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rose Misslovinglife
Since: Jul '17
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I see that there is a huge demand for uncovered service. I wasn't aware that this was so demanding before I joined this site. Is there ANYBODY who practices being safe anymore 😆 

On another note, I understand why someone would want uncovered service. I'm just starting out and I don't want to start like that. 

What do you guys think about providers who only offer covered service?


tophat stevenvisalia
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Your service is a matter of personal choice and no one can tell you what you should do or try to talk you into something.  Personally not to scare anyone,  I am getting leery of the popularity of BBS when considering those incurable STDs that are lurking. I don't know how safe BBS is or isn't in our community, however I don't think it is a question of (IF) but rather a question of (WHEN) there will be a crisis. Should or when any of the currently known resistant or incurable STD or one that isn't known about becomes an epidemic you may see panic and only those providers that offer covered service left standing or hobbyist that received BBS that became infected left out in the cold, left having to explain it to their SO...It's something to think about.

This scenario played out In the 80s when HIV AIDs became known there was a nationwide panic and concern.  Condom sales and use went soaring.  Before AIDS, Gays were struggling for civil rights, and when AIDS was announced and how it was believed to be transmitted you didn't hear a peep out of the GAY community, their microphone went silent delaying their fight for civil rights and recognition until more accurate HIV AIDs information was available.


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tophat ValleyScott
Since: Jul '17
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Missy, it is really all up to you when it comes to safety. Your body, your choice.

I will say that ANYONE having uncovered vaginal or anal sex in the hobby poses a risk to all of us. Save that for the marriage bedroom.

As for bbbj, tgats up to you. Like many men, I prefer uncovered oral, but I totally understand why some providers refuse and I respect that. If they do only provide cbj, I do like them to make sure I'm fully hard before tring to put a condom on me. After that it really is all about the lady's technique. I've had awesome cbj's and lousy bbbj's. 

Be safe, be smart, and be yourself. You make the rules for you. 


-Valley Scott

"Always a gentleman"

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tophat Dr.PallMall
Since: Feb '15
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What do you guys think about providers who only offer covered service?


---immediate pass no matter how hot the pics are.

tophat asiantyphoon
Since: Oct '14
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tophat Dr.PallMall
Since: Feb '15
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rose Ashely
Since: Jul '15
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Bbfs has become more and more of a request... seems like the girls are not too concerned with the consequences of their health or the health of others... of course they wouldn't admit to their actions but I'm sure the guys have a forum of their own to discuss who allows that type of risky act... 

Of course it's your choice to get down like that but being in this profession it should be a hard NO... imho💋

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tophat citylyts
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To me I like safe sex. But that is me. You just need to do what you feel safe doing . If you don't want to do Bareback just say NO. If they won't take no for a answer then just show them the door. Stick with what you feel safe doing. I'm sure you will find a lot more guys that will go with what you want if they want to be with you. Be Safe. City.

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rose Misslovinglife
Since: Jul '17
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Thank you for the input Steven. I hope everyone stays safe. 

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rose Misslovinglife
Since: Jul '17
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Thanks Scott I see what you mean

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rose Misslovinglife
Since: Jul '17
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I understand why you would pass. To each their own

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rose Misslovinglife
Since: Jul '17
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Hahaha yes your right. Come spank me 💋

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rose Misslovinglife
Since: Jul '17
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Prior to participating in this profession I had know idea that those types of activities would even be considered. You learn something everyday. 

By by the way Ashley you have a nice ass 💋

tophat mrniceguy007
Since: Jan '17
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While no BBFS for me I do insist on a BBBJ before the CFS but just my personal preference.  If you don't want to do that your decision no offense, no problem, I will just go elsewhere.   That is my choice just as no BBBJ is your choice.

tophat Westsidebob
Since: Jul '14
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As others have already stated, this depends on the provider and the client.

I'm always distressed if a provider puts a condom in her mouth before she has put it on me orally.  I don't want her body fluids inside my condom, just as I'm sure she wouldn't want my body fluids.  So, when that happens, I quickly tell her to use another condom but this time don't put it in her mouth until it's already completely on my penis.

Have I had bbs with any providers before?  Yes, but they were unintentional experiences because the condoms broke and the bbs time was minimal since most of us can tell when a condom breaks.  Was I still concerned?  Of course, for after such breakages, I would go to my doctor as soon a possible to get STD tests done and breathe sighs of relief when the test results came back negative.

Still, that said, some providers offer or some clients want bbs because the sensations are much greater than those with covered sex.  But are the possible prices like STDs and HIV beyond the immediate experience worth it?

I would be very leery of any provider who offers bbs since that would suggest to me that she might already have an STD or worse and doesn't care if others get infected as well.

Be safe out there.

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tophat dickgozinya559
Since: Jul '16
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I know about 10 current ladies that are BB friendly. It just happens ...

tophat flexnasty
Since: Feb '15
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Can you pm me about who's bb friendly? 

tophat Ruka58
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I am all for CFS.  However, we all know a BBBJ is heavenly.  Imagine DATY with some latex between the two of you.  CBJs have been the norm lately and that's ok.  A few months ago I was with my one of favorites and I knew everything would be covered.  I was in the mood and asked for a little HJ action - stroke it lightly and give the boys a tug, and she insisted she do it covered.  WTF!  I'm all covered service, but a covered HJ?

As far as STDs go, uncovered anal or vaginal poses the most risk.  BBBJ is much less likely.  It seems to my that a HJ is zero.

Now when I see an ad and it state covered full service, I wonder if everything covered means EVERYTHING covered.

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tophat CarlitosWay82
Since: Nov '16
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For me personally, I would feel more safer with CFS. I would probably suggest it if it came down to it. But BBBJ? I'm all for that.

tophat WhiteRabbit66
Since: May '17
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~What do you guys think about providers who only offer covered service?~

I think they probably make less money, but probabably live longer healthier and hopefully more self respecting lives...

I don't know how anyone in their right mind could or would want to have bbfs with a provider and sleep well at night!?!


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rose Aven2015
Since: Aug '15
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Unprotected sex/intercourse in this arena

is a disservice. Dangerous. 


tophat Therock3603
Since: Jul '17
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Yes safe or none at all am to young 

tophat Pipeliner88
Since: Feb '16
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why don't people just play Russian riolutte seems easier and faster fuck it. Seems to me their basically saying I got something and got nothing to lose at that point would be my guess. Hopefully you women are smart enough to figure that out.

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rose Beachhoney200
Since: Apr '16
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I didnt realize how much of a demand bbfs and bbbj was wanted...obviously there are to many providers offering these services...unfortunately that slows things down for someone who doesn't offer bb but thats when u get shady providers that will just start to lie that they offer bb then once they get the donation they leave or dont do bb...its just a game and everyone doesn't seem to take there lives serious or just get desperate...i will never do anything bb....i love my life 😘

tophat Ricocruise
Since: Jul '16
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I have a different view from coming from overseas where the girls get tested twice a month to ensure that they're still healthy and clean I personally will not see any woman who does not offer BBJ and I will also not see a girl who offers BBFS now that I'm here in the states I noticed that girls do not get tested regularly like they do overseas like I'm used to so 4-fs I would definitely have coverage but me personally every time except for maybe two or three times I can work all in mind Tire life as soon as I cover up I lose my erection and it takes me a long time to get it back if it even comes back at all so my main service request are just dbj but there are some women who after putting the cover on like I said those very few that can keep me going so that we can have a full session with a cover on that's just me though