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General NightShift Posting Guidelines Apply:


This is a Social Forum 
Consider this a cyber meet & greet for people interested in the hobby to interact and exchange ideas. With the anonymity of the internet we can engage in an open discussion on just about anything, no matter how sensitive or embarrassing the subject may be. But this same anonymity can lead to comments with little credibility or sincerity. While cyber friendships can be formed, so can cyber enemies. Do your battles outside the Lounge, using your inbox if you want to fight with someone about something.

The lounge is not a boy’s locker room; ladies are welcome and a joy to see in the Lounge. Many of the providers come into the Lounge to participate in discussions which is much appreciated.

If you have no interest in a topic, just skip over it and move on to something of interest. There is something here for just about everyone. Just because you have no interest in a topic doesn't mean nobody else does. So just skip over it and move on to something of interest. And most importantly, be guided by this principle: The purpose of thread discussions is not necessarily to agree, but to explore different views and opinions... Attacking ideas and viewpoints is OK, but attacking people is NOT.

Photo Threads 
Ladies posting pictures is a good way for them to increase their visibility (we like eye candy). Of course their motivation is often to increase business, duh. However, no advertising or contact information is to be included in a picture thread (or in any Lounge post for that matter). Ads or ad-like posts or troll posts posted by providers, and obvious lapdog posts for established providers will be removed. NightShift has made it easy to view provider ad and review information by clicking on the provider’s username in any post.

Ladies, when posting picture threads please be classy and give some thought to the thread title and text included with your hot and sexy pictures. Think about how much of a turn off it would be if guys come up to you in a club and immediately say “your place or mine” or “wanna fuck”. We all know we want to do it, but let’s pretend it’s not the only thing we are interested in.

In order to be fair to ladies interested in posting their pics and not have the Lounge overwhelmed with picture threads, all the pics posted by a provider are to be posted in a single current picture thread which she started. Until that thread locks do not start another picture thread. (Note: Let’s not get hung up on whether the provider responds in her thread to posters rather than giving thanks via inbox. Some people like to flirt in public.)

Basic rules regarding picture threads:

A. DO NOT post your phone number, contact information, website, or ad links with the photo as that makes your post an ad. Ads go in the regional Provider Ads forums and/or the Listings:

B. Please post ALL your pictures to a single picture thread. If you have more to add later, reply to your own existing picture thread until the thread locks at 25 posts. Adding pictures or making comments will bump it to the top. After the thread is locked, you can start a new photo thread, but NOT before an existing picture thread locks. Do not re-post the same pictures posted in previous threads. New threads must have new pictures. If you want to lock a thread early so you can start a new one, flag the old pic thread and ask the mods to lock it so you can start a new one.

C. Only providers may post their own pictures in the Lounge. Other posters may re-post a picture posted by the provider for discussion purposes, but only in the same thread it was posted in originally.

D. To new posters who might be tempted to post fake pictures that aren’t pics of you, be forewarned: DON’T! Please read:

It is too easy to find fake pics using image search tools such as Google Image Search:

Pictures here are looked at by horny hobbyists who have visited way more porn sites than you have, or whoever is helping you pick pictures. When you get busted everybody is going to know about it here on this message board, so don’t do it.

Guys, if a lady who is not your “cup of tea” posts a pic, move on to one that better meets your interest. Like the old saying, if you don’t have anything nice to say, STFU. "Lapdog" according to the term and acronyms means, “Person who worships providers to excess.”“ Guys flirting and making those complimentary comments, may be just their way of creating a connection so that their session goes better. They have a right to approach the hobby as they choose. Does that make them a lapdog? Who cares!

Rules about trolling – Don’t Do It:

A. What is trolling? Trolling is trying to drum up business in threads with any information that should be put in ads, such as contact information, services offered, come-on lines, or availability. 

B. What is reverse trolling?
Hobbyists who put up posts such as “Anyone offer this?” or “Any girls in the area who do xyz, inbox me.” is reverse trolling. This is the lazy hobbyist’s “search” for providers. There is no place in the lounge for these as any provider who replies will be guilty of trolling and their posts will be removed. As a result, these topics will be removed from the lounge.

Off-topic posts:
Topics which are of marginal value or outside the intent of specific forums (sports, politics, hobbyists topics) can be posted in the Lounge. However, we don’t want to get into discussing politics and religion here, which are potential sources of contention and drama. Try Political Affairs for political or other potentially divisive topics. Other specialty forums will be created as demand calls for them.

Hobbyists, if you have a bad experience with a provider, post it in the Appropriate Hobbyists forum or Neighborhood Watch if the situation is a danger to hobbyists or providers. Also, the lounge is not the appropriate place to discuss specific providers and their services, etc.

Ladies if you have a situation that involves an abusive, dangerous, or rip off hobbyist please post a thread about it in Neighborhood Watch or Providers’ Corner. Providers, we strongly urge you to check there every time you sign into NS. Your sisters are there to help you to stay safe.

Enough with the rules, changes will be made as needed.