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tophat Texsun
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Just curious.  What hotels do providers use in the Walnut Creek area? 

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rose Asia Monroe
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Why do you want to know you made a second thread on this topic sounds like L .E to me be safe ladies 

tophat MNMgreen
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Yes sir, I believe the county hotel is in Martinez! Thought you would know that, don't you have to report in?

tophat looksyounger
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I believe the Motel 6 in Walnut Creek is the safest place for Hearts/Roses to stay - never any PO presence - park in the back and watch the ladies stroll their stuff outside their doors on the second floor - you pick the one you want and go upstairs ....

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tophat PnkPrlHntr
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You're so clever Johnny, you have the exact same question on another thread. Only you reworded the topic. Hey I have a question for you. What's your favorite donut shop?

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tophat Ledbetter
Since: Feb '18
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Looks like Texsun is also PM’ing people asking them to “provide details of your encounte“ with providers”? Hey Tex, either you are creepy, or a cop.....either way, FO!

tophat UncleBuck
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rose sarahsoleii
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🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂 let me know when you find out

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tophat PnkPrlHntr
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There's a donut shop across the street from days inn on the east side just before you get to Clayton.