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rose DoubleDdream
Since: Mar '17
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I need to stock up on new pieces.  What are your faves?  Teddies ~ babydolls ~ garters ~ body stockings ~ nudie booty 😜 Let me know why you like to see! 

tophat kingmen
Since: Mar '15
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A nice short mini skirt with a nudie booty!!!

tophat Scorpion123
Since: Nov '16
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Yaaaa, they all sound good , especially fishnets and pedicure , the toes look great like that ❤️Cute toes

tophat muveeluver
Since: Nov '14
pushpin 175 - 1 Review

tight sweater, no bra, short skirt and a thong.....

tophat Cowboys11
Since: Nov '14
pushpin 72 - 4 Reviews

Save your money! with a body like yours all you need is a really sexy pair of panties and maybe a nice bra to match that always works for me ;)

tophat LatinCockLuis22
Since: Oct '15
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I love garter belts & stockings paired up with a nice bra and thong! 

tophat Tmann
Since: Nov '14
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If I had to pick one garment I'd have to choose baby dolls. All of you choices are pretty darn sexy, but there's just something about baby dolls and they look really good in photos. My second choice would probably be a sexy lingerie set with garters.

rose DoubleDdream
Since: Mar '17
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Looks like all of you like something a little different.  :P  Love it!


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tophat theshark
Since: Dec '15
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If you modeled each of these styles and posted the pics here we could probably make a better informed judgement!!

tophat slodawg
Since: Oct '14
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It is really so simple and cheap. The hottest thing for me is a men's Lg or XLg 100 per cent cotton T-shirt. Of course it looks so hot on you!!

Cheers, slodawg:)