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tophat MidNightLvR
Since: Sep '14
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This post might get deleted but I wanted to see if the ladies do provide a better price for "VIP" members. VIP members if you would be kind enough to tell us if it is worth it to pay for VIP status.

Another thing I have noticed is that the providers who advertise on CL and here will usually ask for lower donations on CL. Why is that the case?

tophat MidNightLvR
Since: Sep '14
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anyone who is VIP, can you PM and tell me if the rates posted by the ladies are different for non VIP members?

Thanks in advance

Mod icon md Playmissy4me84
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tophat muveeluver
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The easy answer is some ladies do have discounts and some don't.  You have to be a VIP to see the discount.  If you hobby a lot, you will likely make up the cost of VIP.

Kramer 1q
tophat Cosmo Kramer
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So much for getting help from 'so called brother hobbyists'.

The answer is yes- you will get a reduced rate depending on the provider.

That's the promise and that's the expectation otherwise they won't get many hobbyists.

You can always try VIP for a short time instead of forever.

tophat storox76
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I think he may be looking for specifics. Do most ladies provide discounts?  On average how much of a discount?  Are CC providers highly represented in those offering discounts?  

Sn 3
tophat SN
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lol Seasoned, shrewd providers realize that the "VIP Specials" is a ploy by the site to stimulate VIP membership by hobbyists and the subsequent revenue. Offering a "VIP Special rate" serves no real benefit for the provider. And, if a provider offers one, it's minimal at best. The best "Special Rates" are with those providers the hobbyist frequents. You hobbyists who have been playing for some time know this; those who are newer might learn.

Playmissy's response makes me wonder if becoming a moderator might, in some way, benefit one's wallet. lol


tophat moonboy49
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You just get more pictures and videos. There are listings with VIP but I doubt they would be honored. Also your reviews are posted faster and you see all the details given the hobbyists goes into details. Maybe it's easier to get verified. I also noticed separate message boards for VIP. I say for a hobbyists in this area it is not worth it because the majority of the VIP providers are in the Bay area and LA.

tophat theoldwoodsman
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I joined vip early, and am grandfathered at $9.99 a month, and I think it is worth that. When I first started the hobby, I was vip on TER, but they charge $30 a month. TER withholds so much info from non-vip's that I don't even look there anymore, especially since so few cc providers use TER. NS providers don't have to be vip providers to offer vip specials to hobbyists, and one of my favorites has a vip special 240 hr instead of 300, so yeah, some of the vip rates can really help pay for the upgrade. Occasionally, I'll post an explicit vip photo, with provider permission of course. 

tophat Asubtlesenior
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I love the discounts offered by sime premium providers. Easily pays for the membership.

As mentioned above, if you don't play much, not worth it.

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