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I had a client who's into cuckolding. we were thinking of setting up different scenarios. Are there guys out there who are into it, like being watched by another guy?


I want to know more...

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Years ago while at a club in Pleasanton I was approached by an attractive female who sat next to me at my table and said "your very handsome do you have a big cock?" I was a bit blind sided by this but told her that whats big to some may not be big to others. She responded with her hand on my crotch and checked my package like picking out a ripe piece of fruit. In hindsight she was checking to see if I was receptive to her sexual aggressiveness. She told me "It seems nice but your not hard...let me get your cock hard and see how big it is" as she unzipped my slacks reached her hand inside pulled away my underwear and started squeezing and rubbing my dick and balls while smiling at me. I was erect very quickly and asked her if it was big enough for her. She responded with "yes its a nice big cock do you want to push it in my pussy? I was a bit tipsy at the time so I had no reservations about saying yes. With her hand still playing with my throbbing shaft she told me "Im going to tell my husband that your going to take me home and fuck me" At that time I noticed her wedding band and asked her "where is your husband?" she responded with right over there as she pointed at a 30 something fit looking white guy a few tables down. He was watching us the whole time. She got up and walked over to him and then came back to me and sat down. She then said that her husband likes to watch her get fucked by guys with big dicks and was I ok with that? I looked over at him and he gave me a knod and a smile from his seat. I was a bit concerned it was a setup but I was in heat by then and drinking so I agreed. She took my hand and said he will find his way home will you drive me to my house. So I followed her lead to the parking lot and took her to my car. She lived 15 minute drive away and during the drive explained to me that her husband is her cuckhold and she likes to be fucked hard in front of him. He isnt large in the penis category so big dicks are her and his preference. She undid her seatbelt and leaned over to release my dick from behind my zipper and take me in her mouth while I was driving. She had to stop and pay attention to give directions. We pulled into the driveway of a nice house in dublin and she led me into the door and closed it behind her. She told me to help mysef in the fridge as she changes. She came out in leather bra and panties with chainlink straps. Walked into the kitchen and DFK me. She unbuckled my belt and slacks and dropped my pants to my feet. she pulled down my underwear and started licking my balls while stroking my dick then she started sucking my dick really wet and sloppy. This continued and her husband came through the door and said "I see your already started" I was silent. She replied "Yes baby now be good and quiet stay right there and watch " Then she pulled her leather panties to the side and rubbed her clit as she gave me head in front of her husband. She kept saying how much bigger and prettier my cock was compared to his. She helped me the rest of the way out of all my clothes and led me to a large ottoman in their living room that was only about 10 feet away from her husband. She removed her panties laid on her back and grabbed my dick to guid it inside her wett kitty. I started to pump her and she moaned like crazy talking about how good my big cock was and this is what she needed. Her husband just watched and smiled silently. She pushed me away and went to her elbows and knees facing him as I slid my dick back inside of her from behind. As I fucked her she kept telling him how good it was and I was  "real Man" as he watched silently. She told me she was going to drink my cum multiple times so when I was ready I pulled out and she turned around for me to blow it into her mouth. After she told him we were going to take a shower. so we left him in the living room and cleaned up. She then took me to their bedroom and we got in bed and fucked again while he stayed in the living room I guess. I fell asleep and woke up in the morning in the bed by myself. My clothes were left on the bed so I got dressed and came into the living room kitchen area to see them drinking coffee and cooking breakfast. They were both very nice and asked If I wanted breakfast. I replied "no Thank you I have to get going". I felt awkward at that time and just wanted to get out. So I left quickly letting myself out and thanked them for the hospitality. so there is my And yea I would do it again.

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That's fucking wild

i kinda feel sorry for the husband lol

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I had a wild experience years ago. Was asked to meet a woman out in Tracy for coffee. We talked for a bit and I guess I passed her test. She invited me to her place where her husband was waiting. I was pretty nervous as I'd never done anything like that before. I also wasn't sure if it might be possible to go missing lol. 

But they were into that. He offered me a beer and she took me upstairs. He watched quietly from the bedroom door as we did all sorts of things. She was gorgeous and very sexual. It was quite a day. 

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That was awesum dude....i wish I could come across this kind of situation...

Plus the way u explained the whole story....u can be a

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You don't have to feel sorry for the husband, it's just role playing.

I like to fantasize about this stuff, in a variety of roles, but have not done it.

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It has always been a fantasy of mine to be with someones girl as her man watches.  Now that I'm single again, might put more effort in trying to fulfill this fantasy.

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I have some experience with my girlfriend. Interested in more either watching or participating.

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Been there... done that.....I'd probably do it again.


Leah stripefront
rose leah_lin
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Thank you for all your replies! I got some real world work for the next two weeks... I will revisit this subject soon. Keep the stories coming! Also have you ever done an official "scene session " like this...? 

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Im not sure what you mean by "Scene Session" leah_Lin.

tophat JAYJAY
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Tabusoro, "U can be a" Thanks buddy. I do have aspirations of becoming a published writer. I just dont have time to commit to it so hearing your complimentary words on such a short rushed story is very encouraging. 

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I have helped several couple out before. It was fun for me. 

One of the situations was the man could not please her and he liked seeing her pleased by others. 

I fucked her for about 3 hours... it was a blast. 

Im more than happy to help you out. I’m 42, clean, fit and endowed 



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rose KieraC
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I LOVE cuckolding and have about 8 years experience in it. It's a huge part of my personal and professional life.

(Deleted) I love talking about it, giving advice, etc. Love it!


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Cray cray.. Glad you woke up alive and with everything in tack...