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This concluding Part 4 picks up where the events of Part 3 left off.  Enjoy

The next few weeks fly by with little incident.  Stacy seems rather busy at work and is preoccupied with her home life that she only has time to see Ben while at work.  She teases him while in the office but doesn’t have time to see him outside of work.  Just as Ben is thinking that this play time with Stacy is winding down she makes a request of him.  “We should have dinner sometime, the three of us.  Are you free tonight, it’s Friday and would be a nice kick off to the weekend?” Stacy asks.  “Sure,” Ben says and they agree to have dinner at Ben’s apartment with Stacy and Mike bringing take out Chinese food. 
Mike and Stacy arrive at Ben’s apartment later than evening with food in hand.  Ben greets them at the door and invites them in.  He has a couple of wine bottles already opened and already opened.  They start off with some drinks and then move into dinner for the evening and the time is enjoyable.  Ben wonders if this means that they will have a threesome tonight.  His wonder turns to excitement as after dinner and a few drinks later, Stacy first kisses her husband and then moves onto Ben.  They all undress.
Stacy drops down to her knees within reach of both Ben and Mike.  She starts first on her husband, orally copulating him, as she reaches out for Ben gently grabbing his cock and stroking his until he is erect.  She stops with her husband and switches positions taking Ben into her mouth and stoking Mike’s cock.  Stacy, continuing to Ben in her mouth, speeds up the tempo sucking on his erect penis.  She then deep throats his cock going all the way down to the base and then out quickly switching over to her husband and repeating.  Ben, completely aroused, is fixation looking at Stacy going back and forth deep throating her husband then him, taking quick gasps of air in between.  He looks up at Mike who, also fixated on Stacy, calls out, “I gotta have more.”
Stacy stops blowing both men and her husband motions her to lie down on her back on the floor.  She moves into position at Mike’s motioning, lying flat on her back as Mike reveals his intent as he leans over her and drop his penis into her mouth.  She accepts and motions vigorously up and down his shaft.  Ben is sitting on his knees next to Stacy, unsure of what to do as she is preoccupied, begins to play with and rub her pussy.  He can feel that she is getting wetter and wetter.  He can hear her moan even with Mike’s cock in her mouth.  “Oh fuck, I love your mouth,” Mike exclaims as Stacy continues moving up and down his cock at a rapid pace.  “Do you want us to both fuck you baby, like before?” he excitably asks awaiting her response.  She looks at him and then to Ben.  “I want you inside me,” replies Stacy to Mike as he pulls his cock out of her mouth.  Stacy, still on the floor on her back, spreads her legs open.  “She wants missionary from Mike?” Ben wonders to himself confused as he slides himself away from her in order to give Mike room to accomplish the request from his wife.  Mike doesn’t miss a beat sliding himself into position to penetrate Stacy.  As he enters her Stacy leans forward putting her arms around her husband’s neck motioning his to lean into her towards the floor.  “Come down with me baby,” she whispers gently into his ear but loud enough for Ben to hear.  Mike complies with his wife’s request and gently leans forward on top of Stacy on the floor so only his hips are moving up and down inside her.  Ben sits by and just watches wondering what he should be doing as this looks like Stacy just wants to be with Mike.  As he continues to watch them, Ben finds it rather odd how Mike is in position with Stacy.  While he’s fucking her, he’s not moving at a quick pace with her.  It seems as if he is waiting for something or some kind of direction from his wife. 
It’s only when he looks at Stacy’s face that he understands.  Stacy looking over at Ben gently grabs his hand motioning to go back around Mike.  While she’s not speaking he can read her lips as she mouths “Fuck Him.”  Ben, looking from behind Mike and back to Stacy, seems lost and hesitant.  “Fuck him in the ass,” he reads her lips again. 
Ben is frozen.  He’s never done that with another man before and has never fantasized about it.  However, like the fantasy he thought of with double penetrating Stacy in the same orifice, he reconsiders and becomes excited.  Splashing lubricant in his hand and stroking his penis as it becomes erect, he moves closer to Mike.  He recalls the first time with the two of them in his office as Mike dominated Stacy, pulling her hair as if he was showing off.  Now it was Ben’s turn.  Ben moves right up to Mike’s ass, slick penis in hand and guiding it into Mike’s sphincter.  Just as he feels the head of his cock touching Mike, he pushes himself into Mike’s ass.  Mike responds with moaning out loud in exhilaration at the penetration while he is fucking Stacy.  Ben recoils slightly and pushes back his shaft into the tiny hole and repeats over and over again.  “Oh fuck!” Mike cries out.  Stacy, feeling the push inside her, also becomes excited not only with having sex with her husband but that he’s being fucked in the ass as well.
Ben then starts with a serious of quick bursts pushing himself into Mike and slapping his torso into Mike’s legs.  The quick bursts get longer and longer as the excitement builds inside of Ben.  No more does he see himself as fucking Mike but rather fucking a tight, lubricated sphincter.  He only begins to slow are Stacy grabs onto his wrist.  “She wants to change positions,” Ben thinks to himself, stopping and pulling out his cock from Mike’s ass.  After pulling out of Mike, Ben slowly begins to stroke his lubricated penis keeping it hard and erect.          
Stacy, pushing on her husband, moves out away from him and orders him on his side with his back towards Ben.  She then motions for Ben to get on his side and continue with her husband.  Ben moving forward on his side, lifting up Mike’s leg he pushes himself back into Mike’s ass hearing Mike he moan again out loud at the penetration.  Ben then sees Stacy as she moves her head towards her husband’s erect penis taking him into her mouth.  Ben can see her head bounce up and down and hear the sound of saliva sucking and spitting on his penis.  This excites Ben as his breathing increases as he pushes himself harder and deeper into Mike. 
Stacy slows and stops sucking on her husband and moves out of Ben’s line of sight.  He can’t see what she is doing but soon finds out.  Stacy resume sucking on her husband, bouncing up and down, and Ben can then feel Stacy’s fingers massaging his sphincter with lubrication.  The sensation is something rather unique to Ben but quite exciting.  He’s never had someone massage him down there.  He continues to allow her to play with his nether region until she turns the heat up and slides a wet, lubricated finger into his anus.  He is startled at first at the penetration but as she continues slowly moving her finger in and out of his ass his cock feels as if it’s getting harder and harder.  He moans out loud as Stacy pulls her fingers from his ass.  Stacy, still sucking on her husband, pulls away from Mike and once again moves out of Ben’s line of slight.  Ben again cannot tell what she is doing and slows the pace on Mike until he feels the dildo.  Stacy slowly circles his sphincter with the object in the lubrication and inserts it into Ben with a loud moan from him.  The sensation is exhilarating, he is fucking a man in the ass while being fucked with a dildo himself.  The excitement pushes him past whatever lines he previously held in check and had not crossed.  He resumes pushing himself into Mike harder and harder.  “Oh Fuck!” he exclaims out loud.  Mike feeling the continuous push inside his ass is about to explode.  He cries out he’s ready to cum.  Ben, hearing this, slows to a stop and pulls out of Mike just as he cries out again, “I’m coming, I’m coming, ” as he masturbates ejaculating hot come all over Stacy’s face.  Ben, keeping himself hard and looking over Mike’s shoulder at this, is overwhelmed and can feel that himself also ready to ejaculate as Stacy slowly pulls out the dildo from his anus.  Just a short distance from Mike, he is masturbating ready to come on him.  Stacy seeing this suddenly moves her around her husband’s hip and opens her mouth to willingly accept the hot liquid.  Ben seizing his opportunity to dominate Stacy puts his free hand around the back of her head and pulls her head forward to his penis.  She opens her mouth wider and accepts him into her mouth just has he ejaculates and comes down her throat.  Ben cries out as the orgasm washes over him.  Finishing up Ben looks down at Stacy who is covered with come on her face and neck.  He then rolls onto his back on the floor exhausted, Mike joins him and lies next to him with Stacy resting her head on her husband’s thigh.  
After several long moments of lying quietly on the floor, Mike and Stacy slowly get up to look for their clothes.  They quickly dress, not saying a word to one another or even to Ben.  After dressing Mike’s heads for the door.  Ben, not realizing how quickly they dressed slowly lies up from the floor, looking around.  He sees Stacy, dressed, and looking at him.  “We have to get going, sorry.  It’s not you,” she quickly says as Mike leaves the apartment without saying anything, Stacy following him.  Ben, still sitting on the floor naked, ponders that reaction from the two and can’t help but wonder.
Monday rolls around and the start of a new workweek.  Ben, as usual as of late, is one of the first few in the office.  Again, he wonders how the conversation would go with Stacy.  He had not texted her at all over the weekend taking note not to impose after the sudden exit after Friday’s events.  This time however, Stacy does not come into the office.  Midmorning Barbara from HR visits his office to let him know Stacy was feeling under the weather and would not be coming into the office today.  “Odd,” Ben thinks to himself, “Why didn’t she just contact me herself instead of telling HR?”  He wonders what it could be and convinces himself that he did have something to do with Friday’s events as Mike abruptly left so quickly.
He leaves the office after lunch, opting to work from home giving him some time to think about what to say to Stacy.  He wonders if she should text and after some time gives in and texts her a simple message asking how she’s feeling.  She does not respond.
The next day Ben comes into the office feeling jittery about whether he’ll see Stacy in the office or if she’ll remain home sick.  However, something happens that he doesn’t expect.  As he walks into the office he passes Stacy’s desk.  It has been emptied out, all of her belongs on the desk taken away.  Ben is shocked.  What was it that he’d done?  His questions would not be so easily answered.  Later in the morning Barbara makes a second trip to see Ben but this time it’s not a quick chat.  She asks to speak privately and shuts his door.  Ben is shocked and confused when Barbara tells him Stacy has resigned her position, all she told her was that her husband got a new job out of town and she needed to leave with him immediately.  Ben, still in shock, leaves for the day.
The following week provides all the answers to Ben’s questions.  During the middle of the week, after a long day at the office, upon arriving home there is a handwritten letter in Ben’s mailbox with no return address.  Opening the envelope, there is a handwritten letter inside, from Stacy.  It reads:
            “Dear Ben,
            I’m sorry how things turned out.  I really enjoyed working with you and spending time outside of work with you.  And that turned out to be a problem.  I’ve had play things before in the past, but none have I been this close with personally like I felt with you.  I was getting too attached to you and that was beginning to strain my marriage with Mike.  I love him and he is my soul mate, I’ve been through a lot with him and I need to be him. 
            I should have told you sooner, but I couldn’t find the right time and when I was with you I wanted nothing more than just you.
            After that last Friday with all three of us together, Mike and I had a big fight at home that had been in the works.  For the sake of things we have to make certain decisions and I am making this one.  I’m sorry.
            Please don’t contact me.  It’s better this way.  I’ll always have the memories of our time together.  Please don’t hate me.
            With Love Always,
            Stacy – Xoxo”
Ben drops the letter on his table in his apartment and sits down.  He takes a long sigh and gets up from the table and pours himself a shot of tequila closing out this experience in his life.

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Very well written! I felt that I was both witnessing the tryst and experiencing from the participants view as well. You captured a wonderful array of sensations and emotions. 

The ending was indeed, bitter sweet. It's certainly been my experience, that few couples can truly stay clear as they explore threesomes. Obtaining a stable polyamorous relationship is rare. The end to your story is probably more the norm than the fantasy all parties feeling secure, I'm afraid. 

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I actually experinced some very similar to your story , only in mine the woman and i met for 4 months for sex . She told me one day that she wanted to make our rel permanent because her husbands penis was too small to satisfy her but that she loved  him and could not leave him so she had to stop our meetings. Took me w while to get over her because we had such great chemistry. She  is rhe  reason im so into hour glass black women im trying to re-live it

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Bump.  This is the concluding Part IV of my first story originally posted in Sept. 2016 for those who missed it.

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Nice story!  definitely not the ending I was expecting but it was awesome!  I look forward to reading more of your work!