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Your eyes and killer smile, the shapely body underneath your work uniform, I am calm and collected while I chat with you, but inside I'm screaming to just whip it out for you to see, to grab your hand and let you stroke how firm erect my member is. Your bust drives me wild it invades my waking moments, every time you turn around your ass in those jeans drives me insane with it sticking out. I imagine what color thong your wearing, seeing your bare legs in my minds eye wishing you were a bikini barista in a outdoor coffee stand where I could just pull you into my car and thrust myself into your willing vagina. Damn your boyfriend, you keep me awake at night in bed, your Instagram pics fresh in my mind, I want you so so badly. If you only knew the fantasies I have of you while I sip my coffee chatting with you about your day, Anna you will never know. You will never know.