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Eric is up early the next morning even though he was up late last night thinking about working alongside Barbara in a professional atmosphere but also just the fact of being around her more.  After a quick shower, he dresses and is the first one down to the kitchen.  He makes coffee and turns on the TV to watch the morning news waiting for his father and Barbara to get ready for work and come downstairs.  Robert comes down first, all dressed in his usual suit and tie.  He says a quick “hello” to his son and grabs a cup of coffee in a commuter cup for the road.  Wishing his son a good first day of work with Barbara, Robert is quick to leave for work.  Eric, alone in the kitchen, patiently waits for his stepmother and fantasizes on what she will be wearing, wondering if he’ll be able to keep his eyes off her and be focused on work. While daydreaming, Eric doesn’t hear Barbara walking down the stairs and his surprised when he sees her enter the kitchen but that surprise turns to disappointment.  Barbara is upbeat this morning, saying good morning and pouring herself some coffee as she’s wearing a conservative pants suit.  Very boring.

Shortly after, the two leave for work in Barbara’s
car.  As she’s driving the conversation
turns to the projects that she’ll need help with from Eric on.   Eric is only half listening to Barbara while
looking outside the window as they make their way from the suburbs to the City.  The technology company that Barbara works for
is just on the outskirts of the financial center of the City.  As Eric can see, it’s a fairly modern eight
floor building with contemporary architecture and even a separately attached
state-of-the-art work out center with a small gym, pool and spa for the
employees’ use.

Barbara and Eric make their way to the 6th
floor where Barbara and her team of venture capitalists are located just in
time for a staff meeting.  The meeting is
held in a large conference room and Eric is then introduced to each of the
members of Barbara’s team, about two dozen ventures capitalists and other staff.  He tries to memorize the names of everyone he
is introduced too but soon finds out that’s a much more difficult task.  The meeting starts off with the current state
of investment deals underway of which Eric is unfamiliar with and just sits off
to the corner of the large table quietly listening.  At the very end of the meeting, Barbara makes
a quick introduction of Eric to the team and what he will be doing as an intern
for the group.  The first project she has
slated for him is gathering information on investment deals the group has
worked on over the past several years and summarizing the data on a spreadsheet
to be later used as a presentation Barbara will give before the company’s board
of director to justify increased spending on investment projects for the coming

The meeting ends shortly before noon.  Someone on the team suggests going out to
lunch but other members indicate they cannot leave the office for lunch
today.  In an effort to be helpful, Eric
suggests that he could pick up lunch from a popular local favorite sandwich
shop in the downtown area.  At the offer
of picking up lunch, Barbara’s team members start shouting out their lunch orders.  In the commotion, the executive assistant
starts writing down orders in a list for Eric to take.  She indicates she’ll call in the order for
him to pick up.  Barbara thanks Eric,
handing her car keys to him saying that his father loves going to that sandwich
shop for lunch.  Eric leaves the office
laughing to himself thinking how ironic it would be if he’d actually run into
his father at the sandwich shop.

Leaving the company and feeling rather upbeat Eric drives
towards the downtown area.  He arrives
near the area of the sandwich shop and parks in one of the many downtown
parking garages.  He checks the time and
sees the he is a little early than the time given to him on when to pick up the
sandwiches.  Better to be early than late.” Eric thinks to himself getting out
of the car and making his way out of the garage to the street.  The sandwich shop is about a block away from
the garage where he is parked.  Slowly
walking on the street he comes to a busy intersection across the street from
the shop.

As the light turns green, Eric begins to cross the
street and looking ahead to the shop he actually sees his father walk out of
the sandwich shop.  Robert doesn’t see
his son crossing the street as he is holding the door open for a much younger
woman following behind him.  Eric, still
crossing, sees his father and this mysterious young woman walk away from the
sandwich shop onto the street and head in the opposite direction.  Eric’s initial response is to roll his eyes
as the young woman with long blond hair dressed in a business suit with a
rather short skirt and spiked high heels. 
Why would I expect anything
different from my dad
?” Eric wonders to himself as he assumes the woman is
probably someone who works with his father at the investment firm.  What keeps his attention on his father and
the woman is that he notices they seem to be walking “too close” to one
another, often slightly rubbing their arms together.  Eric’s curiosity gets the better of him as he
decides to follow them at a safe distance. 
His father and the woman make their way to another high rise parking
garage close by and await for the elevator. 
Eric can see that it’s just the two of them waiting for the elevator.  The elevator shaft is on the outside of the
six floor parking garage so Eric can see which floor they get off on.  As the two enter the elevator, Eric runs
towards the parking garage towards the stairwell next to the elevator
shaft.  As he reaches the base of the
building, he sees the elevator stopping on the 4
th floor.  Eric races up the stairs so as to not lose
sight of his dad and his mysterious colleague. 
Entering the 3
rd floor, Eric continues on and stops on the
stairwell just enough to be able to stick his head up and see onto the 4
floor.  The parked cars are sparsely
populated on this floor and enough to be able to have good visibility.  As Eric looks around he can see his father
and his colleague some distance away walking towards his father’s car.  There’s no other cars parked around them and
there’s a trash can on the 4
th floor that Eric can use as cover in
watching his dad without being seen. 
It’s a good thing he has some cover as Eric watches his father and the
woman walk closely together towards the car. 
It’s then that Eric can see the woman wrapping her arm around his
father’s arm.  Their hands meet and
become interlocked as the woman rests her head on Robert’s arm as they approach
the car.  Robert opens the passenger door
to his car for the young woman the two move closer to one another, embrace and
then kiss.  It’s a brief kiss but not
enough his dad.  As the woman pulls away
to get into the passenger seat, Robert turns her around and pushes her up
against the car passionately kissing her. 
He can see his father’s hand slip up the woman’s skirt.  She responds positively, kissing Robert back but
only momentary until she pushes him away gently slapping his arm in
protest.  The woman gets into the
passenger seat and Robert closes the door walking around to the driver
side.  As he’s walking around the car, Eric
sees his father looking around the parking garage to see if anyone else is
around.  Confused as to why his dad would
do this he soon finds out.  After
entering the car, Eric can just make out two shadows sitting in the car.  His father’s shadow moves towards the
passenger and the two shadows become one. 
Moments later, the woman’s shadow disappears from view and only his
father’s shadow remains.  Eric wonders
how long his father has been cheating on Barbara.

Returning back to the office Eric, armed with a box
of freshly made sandwiches, debates with himself whether he should or should
not tell Barbara what he saw in the parking garage.  It would most likely bring about a chaotic
situation in the dynamic of the house. 
Robert would definitely question Eric’s intent and loyalty in disclosing
such a scandalous accusation, which is quite ironic seeing that his father’s
lack of ability to be faithful to more than one wife.  As he pulls up to the company he decides not
to say anything to Barbara but rather keep the information close in case it
becomes necessary to use in the future. 
The team is grateful to Eric for getting the sandwiches, after a short
lunch he and Barbara head into her office to get started on his data collection

Eric starts his project and continues over the next
couple of days to work on it, gathering and consolidating the investment data
he’ll later review early next week with Lori, one of Barbara’s senior members
on the team, before the board meeting at the end of the following week.  Since this data collection project is the
only thing he’s working on he has time to gather all of the data and present it
in a way that Barbara has suggested.  He
finishes almost all of the project by Wednesday afternoon, using the rest of
the day to make minor revisions to the data before being satisfied with the
final product.  Its Thursday when the
plan changes.  As Eric and Barbara get
into the office, her admin has a message for Barbara that she needs to
take.  Eric uses this time to make a trip
to the cafeteria on the ground floor and get some coffee and watch the morning
news before going back upstairs.  When he
gets back to the 6
th floor, he unsuspectingly walks into
mayhem.  As it turns out the board
meeting that the presentation Barbara was to give was moved up from next week
to later that day due to scheduling conflict. 
Barbara scrambles to put together all of the materials she was going to
present and review them.  To make matters
worse Lori, who was supposed to review the materials Eric put together, is out
of the office.  This preparation was to
take place early next week so with sudden change in the board schedule Barbara
is not as prepared as she would like to be. 
She takes Eric’s data and shuts herself in her office trying to rapidly
review all of the materials leaving Eric to fend for himself.  As he doesn’t have other official work to do,
he heads to the conference room browsing the internet on his phone.

Just after lunch, Barbara tracks down Eric in the
conference room.  “I need you to come
with me to the board meeting as I use your data.”  Barbara tells Eric.  The plan would be that Barbara discuss the
data with the board and Eric would sit off in the corner of the board room and
be available for quick questions from Barbara should she need assistance with
the information.  They quickly make their
way down to the first floor where the large board rooms are located.  Eric’s palms begin to sweat and his mouth
becomes dry as he’s overcome with nervousness as he and Barbara enter the board
room complex.  It’s set up like a small
office with an executive admin checking in occupants entering the small
complex.  She tells them the board
meeting is taking place at the conference at the end of a short hallway and to
wait at the chairs set up outside the double doors until instructed to enter
the board room.

Moments after Barbara and Eric arrive outside the
conference room, the doors open and a young woman steps out motioning them that
the board is ready.  Eric’s face is flush
red and feels like his blood is boiling as the two enter the board room.  Sitting around a large conference room table
are a dozen formally dressed older men all staring at them.  Barbara takes position up at the front of the
conference room table and motions for Eric to take a seat behind her against
the wall.  Barbara begins her

After two hours the entire presentation is
complete.  Relieved that there weren’t
any questions for him or other stumbling blocks, Eric gets up and moves to the
door waiting for Barbara.  She walks over
to him indicated the board is going to be discussing more confidential matters
with her and for Eric to wait out in the hallway for her.  Sitting in the chair outside the board room
doors, Eric scrolls through his phone. 
Time passes and he doesn’t realize than another hour has passed when
Barbara exits the board room.  She’s
quickly walking towards the elevators and Eric has to run to catch up with
her.  In mid-stride she tells Eric that
she needs to have an emergency impromptu meeting with her staff and that he
should wait downstairs in the cafeteria for her to text him.  Barbara’s emotionless expression is very
straight forward and to the point leaving Eric to believe that there was an
issue with his data he put together.

Having coffee while sitting in the cafeteria Eric
waits for Barbara’s text.  His phone on
the table so he won’t miss anything.  He tries
to mentally go through what could have gone wrong in the data preparation.  Moments go by that seem like hours without
any word from Barbara. Finally the text comes in from her telling him the staff
meeting is over and to come upstairs. 
Reaching the 6
th floor, Eric heads over to Barbara’s
office.  The floor is deserted with
everyone having left for the day.  Walking
towards her office and knocking on the opened door, Barbara looks up from her
desk with a straight face, almost sullen looking.  “Shut the door.” she commands Eric.  He turns to close the door and when he turns
back around, Barbara is standing behind her desk with her hands resting on top
of the desk looking down.  Finally
waiting to hear the disappointing news, Eric braces for the hit.  “Oh my God!” Barbara exclaims looking up
smiling, “You were fabulous!  The board
was pleased with your work, they thought it was thorough and insightful.  They are going to increase our budget in
making more investments, we’re going to need to hire more venture
capitalists.  We need to celebrate!”  Eric, confused by Barbara’s quick change, is
still standing near the closed door. 
Barbara then reaches down into her desk cabinet drawer and pulls out a
bottle of liquor and two small glasses. 
“I keep this Cognac in my desk for special occasions, this seems like
one of those times” Barbara explains, pouring the Cognac into the two
glasses.  She takes them over to Eric,
and still holding the glasses, wraps her arms around his neck hugging him
tightly.  Eric can feel her round and
robust breasts pressing up again his chest, and is left wanting more when Barbara
releases him and handing him a glass of Cognac. 
He watches her take a quick sip of the Cognac and feeling rather
competitive takes one big gulp.  Feeling
the burn going all down his throat, Eric coughs into his hand.  “Eric, you’re not supposed to down Cognac
like that, enjoy it.”  Barbara laughingly
responds to his coughing, grabbing the bottle and pouring him some more into
his glass.  She is staring at Eric more
closely now, and motions for him to take a drink slower this time.  Not coughing at this second time around, Eric
notices Barbara still staring at him for his response to the small amount of
alcohol this time and completely misreads her actions as more than simply
plutonic.  Eric wraps his arms around
Barbara, congratulating her on her presentation she gave to the board, and as
he releases her, slides his face across her to kiss her lips.  Almost immediately Eric realizes his mistake
as Barbara does not respond to him in the way he hoped for.  As he pulls away she is now staring at him
but not like before, she is looking at him with concern.  Eric is embarrassed.

Barbara takes his glass and puts it on her desk and
tells him they should go home.  Her
mannerism is like that of before when she left the boardroom except that he
knows there is an issue.  The ride home continues
to be awkward.  Eric doesn’t say a word,
and just hopes this all will just go away. 
When they get home he retreats to his room wondering what he was
thinking in kissing his stepmother.

Robert gets home from work a couple of hours
later.  Eric is nervous at the sight of
his father coming home.  He’s convinced
Barbara will tell him of the events that took place in her office and is
bracing for the worst.  The war to come
doesn’t happen right away after Robert enters the house leaving Eric to believe
his father is trying to calm his nerves before confronting Eric.  About an hour later, there’s a knock at
Eric’s bedroom door.  His father opens it
slowly, he stands in the doorway by himself. 
“Son,” Robert begins standing at the door with a serious look, “Barbara
told me what happened.  I am so proud of
you.  That’s great news how you put that data
together for Barbara to give to the Board.” 
His father’s expression turns from seriousness to joy.  Eric, relieved that Barbara didn’t say
anything about the kiss, smiles back nodding his head.  Robert starts to say more but is interrupted
by Barbara who is asking him about a local caterer.  Robert yells out some names to Barbara down
the hallway and tells Eric she is trying to organize a little party for her
staff for tomorrow on short notice. 
Eric, wanting to pay her back for not disclosing his affections, gets up
and looks for Barbara.  She is getting off
the phone, disappointed with the call. 
Barbara tells Eric she is trying to find a caterer to put on an event
for her team tomorrow night on short notice and about to make another call when
Eric stops her.  “I can help out,
Barbara.”  Eric states, “I can get
sandwiches and snacks and everything tomorrow, except for alcohol, while you’re
at work and set up for the party.” 
Barbara, glad for Eric’s helpfulness, agrees and they start the planning
for the party.

The next day Eric has put the kiss behind him and
is committed into getting ready for the party. 
The only thing that he cannot get is the alcohol, which Robert is having
one of his staff members get and bring to the house.  The day goes by quick and by mid-afternoon
the house is set up for Barbara’s team to socialize and enjoy snacks, small
sandwiches, beer and wine.  Barbara text
messages Eric telling him she has a few errands to run after leaving the
office, including going to the dry cleaners, and then she should be home.  She tells him that as people start showing
up, let me in and get started and she’ll be home shortly.  Its late afternoon when people start showing
up.  Eric is busy playing host that he
doesn’t realize that the team is all at the house, socializing and having a
good time and Barbara is nowhere to be found. 
Brushing off his absentee stepmother, Eric continues playing host and
making sure people have whatever they need. 
After some time he realizes he has left his phone in his room and that
Barbara might be trying to contact him. 
Leaving the party for the upstairs and to his room, Eric sees the light
on in Barbara’s room with the door closed. 
Hoping people aren’t in his father and Barbara’s room doing whatever,
Eric heads to the bedroom door and knocks first before entering.  The room is empty except for Barbara sitting
on the bed staring at the opposite wall. 
Confused why she’s in the room alone, Eric inquires if everything is
OK.  “Eric could you bring me a glass of
wine, along with the bottle.”  Barbara
coldly responds to Eric not looking at him and still staring at the wall,
emotionless.  Eric agrees and goes to
leave to complete his task but before he shuts the door Barbara tells him to
tell no one she’s here in the house. 
After bringing her wine, Eric leaves and continues his hosting duties.  As he starts to get more and more inquiries
about Barbara’s whereabouts, she unexpectedly makes an appearance to the
party.  She is excited, gleeful and
charismatic in giving a speech to the group again voicing the good news about
the Board’s positive response following the presentation.  Eric is the only one to witness a complete
reversal change from her behavior earlier in the bedroom.  He watches Barbara from afar as she makes her
way in conversing with individual team members and sees that she is consuming
more and more alcohol along the way.  He
wonders what it could be to drive her to drink as much this way.

The last of the guests leave the house with it just
being Barbara and Eric.  Eric, still very
conscientious about engaging with Barbara after the other night, watches as she
walks into the kitchen to pour herself another glass of wine.  Eric waits and then follows her into the
kitchen as Barbara takes a drink of wine. 
She glances over at him and looks away. 
Eric thinking maybe somehow she’s still bothered by him kissing her
yesterday dismisses it when she tosses a little folded paper on the counter in
front on him.  Eric reaches for it and
opens the folder paper, it’s a movie ticket sub to a romantic comedy.  Confused Eric looks back at Barbara.  “I found that movie ticket stub in your
father’s pants pocket when I took them to the dry cleaners this
afternoon.”  Barbara replies.  “The date on the movie stub was a date that
he said he was going out with his colleagues from the investment firm in the
evening for a few drinks.  I remember
this because when your father came home that night he smelled freshly clean
like he just got out of the shower.  And your
father DOESN’T like to go to see romantic comedies, not even with me."

“What do you think this means,” Eric asks already
aware of what the answer might be.  “Your
father is cheating on me.” Barbara responds coldly.  An apologetic Eric looks down at the floor as
if it were him that was the cheater. 
Barbara finishing her glass of wine puts the empty glass on the counter
and starts to walk out of the kitchen. 
As she passes Eric, he puts his hand on her forearm and apologizes to
her for his father.  She stops and pauses
for a minute and hugs Eric.  Without
thinking and driven purely by emotion she releases Eric after starting to leave
the kitchen Barbara stops, turns around heading toward Eric and kisses
him.  Shocked by her reaction to him like
this Eric initially freezes at the abrupt passionate move then complies and
responds.  They are intertwined
momentarily, their tongues wrapping around each other until they pull apart.  Eric continues with biting at Barbara’s neck
while she begins to rub his crotch bringing his phallus to life.  Moments pass and Barbara states while
breathing heavily, “Let’s go shower and clean up.”  Eric agrees and the two head upstairs, hands
held tightly together, towards Eric’s room and to his bathroom.  He’s quick to strip off his clothes first in
order to watch Barbara as she undresses. 
She takes off her shoes first bending over then unbuttons her pants
revealing her shapely legs up close. 
Barbara’s wearing a thong which only seem to accentuate her hips and
backside.  Peeling off the thong and
bending all the way to the floor showing her flexibility, Eric stands watching
in awe rubbing the head of his penis to keep it hard.  Once both are fully naked they enter the
shower, Barbara first.  As she stands in
front of the water spraying out of the shower head waiting for it to warm up,
Eric stands behind her massaging her shoulders swaying back and forth as his
cock rubs around Barbara’s warm cheeks searching for an entrance.  With the water now warm Barbara steps into
the wall of water washing all over her with Eric still rubbing her
shoulders.  She turns and pulls Eric into
the warm water with her embracing him. 
Eric biting at her neck as the two sway back and forth eagerly
anticipating the events to come.  Barbara
then turn her head towards Eric kissing him passionately once again.  Eric feels his phallus growing so much so
that it could burst wide open.  Pulling
away from one another and coming up for air, Barbara turns towards the shower
again, her back to Eric, and then grinds for hips and backside into him.  Eric’s excitement grows as he pushes forward
into Barbara until he can’t take it anymore. 
He splits on his hand, strokes his erect penis and directs it into
Barbara.  She is already saturated and
ready for him when he finds her orifice and pushes himself inside her.  Barbara gasps out loud at the penetration and
soon dances rhythmically with Eric, their hips in unison as they fuck in the
shower.  Eric, unprepared to hold out, feels
himself losing control.  He slows down
his pace whispering to Barbara that he’s going to cum.  Barbara, not having it, resists the slowing pace
putting her hands on the shower wall as leverage to push herself harder into
Eric.  “Cum inside me, Cum inside me,”
she responds quickly as Eric gives in. 
Grabbing her shoulders, Eric pulls on Barbara frantically towards him as
he explodes shooting his semen all inside her. 
Feeling him ejaculate inside her, Barbara slows the pace until she stops
moving allowing Eric to pull himself out of her.  Once he’s out, she turns around embracing him
tightly.  They stand together for several
moments in the shower letting the water ride down their bodies.  They pull themselves apart from one another
and passionately kiss each other closing out their moment together.  Eric leaves the shower first while Barbara
cleans up washing out the semen from inside her.  When Barbara exits Eric’s bathroom with a
towel wrapped her, Eric is sitting on his bed already dressed.  Barbara walks up to him rubbing her fingertips
through his hair, smiling.  At that
moment they both hear a car pull up into the driveway.  “Your Father.” Barbara exclaims.  “Go downstairs and start cleaning up”, she
orders Eric, “It will divert his attention and buy me some time”.  They both exit Eric’s bedroom, he running
towards the stairs and she towards her bedroom.

Eric is downstairs in seconds and grabs a garbage
bag and starts clean up.  Grabbing
several small cocktail plates he heads to the kitchen to drop them in the sink
and hears the shower running from Barbara’s bedroom upstairs.  Seconds later he hears the door opening up,
his father entering the house. Robert yells out “hello” as Eric calls out to
him from the kitchen.  Robert follows his
son’s voice entering the kitchen.  They
exchange pleasantries, Eric telling his dad the party was a success and that
Barbara is upstairs in the shower. 
Robert looks around and then exits the kitchen for upstairs.  Eric continues cleaning then stops to
investigate.  The stairs and hallway are
empty and the door to his father’s bedroom is shut.  He quietly motions up the stairs and to the
door to his father’s room.  Putting his
ear up to the door, he can hear the shower still running and his father and
Barbara’s voice in conversation.  He
can’t quick make out what they are saying or the tone so he takes a chance and
tries the door handle.  Unlocked he
slowly turns the door handle and quietly opens the door.  Peering inside the bedroom he can better hear
the conversation taking place.  He can
make out his father saying “how long has it been” and “I like taking you in the
shower”.  Barbara responds with “What
about Eric” while his father responds with “Eric is cleaning downstairs and
won’t hear us”.  The door to the shower
opens and shuts and he can no longer hear a conversation.  He decides to leave and just as he pulls his head
outside the door he can hear his father telling Barbara “how he likes it”
followed by a slight moan.  Eric quietly
shuts the door making his way down the hall and down to the kitchen, thinking
about the sex he just had with his stepmother and now she’s having with his
father.  He imagines that she is squatting
in the shower pan with his father standing over her as she takes him inside her
mouth and wonders what the feeling is like. 
Standing in the kitchen imagining Barbara orally pleasing his father,
Eric can feel his cock begin to stir once again.  Quickly dismissing the idea, he finishes
cleaning up from the party over an hour later as heads to his room.  His father’s bedroom door is shut, probably
meaning he and Barbara have gone to bed. 
He decides to do the same, still trying to wrap himself around the
events that just happened.

Eric is the first one to enter the kitchen in the
morning.  Still rubbing the sleep out of
his eyes he plays out the events that took place last night.  Making coffee he hears footsteps upstairs
walking to the stairs and down to the kitchen. 
Hoping it’s not his father, Eric is relieved when he sees Barbara.  She’s dressed in an oversized sweatshirt and
matching baggy sweatpants.  She smiles as
she sees him announcing she’s going for a run this morning and whether Eric
would like to join her.  He agrees right
away and heads upstairs to put on his workout clothes and running shoes.  While he’s in his room he sees Barbara
heading towards her bedroom.  He shrugs
it off quickly changing and heading downstairs so Barbara isn’t waiting for
him.  He expects to hear Barbara coming
out of her room but that doesn’t come right away.  He waits for her for a much longer time than
he expected as she was already dressed and ready to go.  Several moments later and after having a cup
of coffee Barbara finally comes downstairs. 
“I’m sorry, I was talking to your father,” she replies with her
reasoning for her delay.  She grabs her
keys and her purse and heads out the door. 
Eric, confused by her actions, was under the impression they were just
going to run around the block close to the house.  Outside, Barbara walks to her car motioning
for Eric to get into her car.  “There’s a
park close by that I like to run at when I have a running partner.”  Barbara states, “I don’t like running at the
park by myself.  You don’t mind do
you?”  She asks.  Eric responds that he doesn’t mind the
location and the two head off.

They are the only car to pull up in the parking lot
of the local park at this time in the morning. 
The park has several running trails going from flat open areas and into
some rolling hills with lots of trees and foliage.  Eric gets out of the car and stands near the
passenger door stretching waiting for Barbara to come around the car.  He looks through the window of the car and
assumes she is either stretching or tying her shoes.  It turns out to be neither.  As she walks around the car to the side Eric
is on he can see why she was delayed at the house.  Her sweatpants have been removed revealing
only transparent black tights hugging her legs. 
Her sweatshirt just barely covers her hips, almost all of her legs are
showing.  “Did you like?” she seductively
asks, not waiting for a response she continues, “I thought you might after last
night.  It will give you inspiration to
continue running as you’re following me along the trail.”  She turns away from Eric heading towards the
running trail, Eric can see a small piece of material in between her
cheeks.  This is the thong leotard he saw
her in while hiding in the closet.

They are the only two people on the running
trail.  Barbara takes the lead running in
front of Eric, letting him get a good view the sweatshirt barely covering, as
they run along the trail entering the more secluded parts.  She teases him every so often by extending
out her arms which pulls up on her sweatshirt causing is to slightly ride up
her hips.  Eric does his best not to lose
his balance and fall or run into Barbara as his focus is looking downward on
her backside watching her ample cheeks slapping into one another.  The thong material disappears and reappears
as it slides in between.  Eric can feel
the blood flow and build up in his phallus as he runs.  It’s a new experience for him running with an
erection, he’s glad they decided to do this in the morning with no one else around.

They reach a point on the trail where there is a
small building of restrooms where they stop and rest.  After they catch their breath Barbara leads
Eric around to the back of the small building away from the trail.  “So?” she asks “Are you ready for Round
2?”  Eric smiles and nods at the request
and the two start off kissing once again as they did last night.  Pulling away from Eric, Barbara reaches down
to rub his penis on the outside of his shorts. 
She then slides her hand on the inside grabbing at his erected phallus
and pulling it out.  “I remember you.”
She states bending over, splitting on his cock and devouring it.  As she slides up and down lubricating him, Eric
reaches around for Barbara’s backside squeezing her cheeks and slipping a finger
underneath her thong.  After some moments
Barbara pulls out Eric’s cock from her mouth slapping it on the side of her
face.  He looks down at her at this act
as she says, “Rip them.  Rip a hole in my
tights.”  Eric doesn’t waste a minute and
uses both hands to tear a small hole in Barbara’s tights right at the crotch.  Barbara takes Eric’s member back into her
mouth and deep throats him all the way to the base of his cock.  He gasps as the head of his penis hits the
back of her throat.  Coming up for air to
repeat the act, Eric reaches out and slips his index finger inside of
Barbara.  She moans at the penetration
before deep throating Eric once again. 
She is fully wet and lubricated enough so that when she hits the base of
Eric’s phallus, he slips another finger inside her and pushes in as far as he
can.  Eric starts to increase the tempo
of his fingers as he fucks Barbara, hearing his hand slapping against her
crotch.  Eric is the first to feel his
orgasm coming.  “Oh God, I’m coming” he
moans out.  At the sound of that Barbara
releases Eric’s member, gasping for air only to take him back into her mouth,
all the way in holding there.  As Eric
begins to come down Barbara’s throat he convulses pushing himself into her.  After a short moment, she releases Eric
spitting out a mouth full of saliva and come. 
Eric catches his breath and wonders if Barbara did that for his father
last night in the shower.

They each head into their respective restroom to
clean up.  Afterwards they’re done they head
out and back onto the trail from which they came.  Instead of running they choose to walk this
time with Eric in the lead.  It’s still
early enough in the morning where they won’t run into someone else on the
trail.  They make it back to the car
before seeing anyone else and Eric gets in. 
Barbara puts back on her sweat pants, gets into the car and before
starting it turns to Eric.  “We can’t
tell anyone about this or give anyone an idea, at home or at work.  Do you understand?” Barbara begins.  Eric agrees but inquiries about other
things.  “What about my dad?  I heard you guys last night after he came
home last night in the shower.”  Eric

“Things with your father need to stay exactly the
same so he doesn’t expect anything. 
Right now all I have is a movie stub ticket, I need something more
substantial before I move forward with anything.  Your dad knows a lot of important people in
town and could make things difficult if it’s just my word against his.”  Barbara continues.  “Plus I like to look at this from a clear
head, I’m still angry at him for finding that movie stub.  I’ve had my suspicions in the past but
nothing concrete.  So for the time being
let’s just keep this our secret.” 
Barbara says, smiling at Eric. 
“Besides we have more important things to discuss at the moment.  The company is sending my group to a seminar
taking place across the country next week from Tuesday night until Friday.  It’s just for staff only and not for
non-employees and interns but if I can make a case for you to come along, to
keep my schedule and calendar and what not, we’ll be away from the middle of
next week to the weekend.  I can make an
excuse to your father that we’ll be at the seminar over the weekend in meetings
but we can actually come back home with the rest of the staff and spend next
weekend at a hotel by ourselves.  Your
father will never suspect anything.  What
do you think?  Barbara asks.

“I like it.” 
Eric responds.  Barbara counters,
“There’s no funny stuff between us during the seminar, only after hours.  We’ll have separate rooms to stay overnight and
we could slip away together at night.  I’ll
start getting the necessary approvals for you to go to the seminar this weekend.”  With that Barbara starts the car and heads
home.  Eric, excited by his luck, starts
to fantasize about the different things he can do with Barbara.  He recalls the time when he watched her
masturbate with the two headed dildo and how uninhibited she’s been with him
these past two days.  Still, this is his
stepmother and gives him some hesitation about being intimately involved with
her.  However, Eric quickly dismisses the
issue convincing himself that he wasn’t raised by her and that he really only
barely knows his father, who really is cheating on her anyway.  He thinks if now is the time to tell Barbara
what he saw earlier with his father and his colleague in the parking garage when
picking up sandwiches but decides against it. 
If she knew he saw his dad cheating on her and held back on telling her
until now this little fling their having, that’s in its infancy, would quickly
disappear.  The potential of what to come
is too exciting for Eric to pass on.

To be Continued…………………………    

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What a good read! Keep up the good work! 

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Very good. Thanks for sharing 

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Brilliant!! Looking forward for the next chapter

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Very good read, looking forward to more.

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Whaaaaaaaat! a great read, Felt like I was there! 

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When will part 3 be here!? You got me hooked!

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for the delay.  Another topic has been
occupying my time at present and I have put the next chapter of the “Stepmother
Dilemma” on a short hold just to focus on this more nefarious tale.  I will return to “Stepmother” after posting
this latest story

new story centers on a young woman at the end of her high school years.  She has aspirations of going into journalism
while in college, something different than the route her parents took, who are
both litigators.  Her senior year,
however, is looking to be one that is more crammed with studying and preparing for
college as she skated by the prior three years in high school

looking forward to a busy senior year, she comes upon an incident that sets
into a motion a Plan she concocts to blackmail four of her teachers into receiving
top grades in those classes without doing any of the school work. 
The tale will be in four separate parts in a rather non-linear fashion
to focus on the individual teacher being blackmailed. They are:

    (i)  The
physics teacher, a rather ordinary gentleman, with a fascination for the
young women in the classes he teaches whose quick and subtle glances at what he shouldn’t
be looking at is used against him

    (ii)  The
female Spanish teacher, who prefers women over men and in a committed
relationship with a workaholic, finds excitement with someone younger that she
should not have entertained.  Trying to
quietly end what she started proves to be harder than originally intended

    (iii) The
Trigonometry teacher, a straight laced, church going family man with no apparent
vices or flaws… least on the surface

    (iv)  And
the Literature teacher, who could be mistaken for a GQ male model.  With a gorgeous young wife and a seemingly
well to-do and prefect life, why would anyone feel the need to look elsewhere
for extracurricular activities?  Is
obtaining what you cannot and should not have that much of a force to forsake
that prefect life you already have?

should be done with the first part of the story in about a week or so, just
making final edits and revisions

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🍎You have such a great way of developing your character, as for my writting I'm a horny writter so I get right to the sex scene. Thanks for the good read.