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rose Sandra Alexander
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tophat RichHandsome
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Wow, that is some scary stuff.  Thanks for the head's up.

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Wow I thought I was the only one that started noticing this.  I've seen a handle full of girls that I know are workers. One from a massage parlor and the others off of these sites.... the massage parlor girl happened to be s friend of a friend, but for the life of me I cannot explain how the other girls popped up on fb suggestions.... definitely scary...

tophat redbull
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Hi Sandra hope you are well and sexy as ever! I have been getting facebook friend info on some of the ladies for a few years now. I have informed some, but not sure how to address, or if I should, with others?

tophat Tech805
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As a helpful tip for all reading. Whenever you download an app and it ask to check you data and gps location and all that good stuff, say no. You can also go to your app settings and disable the app from collecting and sending that information. If anyone wants more info on this please feel free to send me a PM and I can send helpful links and info. 

tophat nordnm
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Browser caches and up tracking...

always use private/porn mode. That helps clear out that information. At the same time, it is well worth it to use a vpn service. I recommend NordVPN. (Similarity to username is actually coincidental, I promise!)

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Good evening.. at the moment any way.

I haven't yet to the time to read the link article you posted. I did however, read your profile and naturally..enjoyed how you portrayed yourself and thoughts you shared.

Kindled souls perhaps... cosmic energy... time will tell.