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rose tiger_queen81417
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hey all

i hope this is ok to post.. i have a few things 

1) i keep getting asked if i do doubles is there any provider (woman) who is willing to do doubles with me? i dont know many people and definitely nobody willing to help lol

2) what days are best for hobbyist? and what times?

3) i have had a few bad experiences not sure if they were from NS or not but what is the best way you as a provider screen your dates? i have had fake pics sent and they show up not like the pic or very rude or flake after they get the address and the most common "on something" being some type of intoxicated

hoping for advice help anything please PM me 

i have only been at this 5 months 

thanks enjoy the night


tophat Milagro
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There is a providers corner where you might get better responses. Good luck!

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One thing you might try is to be more active on some of these boards. Just another way to get your name out there. Check out the hobbyist forums and if guys mention they are looking for something that interests you, you can respond to that.  Good luck. 

tophat Genki
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Ms. Bellina,

I just wanted to say "greetings and welcome".

Take a browse around the forums and perhaps you'll find answers to your inquiries.

Be safe.