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Most all observations in the original posts are valid. Just remember that we are filling up the shallow end of the gene pool! Our population is like a pyramid scheme. 2 people get together & have multiple offspring, who in turn get together with an other & they have multiple offspring,  add infinitem ! Now factor in, that if your grandma didn't have any class or manners, how could she teach your momma class or manners? Your momma couldn't teach you, etc. etc. etc.! Logical conclusion; stupid breeds stupid! Apply this  to, entitlement, poor me syndrome,  & a host of other socially deplorable situations & you have todays society!

All that being said; I have the hope that we are not going to self destruct as a society. Our world is cyclical & dynamic. When it gets too shitty we'll make changes & fix it. The only person we have control over is ourself. Be the best you can be! Make your life what you want it to be & don't compromise your standards. Don't let the shitty people drag you down. Be proactive & put your best into society as an example for others to step up!

My new mantra; "i've upped my standards, so, up yours!"

Apoligys for spelling, English is my first language & I flunked that in high school!! & I still don't know where spell check is on my computer (didn't have them when I was in school)

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The gene pool is empty