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tophat goodstuff17
Since: Jul '17
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Looking for a regular provider up for PSE sloppy Deepthroat/Cock Worship near Oakland/Berkeley. I know there have been other similar topics, but wanted to start a more up to date forum.

Like I said would like to find a regular who genuinely enjoys this, feel free to comment or PM.

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tophat DatNinjitsu
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I think there are many of us who are interested in this, so I'll also be glad to see suggestions and recommendations!

tophat thunderlips
Since: Mar '15
pushpin 17 - 14 Reviews has the skills and enthusiasm.  She's not based out of the EB but comes pretty regularly, I think.

tophat looksyounger
Since: Aug '15
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The "Lovely Lea" knows her way around a mans cock - she is quite accomplished - PM me for her number ....

As for you Walnut Creek Brothers keep knocking on Lana's door ...

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Thank you for the shout out😘

I'm known to give some of the wettest, sloppy, porno head. I'm in East bay semi often. Check my ad for my next scheduled visit. 💕💋🍆💦💦

tophat goodstuff17
Since: Jul '17
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References available

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rose Kitten
Since: Aug '16
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Hello Sir! I'm hosting in my reviews and you will see this is my forté! I love and worship cock like no other 💋

tophat Teddi Bear510
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Don't start with me young man! I've been telling you for how long? Lol 😘

Arlee this is my avatarthere are many like it but this one is mine
tophat heyjoe
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i will second thunderlips with the khloe reference ..nice and sloppy 

add to that soakingwetkitty,sicilianbellacakes,lilyforyou510 ,all have their own style pace and great finish ..funny how diiferent a bj can be from lady to lady but all turns out great when she loves what she does

tophat islander1986
Since: Jun '15
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Who's Lana and how can I contact her

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tophat DatNinjitsu
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Any more suggestions? Or any success based on suggestions on this list? I will say that I had the pleasure of engaging Khloe Love last week and she does not fail to impress ;)

tophat Five
Since: Aug '14
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I have to agree with hey joe I have seen kitty. bella and lily

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rose natalie_swallows_all
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Ahem. Has everyone forgot about me? 

tophat 100Strokes
Since: Nov '14
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Do you ever host in Oakland/Emeryville/Berkeley? That's the area being discussed after all. If you'd like in on the conversation come on over.


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rose sarahsoleii
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I have hosted in Berkeley once, I host in Pinole once a month, amazing mouth piece, maybe we should meet in the future 😊😚

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rose Korean Class
Since: May '17
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I miss my regular I used to do this with 😒

Never try retiring for good dick lmao 🤣

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rose lisagetsdoe
Since: Dec '14
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Go to my listing and check my pornhub out 

tophat Mobump
Since: Feb '17
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That sounds Great!

tophat Admirer
Since: Sep '14
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I did... I saw clips of a hand job with your mouth taking in about 1 inch of cock. The poster is looking for DT...

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rose AmyDivine
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I have private video proof

tophat Mobump
Since: Feb '17
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Dayumm. You're Sexy.😉

tophat bluehouse11
Since: Dec '17
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Any other providers interested? Ready for you now..

tophat Swallowmewhole
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I think i know a few

tophat bluehouse11
Since: Dec '17
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Having difficulty finding a provider without references.

I have one reference available and am willing to FaceTime or verify thru alternative methods. if any providers are willing to see me please message me asap I'd like to see someone for this today