it’s a dead end until he gets to the end.  There are two doorway cutouts in the alley, one closer to the end of the alley and the other towards the middle.
He gives up on his task, shaking his head, regretting he paused after he got out of the restaurant.  He begins to walk back towards the front of the alley but then notices two people coming towards him in the alley.  They do not see him yet but he sees them and then for some unknown reason, fear and panic that take over Ben and he feels the need to hide to avoid being detected.  He doesn’t know why he just feels the need to hide, he quickly side steps into the nearest door way at the end of the alley and peers just around the corner and waits.
It is the young couple from the restaurant coming towards him and they turn into the doorway in the middle of the alley.  They each turn and look towards the end of the alley, towards the street, as if they are looking for something or someone and then they look back at each other.  Ben is watching them and realizes they weren’t looking for someone but rather looking to see if the coast is clear as the couple starts kissing. 
The man begins to slide one of his hands down the woman’s backside to the end of her dress.  He then pushes up her dress up to her waist revealing the top of her nylons and squeezing her ass.  As what was confirmed earlier in the evening, the woman isn’t wearing any underwear.  The couple continue to passionately kiss each other.  Ben is so excited to have a front row seat to this event as the couple are unaware that he is at the end of the alleyway.
They stop kissing to pause as the man begins to open up the top of his pants revealing his shaft to the woman, who begins to squat down in front of him.  They are still in the doorway, concealing from the traffic on the street but in Ben’s plain view.  The woman takes the man’s phallus into her mouth.  Slowly at first to the mid portion of his shaft and then all the way down to the base taking all of his cock into her mouth and throat. 
It is a slow motion at first but the tempo picks up with the woman moving up and down the cock deep throating all the way.  The man begins to shake and convulse in excitement putting his hands over the woman’s head as his cock exits and reenters her throat. 
Ben’s cock is fully engorged and erect.  His excitement is making his blood race.  He begins to rub at cock underneath his pants in hopes that will contain himself.  That does not as he unbuttons his pants to slip his hand underneath to grab at his cock.  His hands are perspiring which only acts a lubricant as he begins to stroke his cock watching the woman deep throat the man.
The man starts to convulse as the woman slows down her pace sucking on the shaft and the man pulls his penis out of the woman’s mouth.  He begins to masturbate, Ben seeing that as the man getting ready to ejaculate.  The woman, on the other hand, begins to play with the man’s balls and then putting them in her mouth.  Ben is intently watching the two and feverishly masturbating along with the man. 
The man pulls his balls away from the woman and pushed on the top of her head.  She looks up at the man and opens her mouth with her tongue out waiting for her treasure.  The man, masturbating all along, has had enough and begins to ejaculate on the woman’s tongue.  She takes it all in and after begin splashed with his cum she takes the cock in the mouth, sucking on his cock, trying to squeeze ever amount of cum from the man.
After the act is complete, the woman stands up wiping the edges of her mouth smiling at the man.  Ben still looking at the couple begins to ejaculate as well into his hand so as to not leave stains on his clothes.  The couple adjust themselves and look out down the alley towards the street to make sure no one is coming and quickly head towards the street.
Ben waits until they turn the corner and begins to adjust himself.  He waits in the doorway for another 10 minutes making sure the couple are far away so to ensure they do not see him.  The rest of the night ends uneventfully.  Ben goes home, still too excited to sleep, takes a shower to cool off and read a little before bed.
Ben enters the office the following Monday morning for the start of a new work week.  There is an email awaiting for him that HR is bringing by his new admin that was hired on the following Friday to help out with his workload.  Barbara from HR knocks at his door and enters.
“Hi Ben”, she says “Let me introduce you to Stacy, she is the new administrative assistant hired to help you out.”
“Hello, Stacy.  I’m Ben, Welcome to the firm”, he says as he reaches out to shake hands with the new admin.  Stacy steps out from behind Barbara only to be the woman from the restaurant he had spied on last week.
“Hello Ben, it’s nice to meet you” she says as she extends her hand giving him that same subtle wicked smile.


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Bumping story originally posted over 14 months ago.

This was my first series story posted to this forum about a young man, seemingly in control of his sexual appetite and habits, has his world turned upside down and is pushed way past his boundaries after meeting his new married administrative assistant.

In case you may have missed the story.


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Yes ist a great story -  I read it years ago on Kristens archives which is where you plagarized it from. BUSTED , unless you wrote it for them?

tophat Sjnative72
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Sorry Paul.  I hate to burst your bubble but all of my work posted on this site is exclusively my own creation.  I don't steal from others' and pass it off as my own work.

When making an accusation like this you have the burden of proof in providing evidence for proving your accusation, and all you have is you claim to have read something similar on the internet at some point in time in the past which, of course, obviously means that I must have stolen it and passed it off as my own.

Wow.  All I can do is sit, shake my head, and laugh at your baseless and unsubstantiated accusation.