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tophat freakylos
Since: Nov '16
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Was up my comrades! 

Yes i went mia after the other site flew away. 

Still on HX. 

But I moved away from the 805 to the 916

i do miss the amps in Oxnard, the AAMPs in TO and all the great HX pros. 

Only my place to get great AAmp style service is in SJ area. 

and regular pros don't offer much variety here in the 916. but I am still looking. 

I still flirt with my old "friends" from HX. Or shall I say fuck my retired friends on civilian terms.... lol. I dunno if I am lucky or just a toy. 🤣

Anyhoo. My pervert hobbyist friend. 

Cheers 🍻.  One of these days we need to meet up in Pismo or SM and share a provider or three and stories.  

tophat TwoPumpChump
Since: Jul '14
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Sup you big schlong stud???

tophat kan
Since: Jan '15
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sup bradah...

tophat Dalton22
Since: Jan '15
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Pervs are good, enjoy life my man

tophat freakylos
Since: Nov '16
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Hey hey. 

Thanks for hellos. 

I am missing S Cal right about now. there are too many in N Cal on this site offering 300-400/hh or even more for H just based on looks.  Crazy talk. I can't believe hobbyist pay that. 

Then there is pros who claim rbgfe but don't even get close to GFE 🤣  

Then there is is lack of communication, I'll send an inquiry PM and get "are you a detective " , "call me" or nothing not a response. Yes, HX is golden and forever the cut above the rest. So grateful for that site. 

And do I have to go down south to get a good rimming? There are no rimmers. Or I have not received the info yet. Lol. 

am I crazy? 😜

I did pay an AAMP 200 Hh but she was so worth it. Lite rimming etc.... reminded me of a few AAMP in LA and OC.  

But!!! There are other amps here in Sac that don't even come close to the standards of aamps.

There is the typical amp girls with sub par amp service. Then there is the hidden gems who may provide more if you tease them right. But nothing like the sexy granny freaks out in Oxnard. 

My quest continues though. I know I am positive so I know something and someone will arise locally.  

Anyhoo. That's my brief for the first half of 2017. 

Check on you freaks, perverts, dirtbag pigs and well good fellows on the flip side. 

tophat ftchildr
Since: Oct '14
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You still owe me a Beer...

tophat jengofett
Since: Sep '14
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i don't know man, the sac talent on NS looks pretty solid. 

Aztek pirate
tophat seasalt
Since: Dec '14
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Freakylos... it is good to see familiar hobbyists, especially ones who have been away for awhile. Thanks for stopping by.

tophat freakylos
Since: Nov '16
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You still owe me a Beer...



One if these days we will have to get a few beers.