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Welcome all,

Upon taking a break from The Young Blackmailer story line and writing three short tales back to back for PnkPrlHnt's Art of.... series, I revisited an erotic tale I started over this prior spring about a tough English Literature high school teacher who has a bad habit when it comes to certain students.  I will pick up and continue The Young Blackmailer tale at a later date.  For now, enjoy this latest tale.       

It’s the first day of the final year of high school
for Harry as he makes his way to campus for the start of school.  He lives with his mother in a small house
near the school which makes walking quite convenient and not have to drive or
take the school bus.  Walking across the
cold, wet grass of the practice football field towards the campus, Harry
continues to look over his class schedule for his senior year.  It’s everything he’s expecting for his final
year with one exception, English literature. 
It’s not the class that concerns him, he rather likes English Literature
and has done rather well in the English classes he had in his previous
years.  Instead, it’s the teacher he has
that concerns him, D. Stanton.  The “D” stands
for Deborah and she is a terror.  He’s
heard her name talked about in the hallways, some students have referred to her
as the “Drill Sergeant”.  It’s rumored that
her father was an actual Drill Sergeant for the Marine Corp which is where she
got the name from.  Harry has heard
rumors that Stanton is as tough as nails and she has high expectations for the students
in her classes, especially for seniors; lots of homework and lots of
papers.  Harry was hoping his class load
for this year would be easier but with Stanton for English Literature that hope
seems to dwindle away.  There is one
redeeming quality he can take away from this, his English class is scheduled in
th period right before lunch, at least he doesn’t have to have her
earlier in the morning.

It’s the typical first day of school with most of
his classes being more introductory for the year with English Literature being
the exception.  Just to make sure the rumors
aren’t true about everything on Stanton that he has heard, Harry decides to
briskly walk to his 4
th period class so he’s not late.  This would also give him the opportunity for
more options to choose where to sit, hopefully in the back of the class where
he prefers. 

The class is half full when he arrives, most of the
students are in small groups talking about what they did over their summer
break or the other classes they are taking this year.  Harry sees an empty desk in the back of the
classroom in the corner and heads to the back to take it.  On his way to the aisle, in the front of the
class off to the opposite corner where his desk is located is Stanton’s desk, with
her sitting down reading a newspaper and hidden from the class.   The school bell rings the last time for the
start of the 4
th period class and the students begin to quietly take
their seats.  Stanton continues reading
her newspaper not looking up at her new 4
th period class.  After some moments, the class quiets down
waiting patiently for Stanton to begin her class. 

Stanton finally puts down her newspaper and stands
to address her class.  The first thing
that catches Harry’s attention is her hair. 
Stanton has long luscious locks of auburn colored hair draping down her
shoulders.  He wonders if the red hair
matches the rumored fiery red persona. 
Stanton is dressed in dark slacks and a matching blazer with a tank top
underneath the blazer.  The blazer is
unbuttoned and the tank top covers her completely but Harry can see that it is
somewhat stretched holding her large and robust breasts in place.  Stanton also has on some kind of high heeled
boot giving her a more taller presence. 

“Hello Seniors,” Stanton says starting off
addressing her class, “Welcome to the final year of English Literature.  I’m Debby Stanton and I’ve been teaching in
the English Department here for just over ten years.  If you aren’t scheduled to be in my 4
period English Literature class then now would be your que to be on your
way.  I’ll take attendance here shortly,
in a day or two I’m make up a seating chart so don’t worry where you’re sitting
today.  It’s not permanent.”  As she begins the process of taking attendance,
Harry thinks to himself that this wasn’t so bad for first introductions.  He deduces that if she had been the Drill
Sergeant that she’s rumored to be, she would have started off with a more
authoritative and disciplinarian tone to her speech. 

After roll call, Stanton then tells the class that
this first week of school is really set for her to access the level at which
her classes perform.  To make this assessment
she gives to each of her classes a writing assignment for them to work on in
class.  They will have this first day to
work on it and tomorrow and then will turn it in at the end of the 2
day of class.  Stanton then tells her
class that the writing assignment will be corrected by her and they’ll go over
in class later in the week.  Stanton
gives her class two topics for a writing assignment that they will need to
choose from and write on just one of the topics.

At hearing of the topics for the writing
assignments, Harry is beside himself, unbelievable of the luck he has
drawn.  He’s given a rather simplistic
writing assignment and has two days in class to write on it, Harry already
images this class will be an easy “A” grade. 
He gets started right away organizing his thoughts and writing them down
on paper.  He notices that some of this
other class mates have taken this assignment a little more light hearted and
begin talking amongst themselves in hushed tones.  It’s
their loss with such an easy assignment
,” Harry thinks to himself ignoring
the subtle chatter around him.

Harry is able to get a lot done that first day and
begins writing the assignment before the end of class.  Overnight he reviews and revises what he has
written and by the time the middle of the 4
th period class of the
next day comes around he’s done and satisfied with his assignment.  Reviewing it just to make sure there are no
last minute edits or changes, Harry completes the assignment shortly before
class ends.  Satisfied with his work upon
turning the assignment in, he can’t wait for his grade.

The third day of class reveals itself as the
honeymoon phase being over.  Harry walks
quickly to his 4
th period class and making his way to his seat in
the back of the room.  Stanton is looking
over papers on her desk before the final school bell rings.  At her position, Harry is mesmerized by
Stanton and her wardrobe choice.  All
Harry can see of Stanton is from her stomach up, but that’s seems to be enough
for him.  Stanton has on a tight fitting
one piece dress, the top hugs her features and wraps up tightly around her
neck.  The dress is cut in a way to
expose her toned shoulders and arms and milky white skin.

Still staring at her when the final bell rings, he
is caught off guard when Stanton immediately gets up quickly to address her class.  “You know, I have to say,” she starts off
frowning a displeased look to her class, “it has been a long time since I’ve
seen this overall poor level of writing skills from supposedly seniors who will
be graduating high school this year.  I’m
embarrassed for everyone here.  If I had
my way, each of you would fail this year right now.  I give a simple assignment to choose one or
two easy writing topics to write on and the garbage that came back to me was
unbelievable.  Some of you even wrote on
both topics so we can add poor listening and comprehension skills to your poor
writing skills.”

Grabbing the handful of papers on her desk, Stanton
starts handing them out going up and down the aisle still ranting out
loud.  “I had to stop reading some of
these papers half way through they were so bad. 
English is the cornerstone of your education, how on God’s green earth
are you supposed to succeed out in the real world if this is the garbage you
produce.” Stanton continuing to yell out loud at her class.  She makes her way down the aisle that Harry
sits on and hands out the paper to the student just in front of Harry and turns
back around down the aisle.  As she does
Harry gets a look at her from behind.  Stanton’s
dress continues to hug her figure to just above the back of her knee.   To accent her figures she has on leather
boots that go up to her calf gripping her shapely legs.  For dessert, there’s a good couple of inches
between Stanton’s dress line and her boots where he has on black fishnet stockings.  Staring at her walking down his aisle, Harry
is momentarily removed from reality in his fantasy world but is quickly brought
back by Stanton’s continuous loud and vocal rant.                        

Confused at not being handed back a paper, Harry
waits for Stanton to be done as his paper might have been mixed in out of order
of the seating assignments.  Once Stanton
is done handing back all of the papers, Harry is still without his
assignment.  As she heads to her desk to
take a drink of coffee trying to calm down as Harry raises his hand.  Looking down at her desk not seeing his hand
raised, Harry clears his throat to get Stanton’s attention.

“What is it?!” Stanton yells back at the
interruption.  “Ms. Stanton, I didn’t get
back…….” Harry begins but is shortly cut off by a red faced Stanton.  “Name!” she fires back.

“Ah, my name is…..” Harry again starts off but is
once again cut off by a furious Stanton. 
“I asked what your name is!!  How
many times do I have to ask?” Stanton fires back at Harry.

Red faced from embarrassment Harry calls out is
name.  “Oh so this paper belongs to you,”
a devilishly smiling Stanton says out loud while looking at the paper on her
desk, “I don’t have the time to discuss this with you, see me after school.  This will take a while.”  Harry is dumbfounded, he was so sure that
this was going to be an easy assignment and never imagined how terrible the
results would be.  To top this all off,
this is the start of the school year and what an impression he has already made.  As Stanton turns her attention to her next
plan for the class, Harry slumps down into his chair wishing he were dead. 

The 3:00pm bell rings for the end of school.  Harry’s hands are perspiring.  He gets up slowly from the desk of his last
class and makes his way out the door. 
It’s a short walk to Stanton’s class. 
As he makes his way to her class he wonders if this is what it feels
like for convicted felons walking their last walk to their execution.  Harry is nervous enough that he can feel his
heart beating in his chest as his head becomes embarrassingly hot.  It’s just the beginning of the school year
and he’s having issues with a teacher, English Literature of all things.  He arrives outside the classroom, the school
in nearly empty at this time with strangling students walking out of various
classrooms heading home.  Harry wipes his
sweating palms on the side of his pants before opening the door.

The classroom is empty except for Stanton sitting
behind her desk looking over and grading papers.  She looks up at Harry standing in the
doorway, sullen and cold, and motions for him to seat in front row feet from
her desk.  Harry, eyes pointing towards
the floor, makes his way to the seat where directed and waits for the hammer to
drop on him.  Stanton, standing up from
her seat, walking around to the front of her desk and leaning up against it and
a few feet in from on Harry, glares down at him and begins, “I was reading your
paper that you turned in and it gave me pause,” Stanton calmly remarks, “This
is something I haven’t seen in some time.” 
There it is, the hammer is getting ready to be dropped on Harry as he
internally braces for it. 

After a short pause Stanton continues, “I haven’t
been this impressed with a student’s paper this earlier on in the school year
in quite a long time.” Stanton replies in a softer more feminine tone.  Her facial expression changes to a warm smile
as she slides back to sit on top of her desk, crossing her legs with her dress
hiking up past her knee revealing more of her fishnet stockings.  Harry, perplexed by what he has heard, slides
his eyes from left to right wondering if he’s been mistaken.  “It’s usually later in the year after I’ve
seen some progression in some student’s writing that I’m impressed with their
work but you nailed this right off the bat, especially when I compare your
paper with the rest of the class.”  Staton
replies, “Your paper was clear, organized and thoroughly written.  I keep an eye on the people sitting in the
back of the class because they’re the ones who typically don’t do well.  I saw you in the back for the last two days
working feverishly on this paper and I can see that you’re effort has paid
off.  Are you planning to go to college
next year?  If so, please tell me you
have thought of majoring in Literature? 
You have so much potential” continues a gleeful Stanton.

“Ah, it’s something I have considered if I get
accepted into college,” responds a still timid Harry. 

“Oh I don’t think you have anything to worry about,”
a smiling Stanton responds back handing Harry his paper.  As he gets up from his chair, Stanton slides
off her desk and is within arm’s reach of Harry.  It’s at this point that Harry’s aware of
Stanton’s perfume.  It smells like a warm
and inviting vanilla desert for the taking. 
As he is entangled in her subtle and sensual scent, Stanton continues,
“Oh and please excuse the whole act in class earlier today.  I’ve found that throughout my career as a
teacher students seem to respond better to a strict disciplinarian.  It keeps them in line.  I hope I didn’t startle you?” Stanton says
moving forward even closer to Harry while tilting her head slightly to the side
and giving him a subtle but flirtatious pout.

“Oh no, it’s fine. 
No worries.” Harry responds. 

“Oh good,” Stanton says, “Oh and by the way, could
you please continue with the act that I really was disappointed with your work
if any other students inquire with you? 
I really want to keep my Drill Sergeant-like persona for the class.  Can you do that for me, please?” asks Stanton
while she subtly rubs her fingertips along Harry’s forearm.

“Yes, of course,” Harry quickly responds.  Taking his paper from Stanton, he quickly turns
and heads out the door.  Quickly shutting
the door behind him, Eric stands still just in front of the door rubbing his
fingers over his forearm where Staton previously slide her fingertips and
smiles, feeling stirrings within his member as it starts to come alive.  Shaking off the feeling, Eric jumps to a
start walking quickly for home hoping the brisk walk will distract him and reduce
the excitement of his urges.  It
doesn’t.  Finally making his way home
Harry sees something different.  A couple
of cars are parked in the driveway of his next door neighbor that owns the
corner house.  They had been renting the
home to a family that moved out before the summer.  Since then it’s been vacant and now it looks
like the home maybe rented out again. 
Harry shrugs it off and declines investigating any further and heads
inside to do homework. 

The next couple of days go by uneventfully until
Friday night after Harry gets home after playing basketball with his friends
afterschool.  The sun is just setting has
he gets home.  Opening the front door to
his house, he can hear his mother’s voice laughing and conversing with someone
else within the kitchen.  Figuring it’s
one of his mother’s friends having a drink to toast the end of the week, he
decides to take a quick peak into the kitchen to let his mother know he’s
home.  Peering around the wall to the
entrance of their kitchen, Harry is surprised to see Stanton sitting at the
kitchen table with his mother.

“Hi Harry. 
Look who it is?” his mother calls out to him, “It’s your English
Literature teacher Ms. Stanton.  She’s
renting the house next door to us.  She
saw you coming and going to school and though she would come by and say
hi.”  Harry still in shock his English
Literature teacher he saw just a few hours ago is sitting at the kitchen table.

“Hi again, Harry,” Stanton says, “I just came by
and introduced myself and your mom handed me a glass of wine.  It would be un-neighborly of me to pass that

“Here, Here. 
I’ll drink to that,” Harry’s mother yells out loud as the two women
laugh amongst themselves.  Harry, just
standing and staring, not sure what to do next tries to find a convenient
excuse to head up to his room.  Before he
does, Harry’s mom calls out to him and tells him that Ms. Stanton had her
movers unload all of her belongs in the living room of her home and she needs
help pushing some of the larger, heavier items around.  Not trying to upset his mother or her
persistent, agrees to go over and help tomorrow morning for a few hours before
he takes off to meet up with his friends in the afternoon.  Stanton thanks Harry for his help and tells
him she’ll be by in the morning tomorrow when she’s ready to get started.  Harry agrees and parts ways heading off to his
room and locking himself inside.  For
some odd reason, Harry’s memory jumps to earlier in the week when Stanton, in that
form fitting dress with high heeled boots and fishnet stockings, was mere
inches from him, rubbing his forearm. 
His phallus begins to stir at the moment but this time Harry doesn’t
stop himself from becoming erect.

Harry is showered and ready to go when Stanton
comes over and knocks on his front door the following morning.  He answers right away and follows Stanton to
her house.  Walking out from the shadow
of the overhang from his front door, Harry first gets a glimpse of what Stanton
is wearing from behind.  She has on a
pair of cut-off jeans, riding up high on her thigh and with a white shirt that
had the sleeves cut and down the side leaving a large opening for her slender
arms.  Her milky white skin is
exhilarating to Harry basking in the morning sun.  Upon a short walk the two enter Stanton’s
home and she begins showing Harry the boxes and furniture that need to be moved
to the various rooms in the home. 

As he listens to Stanton’s instructions, Harry has
a better look at Stanton now that they are inside and away from the glare of
the sun.  Underneath her white shirt,
Harry can see that Stanton has on a red bikini top but it’s nothing like he’s
ever seen.  The red material just covers
the front part of Stanton’s large breasts leaving most of the side completely
exposed.  Quickly looking away to avoid
being caught staring Harry starts moving the items around the house per
Stanton’s instructions keeping a watchful eye on the next chance to sneak a
look at the side of Stanton’s robust breasts.

Nearly done with the moving all of the items that
Stanton had asked for help on Harry comes upon an opened half empty box that’s
not marked for the room it should belong to. 
Bringing the box to Stanton who is sitting on a stool organizing
materials from three different boxes to see what to do with it she opts to
filling the box until it’s full. 
Swiveling in the stool and facing away from Harry, Stanton reaches out
for a box on the floor.  While doing so,
her shirt creeps up exposing the swell of her back.  Looking down at her, Harry can see the red
waistline of Stanton’s thong underneath her shorts, rising up and then down in
between her cheeks.  He can just see
enough that his mind starts to wonder off. 
Just as Stanton turns back around, Harry is able to shake off his momentary
lapse and takes the materials from Stanton to fill up the box.  Satisfied of the work done, Stanton then
thanks Harry for all his help, hugging him. 
Pressing her large breasts up against Harry, he is surprised by his
luck.  He leaves Stanton’s home quickly
to avoid her seeing the bulge in his pants.

Back in the seclusion of his bedroom, Harry sits on
his bed reliving the events from earlier in the morning.  A sudden noise coming from Stanton’s backyard
draws Harry’s attention.  The window of
his bedroom is on the side of his house facing the side of Stanton’s home.  His window is far enough down the side of the
house to not have his view constricted into Stanton’s backyard by the 2 foot
high wood extension on top of the fence surrounding her house and covered by
ivy.  Looking out of the corner of his
window covered by drapes hanging down the side of his window to conceal his
presence, Harry looks into Stanton’s backyard. 
It’s a wide open space with a long cement walkway and a small lawn.  There is a large canopy protruding several
feet out from the house providing adequate shade from the sun during the
afternoon.  The only thing to really take
notice in the backyard is the inflatable hot tub underneath the canopy that’s off
to the left of the sliding glass door entrance to the house.  The backyard is deserted.  After some moments of carefully looking from
the corner of his window, Harry hears the sliding glass door open and Stanton
steps through entering the backyard.  She
has a bottle of beer in her hand, staring out in front of her.  She then puts the bottle down and begins to
take off her white shirt and cut-off jeans. 
It is here the Harry can see in full view the red bikini top and thong
Stanton was wearing underneath her clothes. 
Stretching a bit, Stanton slowly steps into the warm water of the hot
tub to relax. 

Resting her head on the border of the hot tub and
closing her eyes, Harry can see the waterline of the hot tub coming up half way
covering Stanton’s breasts.  As Harry
continues to watch Stanton in the hot tub, she unfastens her bikini and removes
it.  Watching the water lap up against
her exposed breasts proves too much for Harry and he begins to rub
himself.  His phallus comes alive
suddenly.  He moves from rubbing his
crotch over his clothing to sliding his hand down his pants.  A sudden noise from his mother shutting her
bedroom room startles Harry and he pulls his hand from his pants sliding down
the wall and out of view from Stanton’s backyard.  Seeing the time of day and realizing he has
agreed to meet his friends at the local basketball courts, Harry cleans up and
heads out the door trying to put the morning’s evens behind him.

The next few weeks fall into a familiar
pattern.  Stanton gives out reading and
homework assignments and yells out all fire and brimstone in class about the
mediocre work that was been turned in. 
Then, following her dreadful speech and outside of class time, she
somehow finds the time to get Harry’s attention to tell him how impressed she
was with his work.  This goes on for some
time.  After a particular lengthy writing
assignment is completed and handed back, Harry’s grade on his paper is written
in bright blood red ink, “D-“.  The
typical out of class meeting with Stanton doesn’t occur during school hours but
long after school ends back at his house. 
After finishing up dinner with his mother, Harry hears a soft knock at
the front door.  His mother answers it
and it is Stanton.  She not only tells
him he actually received an “A” grade on the paper, the “D-“ looking good on
her reputation with the class, but also has a rather unusual request.

Stanton tells Harry and his mother that next week
the class will start reading William Shakespeare’s The Merchant of Venice.  With
Shakespeare’s use of Old English text in his works it usually proves bad for
most high school students.  Aside from
purchasing cliff notes, Stanton suggests watching a recently produced
theatrical film of The Merchant in Venice
all done in Old English.  Stanton
states that seeing the actions of the tale through a movie might help with
understanding the tale when they read it in class.  “I have the movie on Blu-ray,” Stanton says,
“I could bring it over and we could watch it over the weekend before
Monday.”  Upon hearing of a Shakespeare
movie to watch Harry’s mother protests that she will be unavailable to watch
such a movie due to “The Mother Exemption”. 
Instead Harry’s mother says she will be heading over to a friend’s house
over the weekend to meet up with a group of her girlfriends for dinner and a
movie.  Harry’s mother then tells Stanton
she is more than welcome to come over this weekend and watch the film with
Harry while she’s out for that evening. 
Without showing any emotion on his face, Harry is excited at the notion
he’ll be alone in his home with Stanton. 

Saturday night comes when Harry, alone in his home,
hears a knock on the door.  It is Stanton
to watch the movie and Harry lets her inside. 
Like the morning of helping Stanton move furniture and boxes in her
home, she surprises Harry with her attire she’s wearing.  Stanton has on a plain white V-neck t-shirt,
with a small amount of cleavage showing, with skin tight lycra leggings hugging
all the curves from her hips down to her ankles.  Harry has popcorn and refreshments all ready
and the two sit down to watch the movie. 
As Harry sits down on one side of the long couch in the living room in
front of the TV, Stanton takes a seat at the other side of the couch with a
large bowl of popcorn between them.  As
Harry puts in the Blu-ray movie into the player and returning to his seat he
sees Stanton leaning over rubbing her ankles. 
She has a facial expression of that with a slight wince of pain and
Harry asks her if she is hurt.  Stanton
replies that she hyper stretched the tendons around her ankles but that she
will be fine. 

Carefully watching the film and taking notes, Harry
tries not to be distracted by Stanton. 
Throughout the film he can occasionally see her rub her ankles.  After taking off her shoes to siting on her
bent legs to get a better grip on her ankles without having to bed over, Harry
pauses the film and turns to Stanton. 
“Would you like some ice for your ankles?” he asks her.  She politely declines the offer but a
persistent Harry doesn’t want for his guest to be uncomfortable seeing that
she’s granted him this special treatment. 
Harry gets up and goes to the freezer and grabs some ice putting it in a
bag, grabbing a dish cloth and some Advil.

Returning to his seat and moving the popcorn,
Stanton tells him not to bother with her. 
He ignores her handing her Advil and asking for her to stretch out on
the couch putting her ankles on his lap. 
At first she resists, then realizes it’s off no use and eventually
complies.  After some moments with
Stanton lying on her side and Harry applying the ice then massaging her ankles,
Harry unconsciously moves to massaging her feet while watching the film.  Whispering to her about how the status of her
ankles, Harry turns his head over to Stanton and realizes she’s asleep.  His eyes then sweep down to see her backside,
her shirt pushed up to reveal a complete view of Stanton’s round cheeks held
tightly by her leggings, the lyrca shimmering in the light of the room.  He looks back at Stanton’s face to make sure
her eyes aren’t open.  They are not and
he turns his head back quickly towards the TV to resume watching the film,
satisfied he wasn’t caught staring at her in her slumber.  Unbeknownst to Harry, Stanton’s eyes slightly
part, the corners of her mouth breaking into a subtly smile.  She then closes her eyes and pretends to
resume her sleep.

The school week begins like all of the other had
begun.  Stanton’s classes begin reading The Merchant of Venice and immediately
Harry is gratefully for having given the opportunity of seeing the theatrical
movie in advance.  It’s the first time
reading Shakespeare and it would have been exceedingly difficult without the
notes he’d taken from the movie.   Stanton is her usually self in class, by now
Harry is used to her facade.  All the
while in class, Harry reminisces about the moments on the couch with Stanton
and wonders if he’ll ever have another opportunity like that.  He continues to look out his window when he
can to see if Stanton will be in her hot tub, teasing him without being aware
but to no avail.  For some time is seems
he is only destined to see Stanton in her 4
th period class and
nowhere else until chance comes calling.

Several weeks later toward the end of the week in
the evening Harry’s mother interrupts him studying in his room.  “Harry,” his mother begins, “I have to go
away on an important business trip.  I
just found this out today.  I’ll be
flying out tomorrow, Friday morning, and will not be back until probably a week
from Saturday.  There’s plenty of food in
the house and I’ll leave you some money to go to the grocery store should you
need anything else.  I’ve told Ms.
Stanton of the situation and she’ll be around in case you need help with
anything that you can’t take care of. 
I’ll also be a cell phone call away during the evenings if you need
anything we well.  You should be
fine.”  After working through some of the
minor details Harry continues with his studying and his mother starts to pack.

Before his 4th period class the
following day, Stanton catches Harry before he turns the corner for the
classroom.  “Hey, Harry,” says Stanton,
“Your mom filled me in about her business trip she’s scheduled to leave on
today.  I’ve got a teacher’s union meeting
to attend to early in the evening but once I’m done I could swing by your place
to make sure you’re OK.  I’ve got some
movies we can hang out and watch if you like.” 
Before she leaves for class she hands Harry a folded note and tells him
this is her cell phone number and should be used only if he has an emergency
and needs to contact her.  He agrees and
Stanton takes off first to enter the classroom before Harry.  He can’t believe his luck.

Later in the evening, while at home, Harry receives
a text from a phone number he does not recognize.  It turns out it’s from Stanton, she says
she’s leaving her meeting soon and bringing pizza home for dinner if he wants
to join her later in a few hours.  Harry
agrees and replies to her.  A couple of
hours later, Stanton texts him again to tell him she’s home with the pizza
having a glass of wine and to come over.

Stanton open the door with a glass of wine in hand
and greets Harry and lets him in. 
Shutting the door behind him Harry follows Stanton to her living
room.  Harry is once again excited by Stanton
attire, she is wearing a wrap-around form fitting lime green dress, coming
together at a “V” right at her cleavage. 
Harry caught a glimpse of it coming through the door and makes a mental
note not to get caught trying to look down her dress.  It’s also short enough, ending couple of
inches above her knee and Stanton has on off black pantyhose with a black strip
that runs up the back of her leg.  Harry
can see a pair of lime green matching stilettos on the floor, he wishes Stanton
was still wearing them.

They enjoy pizza and conversation together.  Stanton has opened a bottle of red wine and
drinks it by herself.  She asks Harry
about his experience with reading Shakespeare and then informs him she was
initially considering which Shakespeare play the classes would read, it came
down to The Merchant of Venice or Romeo and Juliet.  Stanton further discloses she decided on Merchant and put aside the play she
enjoyed much more, Romeo and Juliet.  She then tells Harry the romantic tales
are what she enjoyed reading in college the most as she majored in Literature
in college. 

As she begins to tell Harry more and more about her
collegiate years she offers Harry a taste of her wine.  He accepts and she gives him a little taste
and then a little more and a little more after that.  The wine is bitter to Harry at first but the
more he has the less bitter it tastes. 
The conversation stays on the romantic tales Stanton read while in
college and after she graduated and then moves into theatrical films.  She tells Harry she not just enjoys romantic
films but ones the push the envelope on the dark side of the human psyche that
evolves when romantic movies go astray from Hollywood’s consistent formula for
happy endings.  Harry, seemingly confused
by what Stanton is talking about, inquires if there are any examples of movies she’s
talking about.  Stanton then goes into
another room and comes out with a DVD movie, titled 9 ½ Weeks, telling Harry this is an example of what she’s referring

Stanton motions for Harry to take a seat on her
couch and she’ll put in the film in her player. 
She does so and takes a seat on the couch, this time closer to Harry than
from the time on his couch while watching Merchant.  As the film begins Stanton sits close to the end
of the couch with her hands on her thighs, Harry would later swear to himself
that he thought Stanton was subtly sliding her hands up her thigh also pulling
her dress up exposing more of her nyloned legs. 
The film excites Harry, watching the characters interact sexually in
different scenes pushing their boundaries. 
The wine he had earlier isn’t helping him out either as well.  He can feel is member coming alive, pushing
up against his pants. 

After the film ends, Stanton who is now dangerous
closer on the couch to Harry, asks him his thoughts.  He begins to articulate his thoughts on the
film and the characters, feeling Stanton slide even closer to him on the
couch.  After some moments she cuts him
off asking if he was excited by the movie and rubs her hand on his thigh.  Facing her, with her free hand she gently
places it on his cheek pulling him towards her. 
Their lips meet, softly at first and then more aggressively.  Stanton consumes Harry as he is lost in emotion
from the excitement of the film and the effects of the alcohol.  She pulls away from him and quickly slides
onto his lap, facing him.  She begins again
to passionately kiss him more, pushing him back into the couch.  Instinctively, Harry slides his hands up
Stanton’s thigh, pushing her dress up and feeling around to the backside.  Harry likes the feel of the nylon material on
his hands.

After some moments, Stanton pulls away from Harry
and pulls at his shirt to help him take it off. 
She then attacks his nipples, licking and gently biting on them.  Harry is beside himself from the sensation
driving his ecstasy.  Finally separating,
Stanton tells him she has a “different” kind of movie for them to watch and
disappears in the room.  She returns a
short time later, pulling on the back of his hair and kissing him.  Stanton then tells Harry she has a pornographic
film for them to watch and it’s her favorite kind, the gangbang. 

As she goes over to the DVD player bending over to
take out one disk and put in another, Harry gets up from the couch, pushes up
her dress and slides his hand from Stanton’s backside to the front, rubbing the
nylon material over her clitoris.  Her
moaning out loud only increases the pace of Harry’s fingers, looking down he
can see there’s no other material underneath Stanton’s nylons, she’s not wearing
underwear.  Finally completing the disk
transfer, Stanton stands up and Harry follows, she then pushes him back on the
couch.  The movie begins. 

Watching the scene develop as two young women, on
their knees, surrounded by ten young men who undress and stand around the women
in a circle.  The women being to orally
please each of the men.  Each woman has a
cock in their mouth and masturbates two men with their free hands slowly
circling the group.  Harry is fixated on
the movie as Stanton unfastens his pants and helping slide them off.  Naked on the couch, Harry’s member is swollen
and erect from the foreplay.  Mimicking
the action taking place in the film, Stanton at first gently rubs Harry’s
phallus then bends over taking him into her mouth.  She circles the head at first slowly pushing
her way to the base.  Harry, breathing
heavily, begins to focus back and forth on the action taking place in the film
versus taking place on him. 

After sucking on Harry for some moments, Stanton
stands up and disrobes.  Her wrap-around
dress falling to the ground, all that remains is her bra and pantyhose.  Removing her bra she sits back on the couch
next to Harry.  Not being completely
selfish, Harry gently motions for Stanton to lie down on the couch.  At first he moves on top of Stanton, just
inches above her, and begins to kiss her. 
Slowly, he then moves down her body kissing her at various points,
stopping of pay attention to her nipples much like she did with him.  Slowly working his way down her body, Stanton
begins to move and gyrate in a consistent rhythmic motion, eagerly awaiting for
Harry to finish his journey downwards.           

After slowly working downward, Harry is at Stanton’s
vagina.  At first breathing hard onto her
clitoris he slowly begins using his tongue, saturating her nylons.  Continuing his actions, he can hear Stanton quietly
say, “Rip them.”  With Stanton still
moving and gyrating, Harry stops what he’s doing and pokes around Stanton’s
nylons looking for a weak stop.  As they
are soiled with his saliva, the nylons aren’t resistant when Harry finds a hole
and rips into it from the center, completely exposing Stanton’s vagina.  As he does this, Stanton moans out loud. Harry
instinctively looks up at Stanton and she has her head turned and watching the
movie helping her along and increasing her excitement. 

Not wasting any time, Harry pushes her labia open
and begins to orally pleasure Stanton. 
She then places her legs over Harry’s shoulders giving him full access
to her.  Moving his tongue in consistent
circles, Harry can hear Stanton’s breathing becoming heavier as does her moaning
becoming louder.  Hearing her excitement,
Harry continues at his pace pushing his face and tongue further into Stanton’s vulva.  The oral sex coupled with the movie prove too
much for Stanton as her climax crashes into her like waves crashing on the
beach, as it does she holds down Harry’s head to stop him from moving as she
becomes too sensitive to touch. 
Responding to her resistance, Harry stops moving until she releases his
head.  Sitting up and while still breathing
heavily she says quietly, “Fuck me.”

Harry doesn’t waste any time.  Sitting up quickly and holding her legs up,
Harry moves into position with Stanton gently guiding him inside her.  She is warm and inviting when he finally
pushes himself inside her.  Looking down
he can see his slick cock, move in and out of her vagina.  Stanton is clean shaven and bare making the
view that much easier.  Slowly pushing himself
in and out of Stanton, Harry relishes the moment.  Trying to keep himself from coming quickly he
tries to focus his mind on other topics in an effort to distract himself.  He can’t believe his luck, from the first
week of class and helping Stanton move furniture to spying on her in the hot tub.  Looking over at the television proves to
reverse Harry’s efforts at distraction. 
The films scene show both women, each separately riding reverse cowgirl
on a man, with another man on top of them. 
One of the woman has two cocks pushed tightly inside her vagina, while
the other woman rides the man anally and the man on top pushes himself inside
her vagina.  Both women have the heads
pulled back with a third man carefully slides his cock down into each of the
women’s mouths.

Watching the men change positions on each of the
women on the film while also penetrating Stanton drives Harry further and
further until he is at the edge of his climax. 
Moaning that he’s going to come, Stanton quickly pulls his cock out from
her and pushes Harry down onto the couch. 
She quickly takes his phallus into her mouth just as come starts to spewing.  She takes everything in, not letting any
residual liquid seep from her mouth.  And
like that, their intercourse is over.   

Stanton gets up first and cleans herself off.  She then brings Harry and warm cloth to clean
himself off as well.  There is a short
few awkward moments in Stanton’s living room until she breaks the silence.  “Harry, you can’t say anything about this to
anyone, not even to your friends, or even act any different in class.  I can get into a lot of trouble with the
school and something like this never go away for you and will always follow you
if people know about it,” Stanton says. 
Harry agrees and starts to look for his clothes.  “We have an extra thing to worry about and
that’s if any neighbors see us as well. 
If this gets back to your mother it will be just as bad as if the school
found out about this,” Stanton continues. 
She then tells Harry that with the cover of darkness he should leave for
his house and walk quietly from the entrance of her side gate to his front door
to avoid being seen.     

Harry further agrees and is unsure about whether
this was just a one-time fling never to happen again.  They both dress separately and head out to
Stanton’s backyard to the side gate entrance. 
At getting to the gate and looking in between the wooded boards to see
if the coast is clear, Harry moves to open the gate.  Stanton puts her hand on his stopping him.  She whispers in his ear, “I have another teacher
colleague coming over to pick me up tomorrow morning to work out.  After that I’ve got papers to grade in the afternoon.  I should be done by the evening, maybe you
can come over again.  Climb over the side
fence so no one sees you.  That hot tub
is nice to sit in and relax.  No one can
see into my backyard and see us if you were to come over.”  Harry smiles and agrees.  He whispers back, “Just text me when you’re

She smiles and nods and kisses him.  Harry then quietly opens the gate and heads out
into the blackness of night to his home next door and the front door, the rest
of the street is deserted.  Quietly
entering his home and shutting the door, satisfied no one saw him, Harry leans
up against the door and slides down to the floor, smiling.

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The master strikes again, exceptional writing. Didn't you write for Penthouse letters before?

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You're too kind.  I have not written for Penthouse Letters or any other publication for that matter.  I'm just a regular schmuck hack with an interest in creative writing and a vivid imagination. 

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Love your work.