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Hello all. This is my first post, and I was hoping for some insight from some kind folks. 

This is a question about the largest US cities in general. Has there been any history of independent happy-ending massage (no full-service) providers being arrested when they work from their residence? I have been considering doing this for much-needed funds, and I have Googled it at length and found nothing. My thought process is that LE is not going to expend resources for such a "small bust." 

I thank anyone in advance who cares to shed some light on this topic. 

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It happens, I think usually due to neighbor complaints.

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No bust is too small. I'm reminded of the time a woman was arrested for offering for trying to trade services for WS tickets.  This is a prime example of wasted resources just to make an example of someone.  Always be cautious!

rose RedBedroom
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Thank you both for the insights. I really appreciate it. I don't think the neighbors would be an issue, as someone in my building already does full-service and has for years. However, the mention of neighbors making a report makes me think that I should definitely use the back entrance, meaning people won't see visitors coming and going. And I also did not think of the powers that be using resources to make an example out of someone. That is a very prudent thing for me to consider. Again, thank you both! 

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I really don't think it matters to the law whether you are full-service or not. Any times you get paid to touch somebody else's private part it's already considered money for sex.

Doesn't mean it never happened in the history of mankind but in all my years on the Internet I never heard of such an arrest.

Whether this "small bust" is worth it to LE really depends on the city or municipality. Generally if it's small and on the conservative side it has a higher risk of happening than large metropolitan centers such as San Jose, SF or Oakland.

If you can keep your business low key say by using the back door, keep traffic volume low, keeping noise level down, mindful of presence of neighbor etc... you should be okay.

Most of the time cops only respond if neighbors complain.

Still it is ILLEGAL sex work so you should be very careful in your screening and listen to your instinct when new customers call.