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Mark 9
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Someone in another forum was explaining where his fetish originated from and it got me thinking about mine. 

So when I was 14 I was having dinner at my sisters house and discovered my bro-in-law had porn (VHS... man, old school). I did what any 14 year old would do and stole it. haha.

Anyway, so I'm watching this video... guys bangs girl, cums on her stomach. guy bangs girl, cums on her stomach. And on and on for like 4 scenes. 

But then it happened. A scene where they were banging in a movie theater and at the end a close up... the guy shoots rope upon rope across this beautiful girls face... open mouth... sideways, so it goes across the corners of her mouth. I remember thinking "holy shit!! He came on her FACE?? You can do that?!?!" 

That started my collection of any and every facial pic /. video I could find. I couldn't wait until the day I got to do that. It wasn't until 5 years later that I found a girl willing to do it, but I did it every friggin time I could after that! 

I still love doing it. Nothing beats finding a pretty girl to blast a load on. I just wished I had the amount I used to have. Lol. They can make a pill to get your dick rock hard, but still have nothing to let me through a cup of love lotion all over an eager set of lips.

Where did your fetish start? 

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That is hot, loved reading it thank you for sharing and can’t wait to see others

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When I wasa kid--not sure how old I was--my parents had rented some movies.  They were watching one and I walked into the room and caught a glimpse of a naked woman in a bathtub.  They sent me out of the room since I was "too young" for that movie.  The next day I was able to sneak that movie back into the VCR.  It wasn't a porno, but it was very "mature" in content.  I fast-forwarded (limited time for my sneakiness) and found the scene.  There was this woman in the bathtub and a man bathing her.  During it he reached between her legs and she became VERY excited and vocal.  I didn't yet understand what was being portrayed, but it did excite me mentally.

Ever since then I have had a bit of a bath fetish.  I love porn that involves bathing.  I've tried on a few occasions to live this fantasy of giving a woman a sexy, erotic bath, but it has never fulfilled my desires.  Just never had the right chemistry.  But as a fantasy and a fetish it really turns me on.  The idea of doing something so clean AND dirty.

To this day I have no idea what the name of that movie was.  No idea at all.  Never seen it since.  But the fetish remains.

"Always a gentleman"

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It's funny but mine was a movie as well. My grandmother rented what she thought was a regular action movie for us grandkids to watch, I was about 10, and the first scene is a group of guys tearing the clothes off a woman in the woods, next scene she's tied up with ropes and gagged at their hideout. 

I dont.know what happened after because they realized there was nudity in the movie so it got snatched away, but I always remember how that woman looked tied up and gagged. And thats how I found my way into bondage gear. 

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Daty - This began after my neighbor (32 yr old single mom) decided to enlighten me after she got home her date. (I was sitting her kid). That night she took my virginity and also taught me how to orally satisfy a woman.

I've been a voracious pussy eater since.

Feet - Mrs Dawg in her youth had the most fantastic legs you have ever seen and the made a bee line right down to her size 5, petite pretty feet and toes. She would go barefoot most the time, sandals, prop them up on the dash.

Now... I cannot stop from searching for ladies propping their feet up on the dash of their cars. I get instant chubby!!! I love feet, naked feet, pretty feet and feet on dash!!!

This is one of the first things I notice on a lady now.

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It's amazing how those first sexual encounters can shape our desires for life.  Like Mr. OCD, I lost virginity to a 30+ mom, who also taught me the pleasure of putting my tongue to good use.  She finished in CG, which to this day is my favorite position (i love to play with boobs while being ridden to the finish line!).


Mark 9
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Mine was a 20 year old french foreign exchange student my family was housing for a summer work program. Gorgeous slim brunette with long curly hair and bright green eyes... her body was amazing. She looked EXACTLY like Valeria Golino. Like.. EXACTLY like her! Sounds like something out of a fantasy I know... but swear on my life it's true.

Anyway.. I was only 15 and gosh was I a little horn dog for her. She started slow... tickle fights and teasing around. Finally one night she kissed me, and I was hooked. I couldnt think about anything else but her. A few nights later while watching tv together I initiated some kissing which turned in to my hands roaming everywhere. Probably spent a good hour just touching everything everywhere I could. She asked where I learned to do all that. Fuck... I had no clue what the hell I was doing. I mostly learned from watching blurred out Playboy channel haha. I was embarrassed. A few nights after that it turned into us getting it on. That lasted the few short weeks she stayed. It just about broke my heart when it was time for her to leave. 

I didn't really get a fetish from it. Hell, I wish I would have tried more... I'm pretty sure she would have been down for it. But I always remember how much she liked being touched and caressed all over so that is something I like to do since. So that's my" virginity to an older woman" share! 

Good memories man!

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When I was younger, I would find porn videos on my siblings phone. Asked to use and secretly watched them. Or if I knew there was a naughty part in a movie I wasn’t allowed to watch, I would later on take when nobody’s home and fast-toward to watch it. (needed a spanking!! I know.) Sometimes I would play with myself, sometimes I wouldn’t. I would absolutely love to hear the moaning though!! Turned me on how the men made the women orgasm to the extreme. I, then began to love watching porn and would look it up almost every other day. I loved all sorts of different porn videos. Especially, the seducing or punishment ones. Those were my favorite😘. I don’t watch them much anymore because I’m lucky enough to live out my sexual desires now.  I don’t think I personally developed an individual fetish from all this but I am sure it made one naughty girl!!😉 

I got real warmed up and WET after reading all your beginning fetish stories, I hope others are willing to share with us their own. 😊

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    My fetish for busty, thick, ethnic girls came from, like most on here; from finding an old porn tape. It was an 80s compilation of busty babes. In it I saw Veronica Brazil and Ebony Ayers. Growing up in a metro area I was uses to different ethnicities. Found my attraction to different races was equal. But those two woman blew my mind. Absolutely stunning. In my area woman were 80lbs or 800lbs. This was the first time a fullbodied thick woman was ever on display and in full view. I absolutely loved what I saw. I'd started noticing boobs by now as well, but didn't know they made them like that. Big and full, bouncy and little nippled. They way the talked and moved was beyond intoxicating. Ever since then thick girls with a bit of an accent have always done it for me.
    I have an affinity for strong woman as well. Did not get it from a porn but from the baddest bitch I ever met. Was all of 19 or 20 hanging out with my buddy's gf, him, and her friend. Who was 22 or so, a 5'5' 150lbs DD latina. We set up a weekend of drinking and stupidity. Maybe we hook up maybe not. We all agreed to just see what happened. We start drinking early in the day and my buddy's gf bets she can beat her friend to the bottom of the beer, winner's choice. They race beers, my buddy's girl wins. Slams the beer down with one hand and yells "suck his dick bitch" while pointing with the other. Her friend shrugs "bet's a bet". Finishes off her beer and puts the gum on her bottle starts tying her hair back "whip it out son, I ain't suckin' air" she said looking at me. Pants around my ankles she no handed no warning goes nose to belly down my dick. Twisting her head a little licking and fondling my balls at he same time. Was not prepared for anything close to that. First time I ever got D.T.ed and an enthusiastic porno bj. "Holy shiiiit, fuuuck me", was all I studderingly got out and pulled back. "If you can't handle a little mouth, this tight little kitty might kill you. Stop being a pussy and get back over and fuck my face you little bitch". She retorts slapping my bare ass and morning me towards her. Annoyed and a little amused by my reaction. Never had a woman step up or talk to me like that. Never seen a woman so sure of herself or openly sexual. It was exhilarating and I'll admit a bit intimidating. I get close to finishing and she notices I'm about to cum......then suddenly stops. Standing up she looks at the stunned people in the room "What? You said suck a dick. Didn't say make him cum". Grabs a beer and her gum off the old bottle and goes about her business. I, laughing at how well she played that. Get out a chuckling "ohhhh you bitch" as I pull my pants up. A shit eating grin crosses her face while she quickly shrugs her eyebrows teasingly with a quick wink.
     Later that night after a lot more beers we wind up together. She was like no one before her, told me how she liked it. She was verbal, moaned. Didn't care who could hear or what the neighbors or our friends might think. I have been involved in martial combat since I could walk. I was into Brazilian Juijitsu at the time. There are a lot if similarities between grappling positions and sex positions. While in missionary. She wraps my leg with hers. I giggle in my head that she's setting up a sweep (reversing a defensive position of yourself for that of an opponent thus putting yourself in an attacking position with your opponent on the defensive). She grabs my neck. Strong and firm, but sensual and calming as well. She pulls me into kiss me deeply, suck on my neck the whispers "my turn" into my ear. She keeps her hand on my neck then grabs an overhook. Before what exactly is happening sinks in.....she sweeps me. Keeping me inside of her the whole time. I lay underneath her a bit shocked. "You're not the only one who knows a thing or two". She starts to grind on me a little bit. Her hand still on my neck. I start to move with her. She squeeze firmly, ever so slightly cutting off some air. "NO, I said it was my turn to fuck you". She gives me a little slap. "Hit me again I think I'm in love" comes out of my mouth without ever being a thought in my head. She smiles "I bet you say that to all the girls. I don't need you to talk or move. I just need your cock for a little while. Now shut up and take it you little bitch". She grabs my legs and puts me in the Amazon position. Didn't even know that shit was possible. It was strange and wild. Vulnerable and freeing at the same time. Gave me a view and a feeling for how woman probably felt and saw things during sex. She climbs back on top and she rides me for a while. She changes rhythm letting me come completely out of her then slidding slowly down my whole length.After a few strokes the feeling totally changes. She let's out a lustful sigh "Holy fuck I actually like that. Congratulations you popped my black cherry". "What the fuuuck is that". "You're in my ass you stupid little bitch". She said with a smile.....for the first time I ever hear her say anything....nervously and unsure. "Youre the first guy I've let put it in my you like it?". Strangely trepedacious, plaintifly and again unsure. Which lasted all of five seconds. "Of course you do. All of my fuck holes are awesome and I'm bad bitch with and mad skills. Why wouldn't my ass be to". "I think some little bitch owes me a thank you for my generosity". A twing of doubt. "I've never put it in any ones ass before. It's beyond awesome. Thank you.....really no bull shit. Thank you for sharing that part of yourself with me. Not the physical, but the part I'm sure you let no one touch". She kissed me deeply, pasdionately and rode me wildly. I played with her clit and fingered her, finding her g-spot. She stands up and says "On your knees you little bitch". I oblige and keep playing. She slaps my hand off her clit and I find her spot again. "Just like that, stay there I wanna cum on your little bitch face". She squirts me, aiming her juices by pulling the skin around her rosey flush box and moving her hips for maximum coverage. She collapses bent over the bed. "Do you need a minute". "No", she says panting and sweating. "I need you to pull my hair, smack my ass, pick a hole and keep pounding me until I pass out.......stupid little bitch". She said looking back at me with that Mona Lisa smile of hers. The weekend went on like that for 3 more days. She introduced me to role-play and many other great and strange wonderful things those few precious days. My buddy stopped checking on us or asking us if we wanted to go with him and his girl half way through the second day. 
  I had never been with a woman so free with her body and sexuality. Unconstrained or concerned. Never had a woman with the confidence to tell me to shut up and take it. To put me in my place. Never felt the fire or passion of intimacy and wild raw sex until I met her. Never met a take charge slap you around show you just how far off your notion of what sex was truly was. Never felt the freedom of giving control to someone else. Felt how awesome taking direction could be. Not a you're doing it wrong type of thing. But that open communicative this is the road map to me and my body. The comfort of knowing what to do and not fumbling around guessing. It was something I thought I would hate. Not letting some chick tell me what to do. If she didn't like we won't do it again. But I loved the role of being a bit submissive. She opened my eyes to a whole world about myself and about sex. She never truly knew how much that weekend changed my life and perspective on things. Since that day I've always loved foul mouthed tom-boys. A girl strong enough to show me my place but know hers. To share the power back and forth of dominate and submissive. A thick, busty, bad ass bitch.

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My stupid ass brother showed me a porno magazine once, when I was young. But long After when I entered middle school, I had to walk home. I would have to walk through the orchard trees to get home on time, for my moms homemade tortillas. But I would always come across, pages of porn on my way. I would take them, hide them in my backpack, get home and go straight to the bathroom. I didn’t know how to mastubate at the time, so I would lay on my stomach and massage my dick, in a circular motion, that how I made my self cum.  My mom would eventually find my porn and beat the shit out of me, telling me it’s the work of the devil but I wouldn’t listen, I was such a horny boy. One time when my sister was in college and I remember she brought this thick human anatomy book . My sister told me to read it and understand what it trying to say, that masturbation was normal and the whole psychology shit how it’s just hormones that a teen was going through, But I for once couldn’t read really well and so I would skipped through the pages and search for vagina pictures instead. 

My other fetish is silk panties. I would steal my sister’s and she would find them and my mom would beat the shit out of me, when she found out. Sometimes I  would wear them and rub the soft silk feeling on my cock. I started to steal them a Kmart, Sears, Macy’s, factor to you, you name it. But mostly Kmart or Factor to You, since it was the only two places my family could afford to shop. Anyways, obviously they would catch me stealing, sometimses but I remember one time I stold a lot like a lot a lot and I shoved them down my pants but because it was too many, it looked like I had a fat pelvis. They knew I was up to no good. That all I would steal. Is silk panties eventual sexy lingerie and I would try them on. I just love silk and I love to fuck on it , both the softness of a women’s skin and silk sheets make me cum fast and hard. I’m old enough to buy my own silk panties but I wish more providers offer their panties for sale. I even masturbate with my silk sheets rapped around my cock, stroking it.  

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Maybe that was my post that you recalled from the Special Interests Forum.  It was titled "Where'd that fetish come from?" and I believe I can link it here:

In case that doesn't link the original post (I have the tech savvy of a squash so we won't count on that), my fetish originated when I was 16, the next door neighbor was 26 and a young Sharon Stone lookalike, and she was a raging alcoholic.  And to add to the fetish she smoked cigars (inhaling them) as well. 

I know a few things about fetishes.  I know I don't judge anyone else's.  I may not understand them, but it's not up to me to judge them.  And I know I wish I didn't have my fetish.  I don't know if that's a standard complaint, but I wish I didn't have to rely on a particular fetish to be aroused, but maybe that's more common than I think.  And I add to this thread because I'd love to find a heavy drinker who smokes.  And if you're a provider who wishes you could meet someone who only wants the heavy drinking and the smoking, maybe you'll PM me.  

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You bring up a very important issue with fetishes, Rareyear55:

"but I wish I didn't have to rely on a particular fetish to be aroused,"

This can be a real problem.  Anytime we get so that only a specific set of circumstances/stimulations will allow us to become arroused, we have a sexual dysfunction.  A fetish can lead to this.  It is not generally healthy to need to rely on a very narrow band of stimulation for arrousal.  This can create unhealthy fixations and also lead to many frustrations when we can't find access to that stimulation.  

I'm not looking down on anyone who has this issue.  I'm just saying that if anyone needs to rely only on a specific fetish or service for arrousal they should seek some sort of sexual/mental/psychological therapy to help them out.  It is one thing to have a favorite activity, quite another if you can't get going without it.  

"Always a gentleman"

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Well, we can all blame the pop top VHS tape recorder for our various secret fetish hangups.  So we're all about mid 40's to 50's and either have a stash of old girly mags or have burned those and just keep pornhub in the bookmarks.

When I saw phone I knew it had to be someone in their 20's.  

I disagree though that people need counseling for fetish obsessions.  It might make you understand it better but the human mind was meant to obsess over things.  In fact it ensures the propagation of the species.  When older gentlemen pass on there is always the dealings with "What do we do with grandpa's spanking porn we found in the tool shed".  That's why there is so many sub catagories for porn.  Everyone's got something.

It's not a problem.  It's how society reacts to said fetish that is the problem.  Now, if your fetish involves harming others then you need help.  Unless those others want to be harmed...  Where does it stop?

I like how Japan handles it.  Go find your fetish mate, go to a hello kitty fetish hotel and take care of it.  Go back to your families, be a productive member of society, repeat.  No shame in that.

I fetishize everything or nothing depending on my mood.  It started for me when I left my mother's vaginal corridor and wanted right back in.  I was breast fed so no mystery there.  I do remember tearing out a magazine ad with a long haired brunette chained to rock- her secret lady parts covered by said hair- smiling at her predicament.  What was that ad selling?  That's why I must enjoy restraining brunettes so much... and making them smile at their predicament.

The choking I don't know.  Had a girl ask for it once and she loved it.  I had a girl choke me whilst riding hard just to see and it does make cumming more intense.  Thus why orgasm is refered to as the little death.

There was a girl my age wearing a wonder woman swimsuit when we were young who got me alone in her parents bedroom.  We weren't even 10 yet.  I told her to do things and she did them.  Now that's intoxicating.  That was my first lap dance.  So maybe that explains me always buying outfits for ladies and assigning roles, backstories, firmly telling them what to do but with love I may ad.  

In the fourth grade I envisioned every girl in my class including our teacher, naked, hands bound and standing all in a line, legs spread with a single rope ran tightly between their thighs that was fastened from the top of one wall to the other.  Everyone gagged.  Immobile.  Then I just went down the line and groped, fondled and molested every female in the 4th grade- whether they were willing or not- and Ms. Thompson till they all had that look on their faces.

I blame that on the alien abduction.


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Fetishes, fetishes, what an odd thing they are.

almost subconscious, some I know others I don’t know why I have them.

Milfs, or older women: I remember a movie when I was younger (VHS) and in it there was an older woman who sorta, well smothered a kid with her huge bosom. I had no clue what I was watching, but it became my favorite movie. Ever since then, I’ve been a fan of the foxy older ladies, big enhanced tits don’t hurt.

Bondage: probably a control thing, but who knows.

Squirting: the first porn site I ever saw was some squirting fetish site that got shut down in the early 2000s. Found it on a typo when I was pretty young. Probably only spent 5 minutes on it before getting my ass beat.

I don’t quite remember it, but early on in my schooling (before the age of 10 easy) I was super young. I remember a girl built a fort out of blankets in school/ daycare/ whatever. Me and her played husband and wife and I feel like she either walked in on her parents while they were, erm “playing husband and wife” or she just naturally had a lot of pent up lust. Of course we never did anything actually sexual but that was more for lack of knowledge, for had she known I’m sure she would’ve initiated that. Either way she wasn’t too big on bodily boundaries, and we always had our little thing throughout school. Ever since then I was stuck with one thing on my mind: girls.

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Boy, did I misunderstand the title of this thread!

When I read, "Where did your fetish originate?" the first thought that came to my head was "I dunno...but if I had to guess, I'd say Germany or England...."


"And I think to myself, What a wonderful world."

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I have this fetish for hair.  Not just any kind.  It has to be naturally long, straight, perfectly straight, either in natural black or natural blonde.  It can’t be a fake color. Or it has to be colored so well I can’t tell. 

I sat behind this girl in class.  She had the most beautiful amazing long blonde natural hair.  Every day I would ask if I could smell her hair.  She would always agree.  I couldn’t get enough!  I would always run my fingers through it and constantly be smelling it!  This went on for a whole school year.  Then I found videos of hair jobs!  It heightened my fetish for long hair! 

This started in high school.  I was a sophomore.  

It continues to this day but it’s very hard to find someone with the right kind of hair.  And even more difficult to touch! 

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Lol when I was a kid I would go watch my brother practice basketball and watch the cheerleaders practice with those short dress and pantries on.  Well he dated one and I stole them from her gym bag one night when we stopped so she could get something from the store.   Been hooked on sniffing. Pantries and eating pussy every since

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I'm not sure this is the same topic.  When I was 12 my parents had the 17 year old girl next door watch over me.  She would come over to use the pool and boss me around.  She said if I did not obey I would get in trouble with my parents.  One day I had enough and when she went into the kitchen I pinned her down on the floor and spanked her covered ass hard.  I did this until she quieted down.  She said she would stop bossing me around and being mean.  When I let her up she ran to the bathroom and shut the door.  She was good after than until the last week of summer when she started up bossing again.  Once again and caught her and administered a good spanking.  I was only 12 but she seemed to stay put and not struggle.  In hind sight I think she enjoyed it.  Once again she ran to the bathroom and shut the door.  I did enjoy spanking her which started a life long enjoyment of spanking women. 

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This is going to sound so juvenile but my fetish started with the movie "Deep Throat". I was young and dumb and a virgin and I thought sex acts like this were abnormal. I went  years thinking about about how do you get a girl to do this. I think when i was in college in the mid sixties people were much more conservative in their sexual practices and when I asked my girlfriend for a blow job I think she almost threw up at the thought of doing such a perverted act. Then when I tried to perform daty she closed her legs like a vise. I don't think junior high kids today would be so naive.Anyway I picked up a hooker one time and she was cool and friendly and she says to me that she is a head doctor which she was and this was the first bbbjdt I had ever had and I was hooked for ever. I told her it felt so good when my dick entered her mouth and when it went down her throat it was like entering a second pussy. If anyone re reviews my review summary you will notice it all revolves around bbbj.