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tophat nvguy
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Will be in Bakersfield on next Fri and Sat (8/19 & 8/20). Staying at the Padre. Looks like a great hotel.

Any suggestions for a mature gfe provider?

tophat eastsider
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No officer,

Can't think of anyone, lol!


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tophat Pusimassage
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tophat nvguy
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Not even close! Have been around the hobby for a very long time. Was bay_area_guy on RB for years. Just new to Night Shift. I guess I'm not approaching this right. 

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tophat bizman2play
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Just do a search, tons of opportunities in Bak!

tophat Toocool87
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One thing is that the padre is haunted

tophat nvguy
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Thanks. I've changed hotels.

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rose Madame Alice
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Hello. I am an rbgfe provider. Check out my reviews and pm me. 

Madame alice