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tophat zhao39king
Since: Sep '16
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Hi I am just curious. Does anyone here know if there is gloryhole place anywhere near the central coast? Thanks.

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tophat Samwhite
Since: Mar '17
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I am not afraid of much in this lifetime. I grew up in a not so good neighborhood. I have even been attacked by a great white shark and held it together. Sticking my favorite body part thru some hole with who only knows what is on the other side is not something I would never be able to do. The Idea of a gloryhole scares the shit out of me! Could be a hungry pit bull on the other side!  So I've got nothing on this one. 

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tophat maverick/goose
Since: Aug '15
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I would take shark attack any day of the week than this sort of thing..Oh my!🐟🐬🐋🐳


tophat dc2001
Since: Jan '17
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The best you could hope for is to get blown by a dude and not get a disease from him which isn't the worst thing in the world but it's not something that interests me either. The worst outcome is too horrible to contemplate. 

tophat RaidenXS
Since: Apr '16
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There's some dude on CL that would do it. He posts like 10x a day. One of his posts will mention that. He poses as a female too. GL

tophat Northcountyguy
Since: May '15
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Yes several time you see on cl alway some dude never a women! Good luck not my cup of tea!

Sn 3
tophat SN
Since: Jul '14
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Funny thread. No glory hole for me. I'll stick with Gloria's hole instead. lol


tophat TwoPumpChump
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First timer on hearing about Glory that was funny LOL

tophat facendapuss
Since: Aug '14
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Tha porn store in Santa Barbra next to tha rhino has glory holes in tha back rooms

tophat TwoPumpChump
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Sup homie?

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Aztek pirate
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Back 15 to 20 years ago when on-line discussion groups were popular, there was a group dedicated to glory hole events in the LA and IE area. There were a few dedicated girls who would organize events once or twice a year for the private group. I knew one of the girls well and "met" another of the gals. They considered it a fun challenge to take about a dozen loads and the one who took the most loads had braggin' rights until the next event.  But that was a long time ago and I've never encountered a reliable opportunity since.

tophat 2smooth
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tophat cluck
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Found this gif and thought it was pretty funny.


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tophat peckerotis
Since: Jul '16
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Curious? Try Billy Bob in Fresno- he will take care of you.

F18e f
tophat maverick/goose
Since: Aug '15
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Oh my god... This is hilarious? Can we get out of this hole, glorified or not!(pardon the pun!)



Kramer 1q
tophat Cosmo Kramer
Since: Feb '15
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They just hang the girls out there in different positions and you pick which you want.

Not the best picture ever,  but we weren't supposed to be shooting pics.


tophat theoldwoodsman
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I think I've seen a porn video from an Eastern European brothel like that...there are scenes from both sides of the holes, guys standing in line, guys moving from hole to hole. Very funny, but ridiculously unsafe.

Kramer 1q
tophat Cosmo Kramer
Since: Feb '15
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Don't need to go that far.

This is in Texas.