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tophat Rimeton
Since: Oct '16
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Why is it the last three times I made arrangements for a aamp I get to the location that they gave me of course no room number yet I text and tell them I'm there and they seem to want me to wait in the parking lot 10 minutes later I text them back tell them I'm not waiting in this parking lot for any longer and I leave no text back no nothing. They're getting worse

tophat W.Monger
Since: Feb '15
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You're in que

tophat shadowworlds
Since: Jan '15
pushpin 2838

The costumer before you has not finished up yet so you have to wait your turn LOL. 

tophat Cruisercaptain
Since: May '15
pushpin 42 - 2 Reviews

Sloppy seconds or third or......

tophat Dud333
Since: Mar '16
pushpin 166 - 6 Reviews

Never had this happen to me before haha