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tophat goodstuff17
Since: Jul '17
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Looking for a regular provider up for PSE sloppy Deepthroat/Cock Worship near Oakland/Berkeley. I know there have been other similar topics, but wanted to start a more up to date forum.

Like I said would like to find a regular who genuinely enjoys this, feel free to comment or PM.

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tophat nickums
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I think there are many of us who are interested in this, so I'll also be glad to see suggestions and recommendations!

tophat thunderlips
Since: Mar '15
pushpin 17 - 13 Reviews has the skills and enthusiasm.  She's not based out of the EB but comes pretty regularly, I think.

tophat looksyounger
Since: Aug '15
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The "Lovely Lea" knows her way around a mans cock - she is quite accomplished - PM me for her number ....

As for you Walnut Creek Brothers keep knocking on Lana's door ...

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Thank you for the shout out😘

I'm known to give some of the wettest, sloppy, porno head. I'm in East bay semi often. Check my ad for my next scheduled visit. 💕💋🍆💦💦

tophat goodstuff17
Since: Jul '17
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References available

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rose Kitten
Since: Aug '16
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Hello Sir! I'm hosting in my reviews and you will see this is my forté! I love and worship cock like no other 💋

tophat Teddi Bear510
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Don't start with me young man! I've been telling you for how long? Lol 😘

Arlee this is my avatarthere are many like it but this one is mine
tophat heyjoe
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i will second thunderlips with the khloe reference ..nice and sloppy 

add to that soakingwetkitty,sicilianbellacakes,lilyforyou510 ,all have their own style pace and great finish ..funny how diiferent a bj can be from lady to lady but all turns out great when she loves what she does

tophat islander1986
Since: Jun '15
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Who's Lana and how can I contact her

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tophat nickums
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Any more suggestions? Or any success based on suggestions on this list? I will say that I had the pleasure of engaging Khloe Love last week and she does not fail to impress ;)

tophat Five
Since: Aug '14
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I have to agree with hey joe I have seen kitty. bella and lily

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rose natalie_swallows_all
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Ahem. Has everyone forgot about me? 

tophat 100Strokes
Since: Nov '14
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Do you ever host in Oakland/Emeryville/Berkeley? That's the area being discussed after all. If you'd like in on the conversation come on over.


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rose sarahsoleii
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I have hosted in Berkeley once, I host in Pinole once a month, amazing mouth piece, maybe we should meet in the future 😊😚

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rose Korean Class
Since: May '17
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I miss my regular I used to do this with 😒

Never try retiring for good dick lmao 🤣

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rose lisagetsdoe
Since: Dec '14
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Go to my listing and check my pornhub out 

tophat Mobump
Since: Feb '17
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That sounds Great!

tophat Admirer
Since: Sep '14
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I did... I saw clips of a hand job with your mouth taking in about 1 inch of cock. The poster is looking for DT...

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rose AmyDivine
Since: Jul '17
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I have private video proof

tophat Mobump
Since: Feb '17
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Dayumm. You're Sexy.😉