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tophat TC123
Since: Jul '14
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Checking to see if there are any motels in Walnut Creek, Pleasant Hill, Concord area that take cash only with no CC required? I cant do outcalls so Im looking at another option of taking/ meeting girls at a motel where I won't leave a paper trail  for personal reasons :). I thought of going the Hot Tubs in PH again, which is fun, but they don't have an indoor space or bed and the weather is changing. Any ideas are appreciated. Thanks in advance. TC123

tophat TC123
Since: Jul '14
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You can inbox me also if you don't want to put any places on blast. TC123

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rose Sweet Amanda
Since: Jul '17
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Extended stay America 

tophat TC123
Since: Jul '14
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Amanda, Thanks for the info. Ill look into it. TC123 

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tophat Srcalguy
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I have In the past asked if I could pay cash even though they require a credit card to book the room and have had some success.  It's worth asking. 

tophat Marks3432
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Not sure if the super 8 in the area has the same policy as the one in Sac. Call them and ask them. 

But the one in Sac let's you give a $100 in cash as the deposit and then pay in cash, but do require and ID;

You get the $100 deposit back in cash at check out. 

 At least they used to a few years ago.