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How does one attain a such highly prestigious status, Fill me in on all the NUANCES of this title, is it like a beauty pageant? recognized top of Mensa class? or a high affluent status? (this one throw me a curveball, why is she even providing). Have any of you met a VIP ? Most of us are just pretty much ordinary humble, working people, geeezz,  I hope some day I meet one Help me out, thank you.....

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Well it is very tricky to obtain that highly prestigious status, you have to click on that "Join VIP" button in the upper right hand corner and then pay them a bunch of money every month to maintain VIP status, that is it in a nutshell.

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Looks like the other gentleman miss your joke/sarcasm C_PRO, but here's one for you, I didn't met one but I saw one I guess if this counts, when I was in SoCal I was cited a minor violation and required to appear in court, while I was in the Santa Ana Courts lobby there was a commotion by the crowd and media and every one is interested with a lady, they keep calling her the "Hollywood Madam", I believed it's Heidi Fliess and I saw her...She considered a VIP Provider? she started as an escort and work her way up to Hollywood and her no.1 client is Charlie Sheen and you know the rest of the story....

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Any provider I see is very important..... to me☺️

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VIP - Very Important Provider, is a sef appointed title and therefore easily obtainable.

Having this Prestigious title in your ad shows how awesome you are and men that wish to be with you should bring gifts to lay at your feet to show their appreciation for you allowing them the honor of being in your presence.


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Omg, this thread

VIP alone costs $20/month on NS for the ladies.

You can pay something like $50/month for Gold and that gives you free VIP included.

Gold gets you more ads and more ad bumps. VIP gives you access to special forums, but most importantly it gives considerable access to the hobbyists' reviews, verifications, and references. 

VIP means nothing more than: I like to screen, or I like more ads, or both.