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tophat dickgozinya559
Since: Jul '16
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Here's a GREAT blast from the past posting again - Laura Smith!!! She was/is i'm sure awesome!!!

tophat RetiredRambler
Since: Nov '15
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Yes there were several great ones back in the RB days. I was just thinking about one here in Bakersfield, think she went by the name of Veronica. She had a little problem with the law, credit card fraud, sentenced to 28 months I believe. She should have been out quite some time ago. Any of the old timers from the RB days remember her??

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tophat dickgozinya559
Since: Jul '16
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She came to Fresno a couple of times. Great lady .,,

tophat shark31
Since: Nov '14
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Fresno Tifanny, 346-0338, wow I still remember the number like yesterday, lol

NadiaCai, SouthDakota, Nina916, SFCindy, Vivian, Jazmin (Richmond), Taylor415, AnnaMarie(RIP), SashaMsSaucy(RIP), Joeys Girls...,

All those handles, all those years ago...

I first joined RB in 2003, I looked at that site nearly every day until it was gone, that early community... I really miss it.   

tophat Calcock
Since: May '17
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I used to trek down to Stockton all the time. Saw Kreamy, Sas, BD, and a tall, long legged redheaded beauty whose name escapes me. But my favorite was HK. One never knows when a connection will happen, but ours kept me coming down over and over. We used to trade sexy messages when we couldn't sleep. I was pleasantly surprised when one day, she suddenly said, "I never thought I'd ever make such a connection with a white guy". Very nice lady! 

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tophat dickgozinya559
Since: Jul '16
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GFE Heidi was a freak in the sheets. Brit was a beauty. Sydney 4 Stripping was a blast. My ATF will always be big boob Miss Lexii. 

tophat Tsinbad_52
Since: Oct '15
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Sexy Kookie. (Stockton) More of Amanda (rip)

Angel Vixen (Sac)

all unbelievable, all very very good friends..

tophat Blackpanther1
Since: Sep '17
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The best provider from RB was PERRY man she was slim and had green eyes with a body to die for...she left to vegas and came back down for a bit but haven't seen her since she was the BEST drove a black benz early 20s a few years ago...when she got back she had her ass done 

tophat billybong2006
Since: Jun '14
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Let's hope this pic of Amill will stay.  Last was deleted in 1st group of same subject.

tophat Notyoavgjoe
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I have been the beneficiary of many outstanding sessions and continue to do so. I prefer to keep my regulars private simply for the reason that I do believe there are some sociopaths on here that would love nothing more than to ruin it for someone. So, I will say that I am getting some of my best sessions still to this day. I had one also today.

I think if I were to miss a blast from the past it would be a young girl who disappeared to the limelight in Vegas. She went by the moniker Lady12, white, young, beauty beyond words, think of a russian babe porn video, think of the hottest chick and this girl would compete with any of them. She was about 20 years old. She told me she would get paid 2k a night to serve as eye candy and at the end of the night she MIGHT have to service one individual. I believe I was seeing her for $80-100 at the time. I always felt so lucky that she would continue to see me when she could simply go to Vegas and go for the big bucks.

She was SO stunningly beautiful and wholesome looking that I am SO surprised no one else remembers her.

There have been many others but this is one I could never forget. 


tophat iwantursweetpie4dayz
Since: Jul '14
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So many lovely women from RB , but Angelkitty stands out for me, she's the only girl to make me tapout! Damn was she fun from start to finish. She had to be the naughtiest  provider's I had ever met, she was a freaking nympho !

tophat Hotelcalif2013
Since: Nov '15
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Every time I read a nostalgic RB post, I am reminded of someone special..

Makiyah_Green (still around and wonderful...we shared home cooked meals, take out food... and a flat tire.. she is an amazing person!) 

Zombie Chick (Very special friend... _______________) (that blank is for our privacy) 

Alyssa Rose (very special friend who taught me a LOT!) 

SoftnSexy22 ( chili cheese fries and a vibrator please) 

Gia_Amour (OMG... I had never experienced anything like her) 

SexyEmmaStone ( Thank you for the surprise threesome) 

Sweetest_Sin (Mina) (Perhaps the truly sweetest woman that every walked the planet) 

SexyAnita209 (OMg OMg!!) 

Lisa(??) east bay Asian girl who played college soccer... where did you go!? 

Paige DeWilde (That lady just stole your purse!! ... are you gonna eat that?) 

Wonderful memories! 

tophat Tsinbad_52
Since: Oct '15
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Angel kitty was a definite Redbook favorite who is greatly missed. She was incredible

tophat Blackpanther1
Since: Sep '17
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I honestly think were talking about the same provider, she was stunningly beautiful with short black hair and colored eyes, and i also seen her for $80-$100 early 20s and left to vegas. but i knew her as PERRY

tophat Smash_Gordon
Since: Jan '16
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Nina 916 was the bomb. So damn sexy. I miss Christina Monique, Provocative Angel, Simply Stunning (sexy_chef on NS), Zadie (on RB very briefly), Remy, Dana Banks & Sexy Janelle. I haven't been able to experience and duplicate the same variety that RB offered me 

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tophat Surferdude1
Since: Sep '14
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Zara was my first (and still AtF) when I was a rookie almost 15 years ago.  Bbbj when I first walked in the room as her version of a cop check.  She was awesome.

Horny guy
tophat superlips
Since: Jun '14
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Angel Kitty

Laura Smith


Mona Lisa


Sunny Paradise


Veronica an atk Babe

I think she went by Little Flower

All of these Ladies I've spent @ least 5 times with!

To name a few. 

tophat Mike69771
Since: Oct '15
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Laura is the best! Can't wait to see her again! 😍😘💓

tophat matigas
Since: Jul '14
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Kinky Iris

MsSashaSaucy (RIP)

Celeste Devereaux/Dream_Candy08




Katie Greene

Ava Nicole

Klassy Kassandra


Stacy Love Diamond (RIP)

tophat 1lowdude
Since: Dec '16
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Amill was a great time lucky enough to see her in Fresno. Tabitha treats was good too. Always drove me nuts a couple of friends were banging her before she became a provider. I paid they didn't.  I know not everyone's favorite but my atf Delilah big tits and always talked.

I really miss the Rateme page where you could rate pics.

tophat bluebyrdca
Since: Jun '15
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I miss...


Renee (aka MassageChic)




Old School Bako on RB

tophat andrew_17
Since: Jul '14
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TerraLuv was my go to.  Atf porvider.  Missing those big juggs on my face.  Havent seen her in years.

tophat Tenaya Tom
Since: Jan '16
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JCG aka Brit


Paris Parker

Many others already mentioned.

tophat DonnieBaseball
Since: Jul '15
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There's less than a handful of all of those super-stars previously mentioned that I'm drawing a blank on.  But easily one of the highlights of all those years of RB was the night that one famous provider 'brutilized' another previously mentioned provider with a huge purple strap-on in the jacuzzi at an undisclosed house party.  And, random pics of other beautiful and well known favorites of mine and I'm sure yours' too.

edited note: And what a treat to have Laura Smith back!

Tabie angel 1410

Zombiechick 3

Brit fresno 2

Gia %282%29